Gender: Female Meaning of Poppy: "red flower" Origin of Poppy: English from Latin Poppy's Popularity in 2019: #495

Poppy Origin and Meaning

The name Poppy is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "red flower".

Poppy, unlike most floral names which are sweet and feminine, has a lot of spunk; Poppy makes an especially good choice for a redhead. Jamie Oliver -- the British "Naked Chef" -- used Poppy for his daughter Poppy Honey Rosie, as did Anthony Edwards, Jessica Capshaw, and Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer.

One notable Poppy is Australian Without a Trace star Poppy Montgomery (full name Poppy Petal Emma Elizabeth--her mother named all her daughters after flowers: Lily, Daisy, Marigold and Rosie).

Poppy made the US Top 1000 for the first time in 2016, and has been on a popularity roll in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Other Poppy-like names to consider: Pippa and Piper and Petal.

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Rank in US: #495

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Poppie, Poppi


AnnaBell81 Says:


My third daughter is Poppy…Poppy Madison. Even though we live in California and our state flower IS the poppy, I regretfully fussed over my husband’s name choice. Shortly after her birth, the ‘Trolls’ movie came out, and Princess Poppy was everywhere, with the name ‘Poppy’ on every shoe and article of clothing wherever we went. Seeing and hearing the name all over the place just made me fall in love with my daughter’s name, and is utterly adorable on our Poppy. She loves her name too:-)

KimberlyM97 Says:


Europeans be like: “is it true Americans really call bread “bread” instead of “jollywiggle titttknuckles”???”

leadbiskit Says:


This name is so spunky and cute but when they are an adult it’s very feminine and posh. I do suggest a more traditional middle name to tie it all together.
Poppy Elizabeth/Eliza
Poppy Mae
Poppy Hannah
Poppy Amelia
Or a very unusual one
Poppy Persephone
Poppy Henrietta
Poppy Annaliese
Poppy Pricilla

MeMyself_And_I Says:


It is a nice name, but I could never personally name my kid "Poppy". My brain always associates it with my great grandfather who fought in WWII. Growing-up we called him "Poppy Feener" (feener being his last name).

ChoosingAnameSoHard Says:



Amoridei Says:


Heroin is the abusive downside of Poppy. You can associate it if you want, but I think you’re being a Debbie-downer. Morphine and codeine are also derived from opium/poppies, and those drugs and their similars are of significant medical importance. But why not just see it as a flower?

Francoamericano Says:


I really cant see a Poppy growing up...

sELEAr Says:


I used to like this name, but then I became familiar with the Spanish Papi, and a cousin calling his grandfather Papi as well, so I haven't been able to look at it the same again! :(

I'm a Banana Says:


P O P P Y I'm Poppy!

Ruanne Says:


Yes, it's traditionally used to commemorate veterans here, as well. A good way to commemorate a grandparent who served in the military.

Cindor Says:


I think it'd be a cute nickname for Penelope. For some reason I keep associating these names with each other.

NameLover 11 Says:


love it!!

hermioneameliastyles Says:


I fell for this name when YouTuber Alfie Deyes a.k.a. PointlessBlog first introduced his sister Poppy. I like the way it sounds. It's such a pretty name and plus it's not very popular in the United States. I'm also reminded of this name from the movie the Wizard of Oz.

lirio Says:


I find this comment discussion really interesting. I'm from the UK, and know several people of all ages called Poppy. I've always liked the name and never associated with anything other than the beautiful, cheerful flower you see in fields in the late summer. In an English accent it doesn't sound anything like papi! Also we don't tend to call grandfathers pops/pop here. It never occurred to me there might be any teasing potential at all. And the heroin thing... that's like saying you could never name a daughter Mary or Jane because of links to marijuana. It's not like you're naming your daughter opium!

gummybear0724 Says:


I pronounce this as pop-ee

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


As well as Poppy being a cute and spunky name for a daughter I am Australian and I think that a little girl named Poppy would be a great way to acknowledge our Anzacs who fought in the war for us. This name has significant meaning to me and is going on my list for daughter names.

louise marshall Says:


my grandaughters name is Poppy-Grace Louise ,i love the name Poppy an is so suits her,i think its a very sweet name .

jaz.fortune Says:


I like this as a nickname for Ophelia. I can't see Poppy as a first or middle name. I think it's a cute nickname tho

mellohorn20 Says:


I really like this for a little girl. It's sweet and spunky. Maybe as a nickname for Penelope? I associate it with the flower, not heroin.

Heart_in_SD Says:


I like this name and find it very endearing for a girl. It's fair to point out to parents considering this name, however, that "papi" is the Spanish word for "father." To most English speakers the pronunciation sounds the same as "poppy," not "pappy." Some Spanish speakers use the term "papi" to refer to their husbands or boyfriends as well, or call a handsome man "papi." If that bothers you, pick a different name.
Poppy is still a lovely name, and it's very popular in the UK. If your girl is named Poppy, the connotation will be completely different than when it's used in a Spanish context. When you hear the word "heard" you don't automatically think of a herd.
As commented, a few people might think of heroine, but I don't think most people would think of that any more than they would jump to thinking of thorns when hearing the name Rose.

kerricorri Says:


Wow. Some people can be a bit mean about a name. Remember that people do have kids with these names when you comment. My daughter is called Poppy. Just Poppy. Not short for anything and it absolutely suits her. The Papi/ Poppy thing isn't an issue as we are Irish & we pronounce 'O's as an 'O', not an 'A'. All this nonsense about heroin... well no, I don't think of heroin when I think of poppies. It's a beautiful, bright & delicate flower and it just suits my little Poppy.

