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Gender: Male Meaning of Brooks: "of the brook" Origin of Brooks: English Brooks's Popularity in 2017: #204

The name Brooks is a boy's name of English origin meaning "of the brook". Brooks is ranked #204 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Middle Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Yes or No Game for Your WHOLE Signature!".

From the experts:

Surname name, nature name, and word name, with a more masculine slant than Brook or Brooklyn. Brooks Robinson was one of the greatest third basemen ever, playing for the Baltimore Orioles from 1955 until 1977. Brooks might be considered one of the new wave of stylish English names for boys.

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Famous People Named Brooks

Brooks Calbert Robinson, American baseball player
Brooks Wackerman, American drummer of metal band "Avenged Sevenfold"
Brooks Koepka, American golfer
(William) Brooks Clift, twin brother of American actor Montgomery Clift
Brooks Reed, American football player
(Richard) Brooks Orpik, American hockey player
Brooks Betts, guitarist of American rock band Mayday Parade
(Evan) Brooks Laich, Canadian hockey player
Brooks Patrick Wheelan, American actor/comedian
Brooks Benedict (born Harold J. Mann), American actor
(Anthony) Brooks Firestone, American businessman and politician
Brooks, stage name of Thijs Westbroek, Dutch DJ
Brooks Varalla, son of reality TV personality Allisyn Hardee Varalla ("Kim of Queens')
Brooks Resnikoff, son of YouTuber Meg Resnikoff of "whatsupmoms"
Brooks Alan Stuber (b. 2012), son of model Molly Sims and Scott Stuber
Brooks Walker Byington (b. 2016), son of American vloggers Cullen and Katie
Brooks Hartman Brannen (b. 2016), son of reality TV personality Ashley Salter ("The Bachelor") and Austin Brannen

Pop Culture References for the name Brooks

Brooks Hatlen, a character in film "The Shawshank Redemption "
Brooks Wentworth, character on TV's "Jessie"
Brooks Gleason, main character in 'The Witness', by Nora Roberts.


mrs_anton_yelchin1990 Says:


I do like this name, but it also sounds very country-ish. Like, I imagine a man with a southern accent that fishes on the weekend. Probably has a brother named Hunter.

allietexrx Says:


We welcomed our Brooks in Sept a year ago and we have received nothing but compliments for his name! We were hesitant at first since people warned us that it would constantly be confused with Brook and that he would constantly be called a girl, but that hasn't fit the case. His little strong personality fits the name so well and we couldn't be happier and more proud to introduce him.

Miriam2468 Says:


I really like this name! It sounds so strong to me

SecretReagan Says:


Good name but Banks and Hank are better southern names.

Yuma Says:


Interesting that this name is featured on nameberry's "designer baby names" list, but on the name page for Brooks, there is no mention of the Brooks shoe brand in the pop culture references section or anywhere else

madisonbrooke Says:


I really really like this name!!!!

namedoctor Says:


The name has a husky sound that is very masculine and is also the first name of several famous male athletes. This one is a male name.

cabosanmucus Says:


I'm pleasantly surprised to see Brooks getting popular for boys but in my heart of hearts I think Brooks would be awesome for a girl too. Brooke is a strong name but Brooks is cute à la Jules 😏. At least it could work in fiction or a movie or something.

BlueWinslow Says:


Could it be used in a girl? I think it's a unisex name.... Opinions?

luella_madison Says:


Femininity's not a bad thing, although I'm not a fan of the name itself either. It's just a surname, imo.

thenamer007 Says:


Personally I find it too feminine since it's so close to Brooke.

headintheclouds Says:


I typically don't like these types of s- ending surname names for first names, but Brooks has a certain effortlessly cool and dashing quality (I get the same vibe as I do from Dashiell) that I quite like. This, or Brook, feels like a masculine version of Brooke to me.

Guest Says:


An alternative could be Banks if one is brave enough. Banks as in the edge of a river or lake. I've started like it because of the female singer who goes by Banks. Brooks is quite nice but too slightly preppy for me.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Don't like it. It siunds more appropriate as a last name. Besides, why not just Brook? That's what it will be cinfused for anyway. I just don't like names thay sound like plural nouns.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


My thoughts exactly

marshmallow1207 Says:


I love this! I know a little girl named Brooks, but I find it very masculine so I prefer it for a boy.

BrooksGates Says:


Im 29 and have grown up with the name Brooks. I cant tell you how many compliments i get on it. I've had multiple jobs where I was told "you're name really stood out when I was browsing resumes so I took a closer look"... I personally have never met another Brooks and kind of like it.The only con i'd say is teachers calling me Brook for the first week of classes

tfzolghadr Says:


It's a bit too close to Brooke for me, and makes me think of Brooks and Dunn.

mrs_anton_yelchin1990 Says:


I like it. It sounds smart and distinguished.

dramagrl19 Says:


I am personally not a fan. Sounds more like a surname.

lillian85 Says:


This name hits the sweet spot in-between country music and the country club.