* Bird Names - Whimsical, Wacky, and WTF *

Common, uncommon, and honestly sort of wacky options for avian enthusiasts. Most are usable for either gender. Please suggest more if you can think of any. - Created by itsjustme2407

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  • Albatross

    It'd be a little mean for a real person but an interesting option for a character.

  • Crow

    Night gathers, and now my watch begins...

  • Cassowary

    An alternative to other Cas names (Cassandra, Casey, Lucas, etc.)

  • Condor

    A distinguished alternative to Connor.

  • Cormorant

    Strikes me as the sort of name that should be attached to an admiral or other sailor type.

  • Crake

    Alternative to Drake.

  • Crane

    Alternative to Jane

  • Dove

    Plenty of names have dove in the meaning (Malcolm, Columbus, Columba, etc.), so why not go straight for the meaning as a name?

  • Falcon

    Fierce alternative to Fallon, Faolan, Finn, and Fenton.

  • Finch

    Rather than clunky and overused Atticus...

  • Flamingo

    I get mixed reactions when I tell people I sort of guiltily like this name. Especially with the nickname Mingo, especially if somehow paired with a brother named/nicknamed Fanty...

  • Halcyon

    Nice sound, nice meaning.

  • Hawk

    Another fierce name with a history of being worn by strong and interesting characters.

  • Heron

    Another Harry alternative.

  • Harrier

    An alternative to Harry and its variants.

  • Hummingbird

    Probably not usable for an actual person (gosh, poor girl would inevitably end up nicknamed Hummer) but still sweet and whimsical. Maybe as a middle name?

  • Ibis

    A fresh alternative to Iris.

  • Jay

    Classic. Always brings to mind Mr. Homer J. Simpson.

  • Kestrel

    An alternative to overused wonders such as Kyle and Kaden.

  • Lark

    Simple but lovely.

  • Myna

    Alternative for Maya, Maia, Mia, etc.

  • Mallard

    The nickname Ducky is just too fun to resist.

  • Nightingale

    In honor of Ms. Florence.

  • Oriole

    I don't condone baseball, but this name is cute. Nickname Ori is a bonus.

  • Oryx

    An alternative to Onyx that also can use nickname Ori.

  • Osprey

    An alternative to stuffy old man names such as Oscar, Oswald, Osgood, Osborn, Osmund, and Oswin.

  • Peregrine

    Doesn't everybody want to be able to call nickname their kid Pippin?

  • Raven

    Much used but still loved.

  • Robin

    A versatile classic.

  • Rook

    Short and punchy; also has chess associations.

  • Sparrow

    Despite good old Captain Jack, I see this more for a girl. It would definitely work for a boy as well, but I picture a girl.

  • Starling

    Hello, Clarice... well, even with the cannibal-adjacent associations, still cute.

  • Swift

    Fits with general virtue and word names.

  • Wren

    Sort of gentle and sweet for a delicate little girl.