Madeleineanastasia Says:


Hmmm it's popular, but sorry guys I'm just not a fan.. There are soo many beautiful names in the world that anything that reminds me of a grandpa or a cutesy name for letting a small one rip isn't going to entice me unfortunately. But, each to their own.

headintheclouds Says:


I think this would be a lovely nickname, maybe for a full name like Josephine (this is more of a stretch- can't think of more relevant full names at the moment), but I think it's too cutesy on its own; I can only see this as a full name on a little girl.

There's the other fact that I call my best friend's grandfather Poppy, and I know many people call their grandfathers the same, so I personally can't imagine naming a girl Poppy!

indiefendi2 Says:


This still makes me think of a grandpa though the flower is absolutely beautiful. And that pesky heroin.

ThistleThorn Says:


I feel like a girl has to have a pretty big personality to fit this name, which is why I like it as a nickname for Pauline.

steampunkleo Says:


In a way it is a nickname for a boy. It's what some people call their grandfathers :)

indiefendi2 Says:


I know that, but I still like Poppy for a boy rather than a girl because it sounds like papi. Just my personal preference okay?

helenlouise Says:


Poppy still makes heroin whether you use it on a boy or a girl so that makes little sense as a reason.

indiefendi2 Says:


(I'm the one that made the comment) and I'll say it again. UNPOPULAR OPINION but I actually like this rather on a boy as a nickname. Poppy sounds like papi which means dad anyway. Also poppy makes heroin and I don't want to call a daughter that.

helenlouise Says:



Guest Says:


Watching 'City of Ember' and it finally makes sense as to why so many Americans hear papi instead of Poppy. Do you all really pronounce it like that??

Marlz81 Says:


Love it

charlotteblu Says:


I can't decide whether I like this name or not, my opinion keeps changing. It would be a GP at most.

Guest Says:


I'm really ambivalent because I don't hate it, I think I'm trying to hard to like it. What I don't like is that it's too nickname-y and it sounds like papi which definitely has a double-entendre. Also opium poppy makes heroin which is not a good connection at all. But the flower really is super pretty and the name can be cute if you look at it a certain way. It's kinda old-timey cute like Pepper or Barbie.

Jordalini Says:


It's ok :)

eveyalecia Says:


Oops, sorry :(

jordalini Says:


I know this is your first comment, not your last, but I see rather the opposite effect has happened, rather than it growing on you, you like it much less. But I feel like the more you think about this name the worse it gets.

jordalini Says:


I can no longer get that out of my head :( I literally thought this name was cute 30 seconds ago

Guest Says:


Unpopular opinion but I actually like this rather on a boy, as a nickname.

steampunkleo Says:


Actually, I kinda like the 'pop' feel. To me, 'pop' is a little explosion or patch of colour. And I find that striking.

steampunkleo Says:


I love this name. I just wish it was slightly less unheard of in my area. *sighs*.

LadyVanRaven Says:


I agree that it is a spunky girl kind of name. I'd love to see this on a little girl! Only thing is that it does sound so young that I have a hard time imagining it on an adult/senior.

clairels Says:


"Poppy peed!" -Seinfeld

eveyalecia Says:


When said aloud, I just hear "papi"

Hydra Says:


I'm am honestly sorry, but I can't take this name seriously. It is cute, but I guess it's not my cup of tea.

Guest Says:


I just read Poppy Delevingne was named after her mother's heroin habit. Ok yeah definitely never using this.

MaryKathryn Says:


This name has left a sour taste in my mouth, much prefer Posy

Guest Says:


I think this name is very cute and the flower is gorgeous but I just can't really take a Poppy seriously. I think it'll grow on me though.

AnonymousPerson Says:


On the whole, I like this name, but the "pop" feel repels me a little.

ShannonLim Says:


I've known a sweet girl with this name, and I often associate this name with a lovely and beautiful girl.

mabespark Says:


This is a sweet, spunky flower name, but I don't know if I would use it as a full name - more likely as a nickname for Calliope or Penelope. As a bonus, it's my grandma's favorite flower, so I think that would be a unique - if not slightly 'out there' - way of honoring her.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Woah. I didn't notice that. : )

DoctorWho Says:


Madam Pomfrey's first name is Poppy in Harry Potter :)

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I know, I know, it's a favorite with many, but it doesn't sound like it would carry well into adulthood. I keep misreading it as Puppy. And when was it mentioned in Harry Potter? I just read all the books.

robisonga Says:


It's a sweet name, and, in my opinion, a much better choice than Daisy. It's got more spunk.

Giinkies Says:


Thank you for the feedback :)
I had the same experience with my name (it is a relatively common and known name) as my friends did tease me but it was never bullying, just friendly joking. Therefore though I am concerned I am not too worried.

AprilRobin Says:


I have a friend named Poppy (we live outside the UK) who I have known since we were kids and she loves her name. She was never really teased for her name growing up except for friendly teasing and was usually complimented on her unique name.

Giinkies Says:


Where I live this name is virtually unheard of, unlike in the UK, therefore idk if such a rarely used name will overcome the *high* teasing potential.

If there are any adult Poppys (outside the UK) on here can you reply to my comment and let me know how this name worked for you throughout life? I also have a highly tease-able name but I was never picked on outside from a few friendly jokes so I suppose it can work. (all I see is Poopy)

KittyMomma246 Says:


A super cute girl's nature name.