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Gender: Female Meaning of Celeste: "heavenly" Origin of Celeste: Latin Celeste's Popularity in 2019: #374

Celeste Origin and Meaning

The name Celeste is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "heavenly".

Celeste is a softly pretty and somewhat quaint name with heavenly overtones, which kids might associate with Queen Celeste of Babar's elephant kingdom. She's a light and lovely choice that's finally getting noticed.

Celeste has been in the Top 1000 every year since 1880. Best known modern Celeste is Oscar-winning actress Celeste Holm.

If you want a more unusual variation, consider Celestine, Celestia -- or even Celestial.

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Rank in US: #374

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Celeste's International Variations

Celestina (Spanish)


ariel44 Says:


Very cute name. With my bff and the meaning heavenly it makes me love it more!

ariel44 Says:


Yes and my best friend is named Celeste so I have positive thoughts towards this name.

amj Says:


Beautiful name for a beautiful girl

MidnightSky Says:


Dreamy and ethereal. I love the elegant, whimsical charm of Celeste.

Courtney Lee Says:


Mine's Sarah Celeste, and my nickname was Cici (spelled Cece in my case, but close enough) as well!

Courtney Lee Says:


My name is Celeste, and I think it's very nice- though having it as my own name has really made it lose its ethereal, elegant aura for me. I think of it as more of a down-to-earth and pixie-esque name, if that makes any sense at all.

Daiseymae Says:


You are most welcome!

Celeste Werkheiser Says:


Thank you! 💜

Daiseymae Says:


Very pretty.

Daiseymae Says:


I like this name, and it is not very common. I used to eat Mama Celeste Pizza's when I was little.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I love that name so much, both Celeste and Emerson, and how they flow together. 😃

Brandon Says:


We're naming our daughter Celeste Emerson, after my wife's grandmother and because it's a French name. My family is French and we wanted to keep a French name in the family but also each have a stake in the claim for a name. So Celeste is both French and a family name - the best of both worlds! We hope she likes it, too haha

paulapuddephatt Says:


So, so beautiful

Zell Says:


This is one of those names that's so pretty I can't imagine why it's not more popular. Don't take Nameberry's advice about other names to try, though. Celestine is ok (though it's the name of several male popes) but "Celestial" is atrocious.

abertawe Says:


se-LEST for English speakers

ho_hey Says:


Question: what is the correct pronounciation of Celeste? I've heard both se-LEST and se-LES-tay.

Yessica Says:


The "Leste" part makes me think mo-leste.

Celeste Werkheiser Says:


Mine is Celeste Marie.... My mother named me after a classmate....

Celeste Werkheiser Says:


Yes that is sooooo me! Lol!

Michaela Says:


One day. ^_^

vito208 Says:


Love this name and its meaning. Also, in Spanish Celeste is the name for the color Sky blue. It all makes sense ... I think it's nice ; )

RoddyThlayli Says:


Much prefer this to Celestia, Celestine or Celestial!

headintheclouds Says:


Celeste sounds very ethereal and elegant, with a lovely meaning. I do prefer similar-sounding Celia or Celine since the -leste sound is more abrupt and pronounced than my liking, but I do still like Celeste. To me, the name is very glamorous- I'd imagine a Celeste to be one of those effortlessly stylish and lovely people who exudes that classy timeless aura that can't be replicated.

priviledgedpistachios Says:


i love this name! But leaning more towards Celestine

EllaYu Says:


Sorry about your grandma :( Mine died too a long time ago. I still miss her too. But it gets easier. Maybe someday you can honor her and name your own daughter Celeste.

EllaYu Says:


Check out Linnie's comment about the Italian pronunciation though.. There is wiggle room here.

EllaYu Says:


Oh my god, you're absolutely correct.

princessmadison Says:


This is my grandmas name. She died when i was a year old almost 12 years ago and now im 13 and i still miss her everyday. This is also my cousin Ella's middle name.

Linnie Says:


This is such a lovely name. I think it sounds most beautiful in Italian. You pronounce it like CHEL-LE-STE

mabespark Says:


This is really soft and elegant.

amj Says:


My favourite girl name

beeba Says:


This name is so pretty. It has a lovely aura about it.

chunky Says:


This is my eldest daughters name and we love it. She is Celeste Isabella.

Poppy Says:


i guess so, but every name has something about it, you know.

Guest Says:


I like Céline better mainly because Celeste rhymes with that m word.

MoonlightSonata26 Says:


Celeste Yvonne is my full name and I love it! It's so unique and pretty. I had a friend tell me that my name reminds her of a sunset. I also am one of the best named students in my class.
My nickname is Cici. My parents also thought of naming my Celestial Joy but decided it was too hippy. ;D