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Gender: Female Meaning of Marnie: "rejoice" Origin of Marnie: Variation of Marni or Marnina, Hebrew "rejoice"

The name Marnie is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "rejoice". Marnie and is often added to lists like Hipster British Baby Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like "What would you name a sibling to...?".

From the experts:

Short form that's much better known than the original, now dated to the era of the Hitchcock movie that made it famous. This may change since it was recently chosen by British singer Lily Allen, whose first daughter was christened the retro Ethel and is also attached to one of the more attractive characters on the tv show Girls.

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Famous People Named Marnie

Marnie Stern, American guitarist
Marnie Elizabeth McBean, Canadian Olympic rower
Marnie Reece-Wilmore, Australian actress
Marnie McPhail, American voice actress
Marnie Schulenburg, American actress
Marnie Weber, American artist
Marnie Alton, Canadian actress
Marnie Woodrow, Canadian novelist
Marnie Rose Cooper (b. 2013), daughter of singer Lily Allen
Marnie Simpson, Reality star

Pop Culture References for the name Marnie

Margaret "Marnie" Edgar, character in "Marnie" by Winston Graham and 1964 Hitchcock movie
Marnie Michaels, character on TV's "Girls"
Marnie Stonebrook, witch character on TV's "True Blood"
Marnie Gordon, character on TV's "Heartland"
Marnie Piper, main character in the "Halloweentown" movies
Marnie, character in movie "She's out of My League"
"When Marnie Was There," book by Joan G. Robinson
"When Marnie Was There," animated film adaption of the book, produced by Studio Ghibli
Marnie means "wretchedly" in Polish
Marnie, character in the game "Stardew Valley"

Marney, Marnee, Marnina, Marne, Marnay, Marnya, Marnja, Marnye, Marnisha, Marna, Marny, Marni


Marnie_V Says:


I love having this name. I have only ever met a few other Marnie's in my life, one Marni (which I don't like as much). People always tell me how unique my name is and I couldn't agree more. As a child of the 80's I sometimes was called "Barney" after that awful purple dinosaur. Don't think that would be a problem now! Sometimes people ask me if it's short for Margaret or Maureen (it's not).

Tigris Says:


The main character in Disney's made-for-tv movie "Halloweentown" is Marnie Cromwell. I love the series. That was the first time I've heard the name and wondered if it was a nickname for a longer name.

Rachel_raised by mermaids Says:


I first heard this name in 'Call the Midwife' and I really like it. Though it isn't really a household name, I think there is a classic feel to it and it is certainly very pretty.

cinderellagirl91 Says:


This is my name, as a small child I hated it and got teased a lot. However now that I am 26 years old I love it, it's so unique I have never met another Marnie before!

marnie r Says:


My name! Sometimes I wish it was short for something longer, but I think it stands fine enough on it's own.

Mikayla395 Says:


When I read the read and saw "When Marnie was There", I fell in love with this. It's cute and mature, and could be short for so many different things such as Marian, Marina, Marianna, Margaret, and more. I have a cousin with this name, and they're real name is Margaret. I would name my child this name in a heartbeat :)

-EagleEyes- Says:


Oh, okay. Thanks for telling me! I think it's really cute both ways :)

Emily Norman Says:


I am American (mar-nee), while he has a British accent (mah-nee). :)

-EagleEyes- Says:


Just wondering, what are the pronunciations? I can only think of one.

Emily Norman Says:


The Studio Ghibli movie adaptation of "When Marnie Was There" made me fall in love with this name. Beautiful movie. Beautiful name. Would be a top contender for our next child, if DH and I didn't pronounce it differently. Poo.

unicornluvgirl Says: