Dad Names Get a Reboot

Dad Names Get a Reboot

Happy Fathers’ Day! Let’s freshen up those Dad Names.

Dad Names are boy names that peaked in the 1980s and 1990s. This means they’re most likely to belong to men in their twenties and thirties now: today’s new dads.

If you’re a first-time parent, you might not know many young children yet, so you may not realise that name fashions have moved on for the next generation. Today’s “typical” names are not all the ones you grew up with. While some classics endure, like William and James which are still in the Top 10, others have faded a little and the name pool is becoming more varied and diverse. A boy born today is more likely to be named Mateo or Carter than Matthew or Christopher.

This is useful information, whatever your name style. If you want to give your son a name that blends in with his peers, the options may be wider than you realize (and calling him a past-its-peak name like Justin could make him stand out more than you intend). But if you want a bold statement name, you may need to up the bar even higher. Even if you don’t know anyone called Maverick or Ryker, tens of thousands of them will be starting school in the next few years.

To inspire you with options fresh for this generation, here are alternatives to the most popular names of the 1980s and 1990s combined. They have a similar sound, style or origin, and all would be stylish — and not weird — on a boy of today.

Just to be clear, there's nothing wrong with any of these Dad Names. In fact some of them are even more popular now than they were back then. But these alternatives offer cool, rising options that are distinctive for boys born today.

Top 100 Boy Names of the 1980s and 1990s

1 Michael Micah

2 Christopher Sebastian

3 Matthew Mateo

4 Joshua Josiah

5 David Davis

6 Daniel Dashiell

7 James Henry

8 John Jack

9 Joseph Reuben

10 Andrew Anders

11 Robert Gilbert

12 Ryan Orion

13 Justin Justice

14 Nicholas Nico

15 Brandon Beckett

16 William Wilson

17 Anthony Arthur

18 Jonathan Julian

19 Jacob Asher

20 Jason Grayson

21 Kevin Kieran

22 Brian Callum

23 Tyler Cooper

24 Eric Soren

25 Zachary Zakkai

26 Thomas Tobias

27 Kyle Niall

28 Adam Abel

29 Steven Simon

30 Timothy Theodore

31 Benjamin Benedict

32 Aaron Ari

33 Alexander Evander

34 Richard Hudson

35 Jeremy Remy

36 Charles Oliver

37 Austin August

38 Nathan Nolan

39 Jeffrey Jasper

40 Cody Bodhi

41 Jose Angel

42 Mark Magnus

43 Patrick Oscar

44 Jordan Kobe

45 Samuel Emmanuel

46 Sean Finn

47 Stephen Silas

48 Travis True

49 Paul Pax

50 Jesse Jude

51 Scott Walter

52 Christian Cillian

53 Dustin Deacon

54 Kenneth Campbell

55 Gregory Graham

56 Bryan Briar

57 Dylan Owen

58 Jared Jethro

59 Derek Ryker

60 Juan Tiago

61 Bradley Harvey

62 Alex Axel

63 Shawn Shea

64 Edward Edison

65 Cameron Callahan

66 Corey Cosmo

67 Luis Lorenzo

68 Peter Piers

69 Marcus Atticus

70 Carlos Arlo

71 Chad Chester

72 Evan Van

73 Ian Gianni

74 Nathaniel Ezekiel

75 Antonio Apollo

76 Gabriel Raphael

77 Caleb Gideon

78 Trevor Rhys

79 Shane Zane

80 Keith Kai

81 George Louis

82 Cory Rory

83 Taylor Baker

84 Donald Declan

85 Logan Lorcan

86 Ethan Ezra

87 Joel Yael

88 Devin Calvin

89 Brett Beau

90 Jesus Santos

91 Phillip Phoenix

92 Ronald Ronan

93 Victor Hugo

94 Seth Eli

95 Luke Luca

96 Blake Brooks

97 Adrian Cassian

98 Erik Leif

99 Vincent Valentine

100 Noah Noam

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