Ancient Greek Girl Names

Ancient Greek names are very much neglected, but a lot of their latinised counterparts are popular. Most of these names are not in the Namberry database. Here are some unique and interesting Ancient Greek Girl names worth considering. - Created by Zoey_Artemisia

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  • Aphrodite

    Name of the goddess of love and beauty, meaning 'risen from the foam'.

  • Apollonia

    Feminine form of the greek god Apollo, meaning 'destroyer'

  • Antiope

    Greek myth name of the daughter of Ares and Hippolyte, meaning 'counter-voice'

  • Aoide

    Name of one of the three original Muses, meaning 'to sing'.

  • Aphrodisia

    Variant of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, meaning 'risen from the foam'.

  • Apphia

    Greek name mentioned in the New Testament, meaning 'increasing'.

  • Arethousa

    Greek name of one of the Nereids (water nymphs) who was pursued by the river God Alpheus and changed into fountain by Artemis, meaning 'the waterer'

  • Aspasia

    Meaning 'welcome'

  • Delia

    Name borne by Artemis, meaing 'of Delos'

  • Delphina

    Name borne by Artemis, meaning 'of Delphi'

  • Demetra

    Variant of Greek Demetra, meaning 'earth mother'

  • Diantha

    Meaning 'Gods-flower'

  • Dianthe

    Variant of Greek Diantha, meaning 'Gods-flower'

  • Diona

    Variant of Greek Dione, meaning 'the Goddess' (feminine form of Zeus)

  • Dione

    Feminine form of Zeus, sometimes known as the mother of Aphrodite, meaning 'the Goddess'

  • Desma

    Meaning 'pledge, vow'

  • Kalliope

    Original Greek name of latinised Calliope, meaning 'beautiful voice'

  • Kallistrate

    Meaning 'beauty-army'

  • Kleio

    Ancient Greek version of Clio, meaning 'glory'

  • Klotho

    Original greek form of latinised Clotho and one of the three fates, meaning 'spinner'.

  • Klytie

    Original greek name of latinised Clytia, meaning 'famous'

  • Korinna

    Variant of Kore/Cora, meaning 'maiden' . Could be spelt Corinna.

  • Olympia

    Variant of the name Olympias, meaning 'home of the gods'

  • Ourania

    Greek name of the muse of Astronomy, meaning 'heavenly'

  • Olympias

    The name of Alexander the Great's mother, meaning 'home of the gods'

  • Pallas

    Unisex name of a number of figures in Greek Mythology, and an epithet of Athena. Meaning 'to brandish/to wield a weapon'

  • Pandora

    Name of the first mortal woman who unleashed a number of evils into the world, meaning 'all-gift'

  • Parthenia

    The name of a river nymph who was the mother of a Trojan hero, meaning 'virgin'

  • Persephone

    Greek name of the goddess of spring, meaning 'person-slayer'

  • Persis

    Greek biblical name, meaning 'Persian woman'

  • Philomela

    Meaning 'sweet singer, nightingale'

  • Phanessa

    Feminine form of the Orphic God Phanes, meaning 'appear'

  • Phile

    Meaning 'to love'