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Gender: Female Meaning of Jubilee: "ram's horn" Origin of Jubilee: Hebrew

The name Jubilee is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "ram's horn". Jubilee and is often added to lists like Middle Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like "Generation CAF- 20 Kids and Some Grandkids".

From the experts:

Jubilee has a joyous and jubilant aura, but it wouldn't be an easy name to carry, what with all that pressure to be a living, breathing, 24-7 party. Jubilee was the name selected by television's Duggars for their miscarried child.

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Famous People Named Jubilee

Jubilee Sharpe, American military officer and reality TV personality ("The Bachelor")
Jubilee Philips, Daughter of Doug and Beall Philips, the creators of Vision Forum
Jubilee Shalom Duggar, miscarried 20th child of reality TV's Duggar family
Allen "Jubilee" Dunbar, American male NFL football player

Pop Culture References for the name Jubilee

Jubilee Dougal, main character in Maureen Johnson's "Jubilee Express," who was named after an imaginary building.
Jubilee aka Jubilation Lee, character in X-Men comics
Jubilee, Jane Goodall's stuffed chimpanzee that sparked her interest in studying chimps



Runa Says:


I think this name has a trendy feel to it, I can see it in the top 1000 with the other leigh/lee/ly names.

letmein Says:


This is a really cute name! I like it!

roseofjune Says:


I have known a girl named Jubilee! It suited her well and no one once thought it was strange.

Chidozie Says:


I do agree with you. it is not like a party jamboree but the celebration of God's intervention in our lives to give us the best in life.

Chidozie Says:


Jubilee is such a fine biblical name with enormous beautiful significance,
It reminds me of God's benevolent nature and God's strong assurance that It surely will be well.
In the Bible, God tells us to count 49 years and get ready for the celebration of the year of jubilee. This is God not only prophesying that it will be glorious but God fixes the particular date and tells you clearly when it will be. All you need to do is count with him and see for yourself what he would do when that appointed time comes. Using it as a name is one of the best ways of reminding God of his promise and when you add to it that the bible says "this is the acceptable year of the Lord" then it means that each year is a jubilee year for those in Christ.
It goes for both male and female.
My sons name is Jubilee and some of the reasons for that are because God gave him to us on the day we marked and celebrated our wedding anniversary which was the same year that The Anointed Prophet of God; His Grace The Most Rev Prof Daddy Hezekiah celebrated his 49th year of stainless service to God Almighty which was the same year that Living Christ Mission Inc Celebrated her 33 years anniversary. (2016)
Be glad in the Lord and rejoice and I say again, rejoice.

Wittyusername103 Says:


I love this name. So sweet and Jubi is such a cute nickname. I'm not sure if it's quite me though.

WinterSolstice17 Says:


My favorite Marvel girl character is Jubilee! I love her and the name so much!

kpearl8 Says:


A name with deep Biblical significance and yet is cute and cheery and could work just as well for a secular family due to its use in English to mean a special kind of anniversary celebration.

Elvie23 Says:


I cousin's daughter is name Jubilee, and the name suits her perfectly. The name really lends itself to some cute nicknames. Her's include Juju, Jubi, and Jujubee.

Psychobab Says:


Feast of the Jubilee. The captives are set free, the sick healed, debtors forgiven, everything is restored. My daughter is 41 and named Jubilee. It is a Biblical feast, not a party like a jamboree!