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Gender: Female Meaning of Cleo: "glory" Origin of Cleo: Greek

The name Cleo is a girl's name of English origin meaning "glory". Cleo and is often added to lists like Badass Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Quick Question Thread?!".

From the experts:

Cleo, one of the few girls' names to boast the cool-yet-lively o ending, is of course short for Cleopatra, the name of one of the most powerful women in history.

Cleo was most popular in the early decades of the twentieth century--when it was also used for boys. The opening of the Egyptian tombs along with the 1917 silent film starring Theda Bara popularized a range of now-obscure Cleopatra diminutives, including Cleora, and Cleola.

A distinguished bearer is the British jazz singer Cleo Laine, and there have been Cleos on two TV dramas: ER and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Maybe the fact that Cleo was recently chosen by Friends' David Schwimmer will ignite a welcome revival.

Sound-alike Clio is the name of the ancient Greek mythological muse of history and heroic poetry, one that is rich with modern charm and would also make an intriguing choice,

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Famous People Named Cleo

Cleo Laine, Lady Dankworth (born Clementine Dinah Bullock), English jazz singer
Miss Cleo (born Youree Dell Harris), American psychic
Cleopatra Madonna "Cleo" Higgins, American R&B singer of group Cleopatra
Cleo Madison (born Lulu Bailey), American silent film actress
Cléopatra Diane "Cléo" de Mérode, French Belle Époque dancer
Cleouna "Cleo" Moore, American actress
Cleo Ridgely (born Freda Cleo Helwig), American silent film actress
Cleo, pseudonym of Clementina Cote, French neo-impressionist painter
Cleo, stage name of Joanna Klepko, Polish pop singer
Sheila Lynne "Cleo" Odzer, American author
Cleo Patra Brown, American jazz singer
Cleo Rocos, Brazilian-British comedienne
Cleopatra "Cleo" Demetriou, Cypriot-British actress
Cleo Rose Elliott (b. 1984), daughter of actors Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott
Cleo Bennett (b. 1988), daughter of designer Laura Bennett
Cleo Buckman Schwimmer (b. 2011), daughter of actor David Schwimmer
Cleo James Schulman (b. 2016), daughter of TV personality Nev Schulman
Cleo Page, Canadian rhythmic gymnast
Cleo Anthony, American male actor

Pop Culture References for the name Cleo

Cleo, fish in Disney's "Pinocchio"
Cleo, purple dog in "Clifford the Big Red Dog" series
Cleo Sertori, mermaid character on Australian TV show "H2O: Just Add Water"
Cleo, main character in "Invisible Sister"
Cleopatra "Cleo" McQueen, character on British soap "Hollyoaks"
Cleo, character in "Toad Patrol"
Cleo de Nile, daughter of the mummies in "Monster High" show and series



ericakatherine Says:


Boi I used to looove this name, short and sweet but very powerful. It's gotten too common for me, though.

raefrank Says:


In many languages the O sound at the end of a name signifies male and the A sound female. I hear this name as masculine for that reason. My grandmother's name was Cleo, and even I can still see this as a boy's name.

Daiseymae Says:


I like it!

Scovarrubias92 Says:


I just named my daughter this! I was undecided on a name until she came. I love it more and more each day. I feel like it is a strong yet feminine name for my little princess.

Ashleywhyte Says:


My sons called Cleo be a bit more sympathetic

shannonmarch Says:


This was my grandma's nickname--she had a version of Cleo that I have never heard since: Cleota. :)

tracyseymour1 Says:


I like this name... Very spunky and sassy. :)

headintheclouds Says:


"Glory" is a beautiful meaning for a name! Cleo sounds very cool alternative and vintage, and also adorable.

MichelleTherese Says:


I love this name. It was popular 100 years ago in the U.S. so it's ripe for a comeback. I picture a woman named Cleo being very smart and cool.

Guest Says:


I used to really think this name was weird, informal, and unusable until like a minute ago I realized "well Chloe and Leo work just fine, why not Cleo" so I like it now (still would never use it tho)

Shishi Says:


i like this

apennell07 Says:


This is my great grandmother's name. I think it is cute and captivating!