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Gender: Female Meaning of Mercy: "compassion" Origin of Mercy: English Mercy's Popularity in 2017: #771

The name Mercy is a girl's name of English origin meaning "compassion". Mercy is ranked #771 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Middle Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like "Favourite Names in the last signature".

From the experts:

The quality of mercy makes this lovely Puritan virtue name a quiet favorite today. Although it was most popular in the late nineteenth century, Mercy is on its way to a comeback -- it rose 143 spots between 2012 and 2013, making it one of the year's fastest-rising names. Right now, it's still stylish and distinctive, a rare and wonderful combination.

Mercy is one of the characters with allegorical names in John Bunyan's A Pilgrim's Progress, and Mercy Pecksniff appears in Dickens's novel Martin Chuzzlewit with the nickname Merry. Mercy Lewis, in Arthur Miller's play The Crucible, was based on a real-life person, a witness at the Salem witch trials. Another historic Mercy is Mercy Warren, Revolutionary period patriot and writer of plays, books and poetry.

Comic/sidekick Andy Richter, when he named his daughter Mercy, joked, "Just in case Puritanism comes back, we'll be ready with a real Puritan name"; Madonna renamed her Malawi-born daughter Mercy James. As a word name and modern virtue name, it's one of the most fashionable English names for girls.

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Famous People Named Mercy

Mercy Otis Warren, American writer and propagandist of the American Revolution
Mercy Fiennes-Tiffin, English actress
Mercy Aigbe Gentry, Nigerian actress
Mercy Johnson, Nigerian actress
Mercy Akide, Nigerian footballer
Mercy Lewis, figure in the Salem witch trials; portrayed in Arthur Miller's "The Crucible"
Mercy Brown, American girl exhumed on suspicion of being a vampire in 1892
Mercy Josephine Richter (b. 2005), daughter of comedian Andy Richter
Chifundo "Mercy" James (b. 2006), daughter of Madonna
Mercy Diaz (b. 2010), daughter of comedian Joey Diaz

Pop Culture References for the name Mercy

Mercy Merrick, character in The New Magdalen (1873) by Wilkie Collins
Mercy Pecksniff, character in "Martin Chuzzlewit"
Mercy, character in "A Pilgrim's Progress"
Mercy Lewis, character in "The Crucible"
Mercy Wood, character in "The Witch of Blackbird Pond"
Mercy, intended name of Adrian & Ben's daughter ("The Secret Life of an American Teenager") until Adrian later miscarried
Mercy Watson, pig character in children's book series by Kate DiCamillo
Mercy, minor character in "Orange is the New Black" (Big Boo's Ex)
Mercy Graves, bodyguard and assistant to Lex Luthor in DC Comics
Mercy, a Swiss doctor/healer character in the video game Overwatch, otherwise known as Angela Ziegler
Mercy, baby on TV's "7th Heaven"
Mercy, character in the movie The Witch (2016)
Mercy Carter, character in "The Ransom of Mercy Carter"
Mercy Thompson-Hauptman, main character in Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs
Mercy, character in film "The Warriors"

Mercie, Mercille, Mercey, Mersey, Merci


LaulenaG Says:


I think this name is beautiful in meaning and sound. The issue is: a very interesting/pretty/stylish girl could pull it off as a cool girl name, while an outwardly more plain girl would just seem old fashioned. And there's no way to know which one a child will be in most cases, unless both parents are unusual looking.

mccree Says:


heroes never die

Daiseymae Says:


Cute name.

Mangle64 Says:


I need healing

danirose01 Says:


When you give birth you can "have Mercy"... ha

Netta5187 Says:


Not sure the critique of this name is understandable. It has a nice sound and a great meaning and is more modern then other virtue names, like Patience or Chastity.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I see your point. I didn't think of it that way. I love the name Meredith.

Wittyusername103 Says:


I personally don't due to the similarities to Meredith and Marcy

paulapuddephatt Says:


I actually find Mercy more "out there" than Patience.

Wittyusername103 Says:


Honestly I love this name. The meaning is sweet and it's not too out there like Patience.

QuxxnAphrosephone Says:


I knew a Native American girl named Mercy. I wish I could like this name, but something is just so off about it for me.

cyoung325 Says:


I really love the sound and meaning behind Mercy, but I can also see why some people find it a bit harsh. Mercy has a lovely meaning but it's always associated with some rough situation or else mercy is not needed. Because of that I think I'd only consider using it as a middle name.

Maggie Says:


Mercy is the only virtue name I'm serious about using. I love it. I wonder if the Jubilee Year of Mercy in the Catholic Church will cause this name (and even Jubilee as a name) to climb in popularity a bit this year.

Christi Jensen Says:


Mercy is my baby girl's name. I think aside from the great meaning, the name itself sounds cute and playful - without being something she'll grow out of.

Mercy Joy Hisaw Says:


Everyone who I have talked to tell me how beautiful my name is and how it fits my personality. I tend to love animals and everything around me young/old and pretty/or ugly it doesn't matter I'm just a person who cares for everyone and everything I love helping people and knowing everyone/ or everything is ok. That's my truth

Mercy Joy Hisaw Says:


My real name Is Mercy and everywhere I go they ask me what my name is and I tell them and they just say that is a beautiful name and that is a wonderful name i love it. Something about the name just makes me feel special and happy.

yvonne_virginia Says:


Love!!!!! XD

Marlz81 Says:


I'm staring to like this name:)

Yara Says:



Candler Says:


Same - I mean, I see why it appeals to people...I just personally don't like the way it sounds.

Catastroffy Says:


This is probably my least favourite virtue name. Sorry.

mabespark Says:


NMS at all. IDK why, but it just feels bent and sort of frail to me.

Plutophelia Says:


I like it!

Guest Says:


Because Clementine means "mercy".

ldougie Says:


I don't see it.

Guest Says:


Could be a nickname for Clementine!