3 letter girl names

girl names that are mostly nicknames, but i would consider using them as full names for the most part. 3-4 lettered names. - Created by natalieam

  • Ann

    A sweet, simple, classic girls name. a grandmothers name perhaps, but could definitely work for a little girl. a femimine, yet strong name, Ann is nicer than Anne or Annie, but i like Anna as well.

  • Ara

    A princess-y name that is not too frilly and outrageous. pronouncing it like AIR-uh has a nicer charm to it rather than ARE-uh. I like it spelled better "Arah"

  • Ash

    A nickname for Ashley, Asher, Ashton, Ashlyn or anything that starts with "Ash". i wouldnt use anything like ashley, but i love Ash just as it is.

  • Elle

    means "she" in french. Originally a nickname for Eleanor maybe, but Elle has turned into its own name now.

  • Jill

    A nickname for Jillian of course, but Jill is simple and sweet, and isn't try-hard sounding.

  • Kit

    This is one of my favourites just as Tess. it is sweet and reminds me of the 60s. A name that isnt popular and heard-of, but easy to remember.

  • Lou

    this name is very cute for a little girl and works very well on someone older too. A nickname for Louise maybe.

  • Mae

    Beautiful and elegant sounding and looking, Mae is much prettier that May in my opinion. it has sass and is vintage.

  • Max

    A boyish sounding name, but is very usable and different, even though its so heard-of. A nice name ending with X.

  • Row

    A grown-up sounding name to me, but could make a fun childs name too. a nickname for rowan but i like this for a girl

  • Sky

    Very hippie, sky has a nice feel to it. Could work for a boy, but is nicer on a girl

  • Tess

    full name could be Tessa, but i much prefer just Tess.