Name Guru to the Stars: Fantasia, Karlie Kloss, and Hilary Duff’s baby names

Name Guru to the Stars: Fantasia, Karlie Kloss, and Hilary Duff’s baby names

Hilary Duff’s baby names are known for being revolutionary (hello, Banks!), and now she’s expecting baby number three! Will she choose another smash hit? And what are Karlie Kloss, Henry Golding, and Fantasia going to call their babies? It’s all in my latest batch of predictions.

But first — have you heard the news? We’re giving away $1000 (yes, you read that right) to the first person who correctly guesses the name of Natalie and Taylor Hanson’s daughter — if, of course, that person isn’t me. You can enter the contest on our Instagram, which has the full rules.

And speaking of contests — we have another winner! Congrats to our Berry Tabatha (pictured below), who accurately predicted the name of Asia Lee and Kel Mitchell’s son Honor and won $100. Yay!

I’ve also got another win under my belt — Evangeline Jo, daughter of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. The pot has been reset to $100, so keep your guesses coming in our regular weekly contests.

Until then, here’s a sneak peek of the celebrities we’ll be hosting competitions for this month. Read my predictions and then come up with your own for Karlie Kloss, Fantasia, and Hilary Duff’s baby names.

Hilary Duff & Matthew Koma

Gender: unknownSiblings: Luca Cruz (previous relationship), Banks Violet

Hilary Duff, you singlehandedly propelled Banks into the Top 1000 after your daughter was born. It was one of the most influential celebrity baby names of the year — maybe all-time — and I’m wondering if you can do it again. The bigger question is which name could you do it again with? It needs to be rare, but on-trend and ready to pop. The names here all qualify:

Girl: Daly, Greer, Halston, Kit, Laramie, Mercer, Pax, Prairie, Sable, SelbyBoy: Cree, Evren, Hale, Hart, Jones, Keir, Rhodes, Rye, Thayer, Wyn

Karlie Kloss & Joshua Kushner

Gender: unknownSiblings: none

Karlie and Joshua, the keyword with your baby’s name is sophistication. I think it will have a hint of distinction but remain down-to-earth and lovable. For boys, this means traditional names — something like Jacob or Henry, maybe Jack if you want a less formal vibe. With girl names, there’s more room for creativity. You could go with a true classic like Clara or Isabelle, or a name with stronger ties to the current fashion moment, such as Juliette or Ruby.

Girl: Celeste, Clara, Isabelle, Juliette, Lyla, Marnie, Phoebe, Rosalie, Ruby, VivienneBoy: Adam, Benjamin, Elliott, Henry, Jack, Jacob, Jonathan, Leo, Samuel, Simon

Fantasia Barrino & Kendall Taylor

Gender: unknownSiblings: Treyshaun, Zion Quari (g), Dallas Xavier (previous relationships)

Fantasia, you were way ahead of your time when you named your daughter Zion eighteen years ago. Only now is it becoming a hit! The same is true with Dallas, which you chose in 2011. So for this baby, I followed the same pattern. Many of these names are rising stars that have become hot in recent years or are next on the list to become an “it-name.” If it’s a girl, I especially like Temple or Praise, and for a boy, Koda and Noble.

Girl: Divine, Hendrix, Kalani, Jubilee, Legacy, Mercy, Milan, Praise, Temple, TrueBoy: Bishop, Creed, Cru, Eros, Harlem, Knight, Koda, Kross, Quest, Noble

Liv Lo & Henry Golding

Gender: unknownSiblings: none

You live in Los Angeles, Henry and Liv, and you definitely have a West Coast lifestyle. Your baby’s name is going to reflect this laidback but high style vibe. That means nothing too trendy, particularly for a girl. It’ll either be an up-and-comer like Elodie or Wren, or a more stable, well-liked choice, such as Genevieve and Camille. Your boy name is likely to be a fashionable traditional — maybe Brooks or Lucian.

Girl: Camille, Elodie, Eva, Genevieve, Nora, Poppy, Ruby, Sloane, Willow, WrenBoy: Atticus, August, Brooks, Callum, Hayes, Lucian, Maxwell, Miles, Oliver, Theodore

Nicolette Robinson & Leslie Odom Jr.

Gender: boySiblings: Lucille RubyLucy

You’ve already chosen the name for your son, Nicolette and Leslie, but you’re (wisely) not sharing it until he’s born. Your daughter is named Lucille, called Lucy, which makes me think this baby boy will have a classic and buttoned-up full name to match. I don’t think he necessarily needs a nickname — Lucy and Charles sound just as good as Lucy and Charlie — but most of these have nickname options should you want them.

Boy: Charles, Ezra, Franklin, James, Matthias, Nathaniel, Sebastian, Theodore, Vincent, William

Kim & Brant Daugherty

Gender: unknownSiblings: none

Kim and Brant, I see your baby with a friendly, easy-to-like name, rather than one that stands out from the crowd. You may even go with the top girl name, Olivia (and I wouldn’t blame you — there’s a reason it’s Number one!). Other options I like for you include Callie and Rose for a girl and Micah or Connor for a boy.

Girl: Callie, Clara, Evelyn, Grace, Madelyn, Mia, Olivia, Rose, Stella, WillowBoy: Calvin, Connor, Eli, Harrison, James, Landon, Luke, Max, Micah, Sawyer

Meredith Hagner & Wyatt Russell

Gender: unknownSiblings: none

Wyatt, your siblings, Kate and Oliver, have children with nontraditional, high style names — Ryder, Bingham, Rani, Bodhi, Rio, and Wilder. It sounds like one big sibset, but will this baby’s name fit in with his or her cousins’? I’m tempted to add another W in there with Wells, but something like Magnus or Ever could also work nicely. For a girl, I get the right vibes from Freya or Marlowe, and I also like the idea of a quirkier choice, like Pepper or Clover.

Girl: Arwen, Cleo, Clover, Coco, Della, Freya, Marlowe, Pepper, Sunny, ZadieBoy: Beck, Ever, Fletcher, Mac, Magnus, Memphis, Ozzy, Sutton, Truett, Wells

Maya Erskine & Michael Angarano

Gender: unknownSiblings: none

Maya and Michael, you’re going to welcome your first child in 2021, and I have a feeling he or she will have an upbeat, high-energy name. Nickname names, such as Evie and Jack, feel like they fit your style, as do those with an action-packed O — Nico, Owen, and Zoey.

Girl: Aubrey, Emma, Evie, Gracie, Ivy, Nora, Piper, Ruby, Tessa, ZoeyBoy: August, Henry, Ian, Jack, Kai, Noah, Nico, Orion, Owen, Wyatt

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