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Gender: F Meaning of Lucille: "light" Origin of Lucille: French variation of Latin Lucilla Lucille's Popularity in 2015: #283

Lucille is a name that had long been overpowered by its link to Lucille Ball, with an image of tangerine-colored hair, big, round eyes, and a tendency to stage daffy and desperate stunts. But with the newfound craze for double-L names like Lily and Lila, Lulu and Luna, and as the choice of Lucille by hipster parents Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson, Lucille is breaking free from its old clownish image, moving rapidly up the charts over the past decade after a long nap.

Lucille has a history that far predates the 1950s. It was well used by Christians of the Roman Empire and began to be used in the U.K. and the U.S. in the nineteenth century. Reaching as high as Number 27 on the popularity list of 1919—when there was a vogue for French sounding names like Marguerite and GenevieveLucille stayed in the Top 40 from 1906 to 1924. This was followed by an almost thirty-year slump starting in 1977, when it fell off the list completely, only to return in 2003. It has risen steadily every year since, now in the Top 300.

Famous People Named Lucille

Lucille Ball, American actress and comedienne
Lucille Anderson (b. 2009), daughter of Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson
Karen Lucille "Lucy" Hale, American actress
Joan Crawford, actress (born Lucille Fay LeSueur)

Pop Culture References for the name Lucille

Lucille, Little Richard song (1957)
Lucille, Kenny Rogers song (1977)
Lucille is the name B.B. King gave to his guitars.
Lucille, B.B. King song (1985)
Lucille Bluth, character in TV's "Arrested Development"
Lucille Austero, character in TV's "Arrested Development"
Lucille "Lucy" van Pelt, character from the "Peanuts" comic strips
Lucille the Rubber Freak, character in Lily Tomlin's sketches
Lucille, from the movie "Kingdom Come"
Lucille, character in the children's book series "Junie B. Jones" by Barbara Park
Lucille, the name of Negan's bat on 'The Walking Dead'

Luseele, Lucilla, Lucila, Loucille, Lusile, Lucyle, Lucile, Luselle