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Gender: M Meaning of Harrison: "son of Harry" Origin of Harrison: English Harrison's Popularity in 2016: #107

Harrison, a name made viable by Harrison Ford, is increasingly popular with parents who want an H name that's more formal than Harry or Hank but doesn't veer into the stiff Huntington-Harrington territory. Harrison is one of today's baby name winners, ranking at Number 107 along with other popular patronymics.

As a surname, Harrison has both presidential and Beatle connections.

Famous People Named Harrison

Harrison Ford, American actor
Harrison Hagan "Jack" Schmitt, American geologist, astronaut and senator from New Mexico
Harrison Bryce Jordan Barnes, American basketball player
Harrison Birtwistle, English composer
Harrison 'Harry' Libbey, U.S. Congressman from Virginia
Harrison Reed, American politician; 9th governor of Florida
Harrison Craig, Australian pop singer
(William) Harrison "Bones" Dillard, American Olympic sprinter and hurdler
Harrison Gray Otis, American publisher of the LA Times
Harrison Lynn "Hatch" Rosdahl, American NFL football player
Harrison Page, American actor
Harrison Richard Young, American actor
Harrison Evans Salisbury, American journalist
Harrison Colyar White, American sociologist
Harrison Webb, YouTuber
Harrison Wagner (b. 1994), son of actors Jack and Kristina Wagner
Harrison "Harry" Major (b. 2000), son of model Emma Noble and James Major; grandson of British PM John Major
Harrison Yu (b. 2002), son of singers Annie Yi and Harlem Yu
Harrison Miller (b. 2011), son of comedian Ben Miller
Harrison Cole (b. 2012), son of TV personality and footballer Joe and Carly Cole
George Harrison, English musician of The Beatles
William Henry Harrison, 9th President of the United States
Benjamin Harrison, 23rd President of the United States

Pop Culture References for the name Harrison

"Harrison Bergeron," short story by Kurt Vonnegut and its main character
Harrison Morgan, son of Dexter Morgan on TV's "Dexter"
Harrison John, character on TV's "Popular"
Harrison Wright, character on TV's "Scandal"
Harrison "Harry" Wells, character on TV's The Flash

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