Gender: Female Meaning of Greer: "alert, watchful" Origin of Greer: Scottish, contraction of surname Gregor; Latin

Greer Origin and Meaning

The name Greer is a girl's name of Scottish origin meaning "alert, watchful".

This attractive Scottish surname choice, has a certain amount of glamour thanks to feisty British-born red-haired forties Academy Award winner Greer Garson, who was born Eileen Evelyn Greer Garson--Greer was her Irish mother's maiden name). Greer was chosen much more recently by Kelsey Grammer for his daughter and by Brooke Shields in the Grier form. As a surname, it's associated with feminist writer/activist Germaine Greer.

Greer makes a good, strong, sophisticated and distinctive middle-name prospect.

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Grier, Grear


KDanielleAM Says:


Greer! Surnames for girls are endearing & empowering. I love this one! Could see it on a 6 year old or 66 year old

Boba_Buddy_Le Says:


Greer just sounds like some kind of fungal infection to me.
Sorry if that offends you but I don't care.

BuckyBarnes Says:


I prefer this for a boy, it's sophisticated and yet has some grit to it.

Abbott Says:


Hmm, sounds to much like a girl name

connor Says:


Why is this only a girl's name, but not also a boy's name?

beachbear Says:


I had two teachers in middle school with the last name Greer/Grier (one of each). If not for that association which I haven't managed to purge in 13 years, I'd probably love this name because it's totally my style.

AnnaKatherine Says:


I know a teenage boy named Greer.

roseofjune Says:


Can someone please tell me what the honest appeal is in a name that sounds like grimace and leer all wrapped up in a bow?

lavendel Says:


Now this name would never work in the country I live in (a non-english speaking country. It's not my first language either), but I do really love how it sounds in English. It feels quite sophisticated to me!

notclaire Says:


As a Greer in her 30s, I have really come around to my name in the last decade or so. I used to hate it (mostly because people didn't seem to even recognise it as a name), but not any more...I like that it's unusual and not flowery or overly fussy.

Carol Says:


i love this name, i'm curious are any nicknames that people jump to?

gummybear0724 Says:


I don't understand. It sounds like Grease, and rear. I don't like it. But maybe a boy?

NLHB Says:


Greer Elizabeth is my daighter's name!!! She is six and NO ONE has disliked her name. We get compliments on it all the time - it's beautiful and unique. And fits her to a tee! :)

st8cfab Says:


I think it would be an awesome middle name.

Marlaina Says:


I like this name for a girl but my husband's comment that it sounds like "rear" took it off my list. I guess I'll like it from afar...

Panda Says:


I've known 3 Blairs, all girls! ;)

Panda Says:


I think Greer/Grier is such a unique and beautiful name. It says a lot about a person who can choose to name their daughter something so adventurous and boldly daring!
I like to think that my daughter will be different and special just like her mama, which is why I am considering this name!
Those that may not see this name for what it is are clearly less extraordinary "imo"!

caetano Says:


Better on a boy, like Blair.

grace147 Says:


I know a Greer. Some people say knowing someone with a certain name ruins that name for you. Well, Greer did the exact opposite. The Greer I know is so accepting, kind and funny. This name is adorable, and for all ages.

eyestrainsam Says:


Too close to greed for me.

strawberrydino Says:


I used to know a girl named Greer when I was younger and she was beautiful

yvonne_virginia Says:


I rather like this name. Originally, I had thought I made it up, and used it on a wolf in a story... but I then realized that it was a real name. I don't mind. I did think I was very smart for 'coming up' with this, though. XD

ThistleThorn Says:


I think Grier looks nicer. But even though this is an old name, it sounds a little trendy.

ThistleThorn Says:



Grier Says:


For a long time I had disdain for my name but I have grown to appreciate it's uniqueness. It's nice to see the positive comments towards the name... more often than not I would read the negativity and hate my name even more when I was younger.

Grier Says:


I get a lot of flack because of this boy's remarks. Pls don't make harder for the Griers out there because this guy with the LAST name Grier. Plus, I was named Grier long before this kid was around.

Grier Says:


I agree with you here! there are more productive ways of stating an opinion other that "very ugly imo" Im glad you are satisfied with your name... it took me a long time to appreciate mine!

SparkleNinja18 Says:


It's just my opinion. I'm glad you had a good experience with the name. Although, tbh, not many people would insult your name to your face.

Greer Says:


As a teenage girl named greer, I get nothing but compliments about my name! People with boring names such as megan or emma are always telling me how they wish they had a name like mine. It can be hard growing up with a different name, something to keep in mind when posting comments like this!

ShunPun Says:


I used to hate this I'm kind of open to it.

Greer Elizabeth Says:


As an adult Greer, I would like to say that I love the combination you chose! Greer Everly is beautiful.

Caroline Says:


It reminds me of those words too!

jordalini Says:


I know! It is cute, I think it's like Sloane, and sounds super trendy

Alicia1 Says:


Surprised at all the negativity towards this name, I think it's cute and different. Nice choice for those wanting to honor their Scottish roots.

sashapizzarova Says:


I kinda thought that as well, he's a complete douchebag.

SparkleNinja18 Says:


It isn't very appealing for either gender to me. Greer reminds me of "eerie" and "green" or "gross". So altogether, green eerie or gross eerie, neither of which are nice. Very ugly, imo.

sashapizzarova Says:


I think Greer/Grier is quite cute like Blair etc.

Hydra Says:


Greer, jeer, sneer, beer, fear, dear/deer, leer, hear.......and more. At least the dear/deer rhyme is actually kinda cute. It seems better suited to a boy in my opinion.

Marci Vandeweert Wade Says:


This is my little girls name :) her full name is Greer Everly and it fits her so perfectly. We got soooo many negative comments on her name, but after they get to know her, can't imagine it any other way! We love it!!!

raevynstar Says:


I like it as a boy's name.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I totally agree

sorciereblanche Says:


I don't like it. It reminds me of Nash Grier, the sexist and rude vine star.

mabespark Says:


I've never really understood Greer's appeal. (No offense intended.) To me, it just sounds like a masculine surname, not very suitable for your little girl at all.