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Gender: Female Meaning of Lyla: "night" Origin of Lyla: Spelling variation of Lila, Arabic Lyla's Popularity in 2017: #131

The name Lyla is a girl's name of Arabic origin meaning "night". Lyla is ranked #131 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Celebrity Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Girls Makeover - Two Middles".

From the experts:

Lyla is a fast-rising variation of Lila. Although the Lyla spelling helps clarify the name's pronunciation, we prefer the original Lila. Laila, Layla, and Leila are all further variations on the same theme.

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Famous People Named Lyla

Maria Luisa "Lyla" Rocco, Italian actress
Lyla Foy aka WALL, English singer-songwriter
Lyla Pinch Brock, Canadian Egyptologist
Lyla Berg, American politician from Hawaii
Lyla Porter-Follows, Canadian actress
Lyla Elichaoff (b. 2003), daughter of stylist Trinny Woodall and Jonny Elichaoff
Lyla Absolom (b. 2006), daughter of actor Joe Absolom
Lyla Coron (b. 2006), daughter of actress Cynthia Geary
Lyla Rose Hershkovitz (b. 2009), daughter of singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb
Lyla Beatrix Christabel Gilman (b. 2010), daughter of Lady Rose (Windsor) Gilman and George Gilman
Lyla Kelsey Finnegan (b. 2011), daughter of football player Cortland Finnegan
Lyla Jane Buttery (b. 2011), daughter of Thai actress Paula Taylor and Edward Buttery
Lyla Grace Oshie (b. 2014), daughter of ice hockey player TJ Oshie
Lyla Isabela Castillo (b. 2017), daughter of actress and author April Hernandez-Castillo
Lyla Aranya Wilson (b. 2018), daughter of actor Owen Wilson

Pop Culture References for the name Lyla

Lyla Garrity, a main character on TV's "Friday Night Lights"
Lyla Lerrol, character in Superman comics
Lyla Michaels aka Harbinger, character in DC Comics and TV's "Arrow"
Lyla Novacek, a main character in the movie "August Rush"
Lyla Winston, character on TV's "Sons Of Anarchy"
Lyla, main character on Australian TV's "Mako Mermaids"
Lyla, character in Disney TV movie "Let It Shine"
"Lyla," a song by Oasis


Daiseymae Says:


Leela is spelled this way: Lela.

MylesS Says:


Lyla is indeed pronounced "LIE-luh." It is both Arabic and Hebrew for "night" or "evening." And that's exactly how it's pronounced.

LV51sfan91 Says:


Just the country vibe I love in a name!!!

Lyla Says:


I pronounce Lila as LIE-la just like Lyla

Essa Says:


No need to apologise! Leela does sound like a very French pronunciation so that'll probably explain all your confusion!

Catastroffy Says:


So in English Lila IS usually pronounced the way I would Lyla. I see. The only Lila I have known with that spelling pronounced it like Leela, but the fact that her mother-tongue was French probably explains it.
Thank you for clarifying, and sorry about my mistake!

indiefendi2 Says:


I've only ever known Lila to be Lily with an a.

Essa Says:


I've only ever known Lila to be pronounced as LIE-luh. Hence how Lyla clarifies this pronunciation as it's less likely to be mistaken as Leela. I prefer the Lilah spelling though.

Catastroffy Says:


How does this help to clarify the pronunciation? Lila is pronounced like Leela, whereas I might pronounce Lyla "LIE-luh".

Swhitehurst Says:


We have a Lyla and I find that she gets called Layla a lot also. Frustrating but could be worse I guess :-)

Mmamaoftwo Says:


What a beautiful name! Simple yet feminine.

chellemma1 Says:


I fell in love with this name as a teenager because of the Oasis song - Lyla. I loved the song so I loved the name. I still think it's a great name, I also like the Lila spelling, I can never decide which I like better.

catnmiami Says:


We chose Lyla for our daughter and I love it. The only downside so far is she is often called Layla