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Gender: Female Pronunciation: zo-ee Meaning of Zoey: "life" Origin of Zoey: Spelling variation of Zoe Zoey's Popularity in 2017: #29

The name Zoey is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "life". Zoey is ranked #29 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Baby Girl Names Ending in Y and discussed in our forums with posts like "Love, Like, Lose: Alphabetical".

From the experts:

Zoey has been a consistent favorite for girls in the 21st century, its kinship with Joey giving it a tomboyish feel. Zoey is now the most popular form of the name while Zoie is a US Top 1000 name as well. Zoey has become a screenwriters' fave, with characters by that name appearing on Zoey 101, Nurse Jackie and The West Wing.

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Famous People Named Zoey

Zoey Christina Ball (b. 2018), daughter of NBA player Lonzo Ball
Zoey Francis Thompson Deutch, American actress
Zoey Ivory (van der Koelen), Dutch model; Miss Nederland 2016
(Hanna) Zoey Tur, American broadcaster
Zoey Dean, pen name for American authors of The A-List series
Zoey Arizona Grenier, American beauty queen; Miss Alaska 2015
Zoey, Japanese pop singer
Zoey Brown (b. 1999), daughter of TV chef Alton Brown
Zoe "Zoey" Taylor (b. 2006), daughter of NFL player Jason Taylor
Zoey Klein (adopted 2013), daughter of reality TV personalities Jen Arnold and Bill Klein of "The Little Couple"
Zoey Joy Webster (b. 2018), daughter of American reality television personalities John and Alyssa Webster of Bringing Up Bates
Duncan Zowie Jones, son of singer David Bowie

Pop Culture References for the name Zoey

Zoey Johnson, character on TV's "Black-ish"
Zoey Brooks, main character on TV's "Zoey 101"
Zoey Woodbine, daughter on TV's "Cybill"
Zoey Montgomery aka Zoey Redbird, main vampire in the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast
Zoey Sandin, character in movie "The Purge"
Zoey Pierson, character on TV's "How I Met Your Mother"
Zoey, dog of American YouTuber and musician Charles Trippy
Zoey Barkow, character on TV's "Nurse Jackie"
Zoey Valentine, character from "The Awakened" by Sara Elizabeth Santana
Zoey, daughter on TV's 'Terranova'
Zoey, character in Pokemon video games
Zoey Hanson, character in anime "Tokyo Mew Mew"
Zoey, character in video game "Left 4 Dead"
Zoey Howzer, character in animated series "The Proud Family"
Zoey Andata, character on TV's "FlashForward"
Zoey Patricia Bartlet, character on TV's "The West Wing"
Zoey Stevens, main character in TV movie "Zapped"
Zoey Carter, character in TV movie "The Secret Life of Zoey"
Zoey, orangutan in children's book "Zoey & Me" by Mallory Lewis
Zoey Van Goey, Scottish indie pop band
Zoey, character in Aphmau's YouTube series



indiefendi2 Says:


Well there’s the anomaly right there. Joe and Joey are of Hebrew origin but are English spellings, Zoe is Greek. Two different origins yet they happen to just look almost exactly alike which would confuse people. Like I said, with Zoe, just like Chloe, Persephone, Calliope, all those Greek names, the long E sound is already in there. That’s the sound it makes in the Greek language. The Y is a redundancy, unlike Joey because Joe only makes an O sound. Language is weird like that.

rayleemarie Says:


It makes perfect sense to me I see "Zo" when I look at Zoe and the only Zoe I know went by Zo. Zo is a pretty normal name it my opinion unlike Daphne pronounced Daff or Penelope pronounced Panella or Peen-lope. Think of It like Joe or Joey their both names but Joey makes it clear you want it pronounced Joe-ee not Jo

indiefendi2 Says:


Does Chloe look like Joe with a Chl?

indiefendi2 Says:


I'm not saying I "hate" this name but the spelling makes 0 sense to me. We have Zoey as popular as it is but not Chloey??? makes no sense.

jordalini Says:


I am not necessarily against this name, but I feel a if it doesn't fit on an adult. It just doesn't fit an adult, and I find it difficult to take someone seriously with this name as an adult. It is very cute on children and dogs. I think part of my problem with it stems from the number of dogs I know with this name.

kmorgan Says:


I prefer the Zoey spelling because Zoe just looks like Joe with a Z instead.

ZPK Says:


Beautiful name with great meaning

Zelliew Says:


I prefer it spelled Zoe

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


I think its diffrent from Daphney or Penelopey it just seems less weird. But,hey its all opinion

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


I like both Zoe and Zoey both look nice.

missLis Says:


Zoey Redbird has given me new appreciation for the name,

indiefendi2 Says:


I hate this spelling. It's so redundant. It's like Daphney or Penelopey. Just an unnecessary extra letter and grammatically incorrect.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


If only the name weren't so popular then I might consider it, especially because of Zoey Redbird, a favourite heroine of mine. Strictly middle name though, because my name is Zara and 'Zara and Zoey' would sound strange.