Cottagecore Baby Names Turn Back the Clock

Cottagecore Baby Names Turn Back the Clock

Cottagecore baby names are part of a recent aesthetic trend defined by an appreciation for romanticized rural life, according to The New York Times. Hobbies such as bread baking, embroidery, and mushroom foraging are among the wholesome, nostalgic elements of the cottagecore lifestyle.

Cottagecore names, too, evoke this bucolic way of life. These vintage names with soft sounds and calming auras easily fit in with the lace-trimmed aesthetics of cottagecore.

If it feels like a name out of Little Women or Pride & Prejudice, or that of a 19th-century child living in the countryside, there’s a good chance it’s a cottagecore baby name. Below, a selection of the most fashionable choices right now, as well as a quiz to discover your cottagecore name.

Cottagecore Names for Girls


The cottagecore lifestyle embraces simple, natural living. Clover speaks to the latter with its botanical connection.


Spunky and smart, traditional and charming, Eliza embodies the cottagecore aesthetic to a tee. Elizabeth Bennet of Pride & Prejudice, often called Eliza, is a cottagecore icon.


A twee, old-fashioned name meaning “fairy,” Faye is practically perfect for a cottagecore girl. Flower fairies are a common cottagecore interest.


The ethereal, vintage name Flora is making a comeback that mirrors the rise of the cottagecore trend. Panbotanical in nature, Flora suggests flower fields, gardens, and sunkissed meadows.


The combination of Harriet and Hattie is ideal for cottagecore name and nickname, capturing seriousness and sweetness in one. Hattie is most common as an independent name, but can also be used as a short form of Henrietta.


In its relative plainness, Jane resonates with the uncomplicated, fuss-free virtues of cottagecore. Jane feels fresh and ready for revival after years of being under the radar.


Gentle and pure Maisie would feel right at home as the name of someone living a pastoral cottagecore life. Margaret, the traditional full form of Maisie, feels a bit more buttoned-up, but still appropriately cottagecore.


The name of a cottagecore hero, Roald Dahl’s Matilda. Plus, Matilda comes with a variety of cottagecore-approved nicknames — Maude, Tilly, and Tilda.


Cottagecore harks back to the turn of the century, during which Nellie was a Top 100 name. Parents have recently rediscovered Nellie for their daughters, and shorter form Nell is on the rise as well.


Opal is undergoing a revival along with many other gem-related names. If you’re worried that it’s too grandma-ish, well, that’s part of the cottagecore appeal.


Rosemary is the sort of plant a cottagecore-devotee grows in their backyard garden, and it’s also a perfect cottagecore baby name. Other herb names with a cottagecore vibe include Laurel and Rue.


Slightly offbeat and very endearing, much like the archetypical cottagecore woman. Sweet nickname option Winnie is on the rise in the US.

Cottagecore Names for Boys


A grandpa name on the rise, Ambrose checks all the cottagecore baby name boxes: traditional, old-fashioned, mellow, and unworldly. In fact, it means "immortal."


The soft sounds of Amias — a recent vintage hit — are sure to appeal to the cottagecore parent. It entered the Top 1000 for the first time in 2019.


Among biblical baby names, Asher is the best suited for cottagecore. As a bonus, Asher boasts the nature nickname Ash.


The hero of any historical novel set in England or the ultimate cottagecore name for a boy? Spoiler alert: it’s both. Edmund is a Jane Austen character as well as one of the protagonists of The Chronicles of Narnia series.


We thought Harvey might have been done in by the hurricane and scandals of 2017, yet it’s on the rebound. It must be that cottagecore charm.


Cottagecore is about going back to basics, and the recent rise of short and simple Jack reflects the sentiment. For the first time in 2019, Jack surpassed parent name John in popularity.


Jasper is one of the few gemstone names used mostly for boys. It is masculine yet subdued — an ideal combination for the son of a cottagecore parent. The Dutch variation, Casper, has a similar aesthetic.


Linus’s wholesome image — much due to the blanket-toting Peanuts character — places it among our favorite cottagecore names for boys. It is Greek in origin but has pan-European style.


Understated and bookish Lyle has a certain serenity so coveted by the cottagecore community. It is solid yet nonaggressive — qualities that speak to the essence of cottagecore.


Slightly sensitive and exceedingly handsome, it’s easy to picture a cottagecore Miles writing letters by candlelight and reading books of poetry beneath the shade of a tree. Its gentle spirit makes it the preferred cottagecore choice over quirkier brother Milo.


Silas means “forest,” which happens to be one of the idyllic backdrops cottagecore esteems. Other woodsy boy names to consider include Sylvan and Forest.


Theodore is one of the gentlest traditional names for boys, helped along by nonaggressive nicknames Theo and Teddy. However, it’s the more classical full form that speaks most to the cottagecore aesthetic.

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So which one of these is your cottagecore name? Take our quiz to find out!

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