These Are the Top Names of the 2020s So Far

These Are the Top Names of the 2020s So Far

What are the most popular names of the 2020s?

We're only three years into the decade, so the final count remains to be seen. But using the current national data — baby name popularity in 2020 and 2021 — we can give you a sneak peek of 2020s names.

The top names of the 2020s represent the youngest members of Generation Alpha (born between 2010 and 2024) and the oldest members of the generation to follow.

If you have a child born in the 2020s or plan to have a child this decade, Nameberry's exclusive analysis will give you an idea of the names you'll hear at the park, in your playgroups, and at your child's school.

You may decide to use one of these names if you want your child to have a name that fits in with their peer group, or avoid them if you are seeking a name that is more unique.

Here, the top name of the far.

Top 10 Names of the 2020s So Far

Spot the difference! The Top 10 girl and boy names of the 2020s so far look remarkably similar to the Top 10s of 2020 and 2021 (with the noted absence of Theodore, which jumped onto the Top 10 last year).

Names such as Charlotte, Oliver, and Henry are likely to rise in rank as the decade goes on, while choices like Harper, Alexander, and Lucas are at risk of losing their position in the Top 10 of the 2020s.

The Top 10 names of the decade so far are listed below, along with the total number of babies who received the name from 2020 to 2021:

Top 10 Girl Names of the 2020s So Far

1. Olivia 33,297

2. Emma 28,721

3. Charlotte 26,225

4. Ava 25,927

5. Amelia 25,803

6. Sophia 25,194

7. Isabella 23,375

8. Mia 20,707

9. Evelyn 18,311

10. Harper 16,969

Top 10 Boy Names of the 2020s So Far

1. Liam 38,141

2. Noah 32,598

3. Oliver 27,370

4. Elijah 25,479

5. James 24,956

6. William 24,822

7. Benjamin 23,553

8. Lucas 22,109

9. Henry 20,989

10. Alexander 20,299

See the full Top 100 names for each sex below.

Coming In, Going Out

The decade is still young — the Top 100 of the 2020s is subject to change between now and 2029!

Below, see which names are headed in and out of the Top 100 of the decade.

Coming In

The names poised to become top choices of the decade include many names that start with A, including Alani and Alina for girls, Atlas and August for boys. Also keep an eye out for nature names like Iris, Oakley, River, and Rowan.

Here are the names likely to enter the Top 100 of the 2020s in the coming years:

Going Out

These names may be popular now, but by the end of the decade, they'll be replaced by fresher options.

Say goodbye to first-wave spiritual choices like Genesis, Serenity, and Nevaeh, as well as fading classics like Samantha and Caroline for girls, Jeremiah and Adam for boys.

Here are names currently in the Top 100 of the 2020s that are likely to leave by the end of the decade:

Top 2020s Girl Names

Top 2020s Boy Names