Gender: Female Meaning of Clover: "key" Origin of Clover: Flower name, from Old English

Clover Origin and Meaning

The name Clover is a girl's name of English origin meaning "key".

Clover is a charming, perky choice if you want to move beyond hothouse blooms like Rose and Lily, and it's recently become a new celeb favorite, chosen by both Neal McDonough and Natasha Gregson Wagner, who used it to honor her mother, Natalie Wood, one of whose most iconic films was Inside Daisy Clover.

Clover also has a long association with good luck, via the four-leaf clover, and through the shamrock symbol of Ireland. It first came to wide notice via a couple of soap opera characters.

In the movie The Good Shepherd , Angelina Jolie's character is called Clover--but her birth name was actually Margaret.

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FictionWriterKate Says:


i love this name! i think a cool nn would be Viv or Vee

Eliza_Dot Says:


I've loved this name ever since I read Heather Dixon's book Entwined in the seventh grade. Clover could make for a very subtle Catholic name for anyone looking for a non-saint name, because St. Patrick would explain the concept of the Trinity using three leaf clovers. Overall it's a sweet, whimsical, spunky name! NN's Clo and Clove are also super cute. I think I might use Clover as a middle for Felicity some day.

QueenieGuldbaek Says:


I don't think this name is too cutesy. The Lord Mayor of Sydney (go figure) is named Clover!

LisaConstantine Says:


My daughter is 2, we named her Clover June. She’s funny, sassy and a true wild child with big crazy red curls and bright blue eyes. We couldn’t have picked a better name for her. I love it so much

EJpuddlejumper Says:


so nature-y but cute!

Isitazshirt Says:


Gorgeous name 🌸

tencolorpen Says:


a character i made when i was 9 had this name

nila Says:


I love this name! I keep thinking of it.

CailinRua Says:


How do the daughters of famous people qualify as famous people? Fame by association is not fame.

katinka Says:


Totally changed my mind! I LOVE Clover now: such a sweet and spunky name — girly and youthful but not in a conventional way, without the cutesiness of Daisy, Poppy, Posy, Rosie, Blossom, etc. I’d even consider it for a daughter now, if I could get the husband on board...

Sadielady Says:


This strikes me as such a sweet-spunky name with sass - I adore it.

Cassandra Says:


We named our daughter Clover. We had three names in the running up until a couple hours after she was born. After a touch and go pregnancy, and seeing that she was completely healthy when she finally arrived, we felt very lucky so naturally we chose this as her name. I was nervous because it is a bit out there but I’m SO glad we did. You really get used to it so quickly and we get tons of compliments. To those saying it sounds like a cow name, you must spend more time near farms than we do. Thankfully we live in a big city; I didn’t know people even named cows.

bethlena Says:


And we all love Clover,
it's the way that it's churned...

DorothyMay Says:


Our puppy's name! She was born on St. Patrick's Day & her mother is named Flower. That said, I also think it's a clever name for a human baby girl.

paulapuddephatt Says:


This was the name of Katy's younger sister in "What Katy Did". I love it myself, and would like to hear it used more.

heavenforbid Says:


I absolutely love this name but I'm a Chloe so having 'Chloe & Clover' would be a bit twee.

snowsbeloved Says:


This is a great name...for a cow. I know I'm in the minority but I just can't see this name on a human, young or old.

snowsbeloved Says:


I agree completely!!!

EW314 Says:


Why does everyone like this name? There are dog names (Rex) and cat names (Cleo, Minerva) which I can get behind, but this just screams "cow name" to me! It's up there with Buttercup - is this just me?

Lola Says:


My niece is named Clover and it fits her perfectly! We call her Clo or Clove. It's a spunky retro name that slides easily through the generations!

thenameprincess Says:


I love this name. I think it is easy for a baby, child, and adult to wear. Love the "luck clover" thing, love how its a little out there, but recognizable. On my list for sure.

Sankofa Says:


I like this name, I know there is a bunny on sofia the first, a cow farm in Nor Cal, reminds smokers of cigs, "PALES" in comparison to Rose, Lilly, and Daisy, was on multiple shows, but I don't care. I love it, it's whimsical, hippy, comes with many nick names. It's lovely.

Zelliew Says:


I see it as an interesting middle name

kelken17 Says:


This is one of my guilty pleasures!! Not sure I could use it on a human though!

ThistleThorn Says:


I know someone whose last name is Clover and everyone calls her it. So jealous.

headintheclouds Says:


Lucky, whimsical, pretty, hipster-nature name. Problem for me: seems like an eternal pet/cow's name.

jenileigh Says:


I like this name a lot , I like that it has love, or lover in the spelling. It makes it cute to write out

indiefendi2 Says:


I've loved this name ever since I was a kid watching Totally Spies. I like the lucky connotation, the hippie-aura, the -er ending. Everything. I also love Blossom as a name.

alchemicallypurplefairy Says:


I don't see it as a human name, probably because this is what my dog is called.

headintheclouds Says:


Lovely nature floral name, a livelier and more unexpected name choice than the now-standard Rose and Lily. Has a hipster vibe to it IMO, like Juno. Would probably become much more popular in the future, as all hipster names do.

Catastroffy Says:


This is one of the most delightful, charming names I've had the pleasure to encounter!