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Gender: F Meaning of Jubilee: "ram's horn" Origin of Jubilee: Hebrew

Jubilee has a joyous and jubilant aura, but it wouldn't be an easy name to carry, what with all that pressure to be a living, breathing, 24-7 party. Jubilee was the name selected by television's Duggars for their miscarried child.

Famous People Named Jubilee

Jubilee Philips, Daughter of Doug and Beall Philips, the creators of Vision Forum
Jubilee Shalom Duggar, miscarried 20th child of reality TV's Duggar family
Allen "Jubilee" Dunbar, American male NFL football player
Jubilee Sharpe, Contestent on season 20 of the Bachelor

Pop Culture References for the name Jubilee

Jubilee Dougal, main character in Maureen Johnson's "Jubilee Express," who was named after an imaginary building.
Jubilee aka Jubilation Lee, character in X-Men comics
Jubilee, Jane Goodall's stuffed chimpanzee that sparked her interest in studying chimps