Autumnal Names

This is a list of names (or words used as names) that conjure up an image of the beginning of fall. So far, incomplete. - Created by vintageluvs

  • Adam

    "son of the red earth" in Hebrew

  • Adamina

    "child of the red earth" in Hebrew

  • Akako

    "red" in Japanese

  • Aruna

    "reddish brown" in Hindi

  • Arusha

    "red" in Sanskrit

  • Autumn

  • Avalon

    "island of apples" in Gaelic

  • Afal

    "apple" in Welsh

  • Aval

    "apple" in Cornish

  • Blade

    "blade leaf" in Old English

  • Blane

    "yellow" in Scottish

  • Bonfire

  • Carmine

    "vivid red" in Latin

  • Chamois

    "soft leather, yellowish-brown" in French

  • Coelcerth

    "bonfire" in Welsh

  • Damek

    "son of the red earth" in Slavic

  • Dalen

    "leaf" in Welsh

  • Delen

    "leaf" in Cornish

  • Eldora

    "covered in gold" in Spanish

  • Flavia

  • Flavian

    "yellow hair" in Latin

  • Falewe

    "yellow" in Old English

  • Flavius

    "yellow, blond" in Latin

  • Gilda

    "covered in gold" in English

  • Gwinwelen

    "maple" in Cornish

  • Gwydngala

    "September" in Cornish

  • Haligmonath

    "September" in Old English

  • Harfesttid

    "autumn harvest-time" in Old English

  • Harfestweta

    "autumn rain" in Old English

  • Harvest

  • Hedra

    "October" in Cornish

  • Hyddfref

    "October" in Welsh

  • Kirrily

    "tree bark or leaf" in Maori

  • Kevardhu

    "December" in Cornish

  • Kydnyadh

    "autumn" in Cornish

  • Laramie

    "canopy of leafy boughs" in French

  • Malus

    "the apples" in Latin

  • Manley

    "shared wood" in English

  • Melina

    "quince yellow" in Greek

  • Melora

    "golden apple" in Greek

  • Mapulder

    "maple tree" in Old English

  • Masaren

    "maple" in Welsh

  • Medi

    "September" in Welsh

  • Melen

    "yellow" in Welsh

  • Melyn

    "yellow" in Cornish & Welsh

  • Melyngoch

    "orange" in Welsh

  • Milscapuldor

    "sweet apple tree" in Old English

  • Omaira

    "red" in Arabic

  • Owraval

    "orange" in Cornish

  • Patia

    "leaf" in Spanish Gypsy

  • Patrin

    "leaf trail" in Gypsy

  • Patzi

    "yellow bird" in Omaha

  • Phyllis

    "green bough" in Greek

  • Phyllon

    "leaf" in Greek

  • Pomeroy

    "dweller of the apple orchard" in English

  • Pomona

    "apple" in Latin

  • Pompiwn

    "pumpkin" in Welsh

  • Pompyon

    "pumpkin" in Cornish

  • Quince

    "applelike fruit" in Latin

  • Quince

    "applelike fruit" in Latin

  • Radcliff

    "red cliff" in English

  • Rufus

  • Rhagfyr

    "December" in Welsh

  • Tanjys

    "bonfire" in Cornish

  • Winterfylleth

    "October" in Old English

  • Wuduappel

    "wild crab apple" in Old English

  • Xanthe

    "golden, yellow" in Greek

  • Xanthipe

    "yellow horse" in Greek

  • llafur

    "corn" in Welsh