Greek Mythology Names

Looking for an ancient Greek name for your little one or character? Here is a compilation of Greek names that are usable today. Source: Pronunciations are listed to the best of my abilities. - Created by Danni

  • Angelia

    Goddess of messages. an-jhah-lee-ah (Angelina without the N.)

  • Arete

    Goddess of virtue and goodness. AIR-ah-tee

  • Adicia

    Female personification of injustice. ah-DEE-see-ah

  • Ananke

    Goddess of necessity. AH-nahn-kee

  • Anatole

    Goddess of the hour of dawn, the second of the 12 Hours. an-ah-TOLL-ee

  • Arce

    Goddess of the rainbow. AR-kee

  • Astris

    Daughter of the sun, wife of a river god. AH-streez

  • Bia

    Goddess of force, attendant of Zeus. BEE-ah

  • Cacia

    Female spirit of vice. Kay-see-ah

  • Cyane

    Water nymph. SY-ah-nee

  • Cybele

    Mother of gods. SIB-uh-lee

  • Caliadne

    Nymph of the Nile River. cal-ee-AD-nee

  • Carya

    Nymph of the hazel and walnut tree. KAR-yah

  • Cleodora

    Nymph of Mount Parnassos. clee-o-DOR-ah

  • Demeter

    Goddess of agriculture. dah-MEE-ter

  • Dione

    Mother of Aphrodite or a star-nymph (there are 2). DY-oh-nee

  • Daeira or Daira

    Daughter of Oceanus. Nymph. dah-EE-rah

  • Electra

    Wife of a sea god, mother or Iris the rainbow. ee-LEK-trah

  • Eris

    Goddess of strife. She casted the golden apple among the goddesses, sparking the Trojan War saga. EE-ris

  • Eudora

    One of the five starry nymphs. yu-DOR-ah

  • Evadne

    Water nymph who married King Argos. ee-VAD-nee

  • Eidothea or Idothea

    Either a mountain or see nymph. I-doh-thee-ah or EE-do-thee-ah

  • Enyo

    Goddess of war. EN-yo

  • Ephyra

    Water nymph. ee-FEER-ah (like the ending of Sapphira)

  • Epione

    Goddess of pain soothing. ee-PY-oh-nee

  • Erebus

    God of darkness, father of Day and Night. AIR-i-buhs

  • Ersa

    Goddess of dew. AIR-sah

  • Griffin

    Creature half eagle, half horse. GRIFF-in

  • Galene

    Goddess of calm seas and a nymph. guh-LEE-nee

  • Halia

    Sea nymph with a tragic story. HOLL-ee-uh

  • Hera

    Queen of the gods, goddess of women and marriage. HEER-ah

  • Hestia

    Goddess of hearth and home. HES-tee-uh

  • Hecate

    Goddess of witchcraft. HEK-ah-tee

  • Hesperia

    River nymph also known as Asterope. hes-PAIR-ree-ah

  • Himalia

    Nymph of Island of Rhodes. hy-MAL-ee-ah

  • Io

    River nymph turned to a white heifer by Hera. EE-oh

  • Ismene

    Water nymph, wife of Argos. Another Ismene is a daughter of Oedipus, sister of Antigone. is-MEE-nee

  • Lyssa

    Goddess of rage and fury. LY-sah or LISS-ah

  • Ladon

    Hundred-headed dragon, or a river god (there are 2 Ladons). LAY-duhn

  • Leto

    Goddess of motherhood. LEE-toh

  • Libya

    Ocean nymph. LEEB-yuh or lee-BY-ah

  • Lilaea

    Water nymph of town also called Lilaea. Pronounced like Lilya: LIL-ee-ah

  • Macaria

    Goddess of merciful death, daughter of Haydes and Persephone. mah-KAR-ee-ah

  • Maia

    Star nymph and mother of Hermes, the messenger god. MY-ah

  • Melia

    Name of 6 nymphs. Pronounced like the end of Amelia: MEEL-ee-ah

  • Maera

    Nymph of the dog-star. Pronounced like Mira: MEER-rah