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Gender: M Meaning of Russell: "redhead, fox-colored" Origin of Russell: French Russell's Popularity in 2016: #407

One of many R- boys’ names that started as a nickname for a redhead, Russell had a measure of popularity from the early twentieth century through the 1950s. But it's now lost much of its color -- except for two particularly dynamic bearers, Russell Crowe and Russell Brand.

Russell has been much more common as a surname, whose many namesakes have included philosopher Bertrand, Gay Nineties entertainer Lillian, actresses Rosalind, Jane and Keri, actor Kurt, basketball star Bill and singer Leon.

Famous People Named Russell

Russell Simmons, American entrepreneur
Russell Crowe, Australian actor
Russell Brand, English actor and comedian
Russell Peters, Canadian comedian
Russell Tovey, English actor
Russell Allen, American football player
Russell Okung, NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson, NFL quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks
Russell Westbrook, American basketball player
Russell Howard, British Comedian
Kurt Russel, actor
Russell Wilson, American football athlete
Arthur Russell, musician
Bertrand Russell, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature
Russell Alan Hulse, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics
Russell "Rusty" Schweickart, American astronaut
Ryder Russell Robinson, son of actress Kate Hudson and musician Chris Robinson
Russell Wallace Day, son of Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Russell Franke (b. 2011), son of YouTube vlogger Ruby Franke from the channel 8Passengers

Pop Culture References for the name Russell

Russel-James "Rusty-James", main character of S.E. Hinton novel Rumble Fish
Russell, character from "Up"
Russell Van Eden, character from "What About Mimi?"
Russell Edgington, character from the TV show "True Blood"
Russell Winslow, from the TV series "Brotherly Love"
Russell Finley, from the movie "Wayne's World"

Rustin, Russel, Rusty, Rustie, Ruston, Rush, Russelle, Russ, Rustyn, Ruste, Rusten, Roussell