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Gender: M Meaning of Kevin: "handsome" Origin of Kevin: Irish Kevin's Popularity in 2016: #89

Kevin, even though it is almost as popular as it was fifteen years ago (there were almost six thousand of them born last year), definitely seems more a young man's--even a dad's-- than a baby's name these days. (Think Kevin Bacon, Kevin Costner, Kevin Spacey, Kevin James).

Kevin was first popularized by the seventh century Saint Kevin, who founded a scholastic monastry near Dublin and was rewarded by being made one of that city's patron saints. In America, the Irish Kevin has had an impressive forty-plus years of popularity.

Famous People Named Kevin

Saint Kevin of Glendalough, Irish abbot
Kevin Norwood Bacon, American actor
Kevin Andrew Bridges, Scottish comedian
Kevin Fitzgerald Corrigan, American actor
Kevin Michael Costner, American actor
Kevin Wayne Durant, American basketball player
Kevin Earl Federline, American dancer
Kevin Maurice Garnett, American basketball player
Kevin Darnell Hart, American actor and comedian
Kevin James (Knipfing), American actor and comedian
(Paul) Kevin Jonas II, American musician
Kevin Kilner, American actor
Kevin Anderson, American actor
Kevin Delaney Kline, American actor
Kevin Wesley Love, American basketball player
Kevin McCarthy, American actor
Kevin Michael McKeehan aka tobyMac, American Christian singer-songwriter
Kevin Edward McHale, American basketball player
Kevin Michael McHale, American actor and singer
Kevin McKidd, Scottish actor
Kevin Nealon, American actor
Kevin O'Leary, Canadian businessman
Kevin Oluwole Olusola, American singer/beatboxer with group Pentatonix
Kevin Elliot Pollak, American actor
Kevin Scott Richardson, American singer
Kevin Michael Rudd, 26th Prime Minister of Australia
Kevin Patrick Smith, American film director and producer
Kevin David Sorbo, American actor
Kevin Spacey (Fowler), American actor
Kevin Tighe, American actor
Kevin Hagan White, 45th mayor of Boston, USA
Kevin Edmund "Youk" Youkilis, American baseball player
Kevin "K.O." Olusola, American musician
Kevin Kimmel (b. 1993), son of TV host Jimmy Kimmel
Kevin Conroy (b. 1955), American voice actor
Kevin Nash (b. 1959), American pro wrestler and actor
Kevin Owens (born Kevin Steen in 1984), American pro wrestler

Pop Culture References for the name Kevin

Kevin, bird in the Disney/Pixar film "Up"
Kevin, alternate version of narrator Cecil in podcast "Welcome to Night Vale"
Kevin Arnold, character on TV's "The Wonder Years"
Kevin Entwhistle, character in J.K. Rowling's "The Original Forty"
Kevin Flynn, main character of the TRON film
Kevin Grant, character on TV series "Bracken's World"
Kevin Khatchadourian, character in book/movie "We Need To Talk About Kevin"
Kevin Langley, character in movie "Bean" played by Andy Lawrence
Kevin McCallister, main character in "Home Alone" film series
Kevin Myers, character in the "American Pie" series
Kevin Price, main character in musical "The Book of Mormon"
Kevin Peyton, character on TV's "Nurse Jackie"
Kevin, character from TV series "Supernatural"
Kevin Copeland, character in film "White Chicks"
Kevin Copeland, character in "The Mist"
Kevin Duval, a character on TV's "Scream"
Kevin Wendell Crumb, character from "Split"
Kevin, character from "Ed, Edd n Eddy"
Kevin, minion in the "Despicable Me" movies
"Cousin Kevin," song by The Who
Kevin Price, character in the Broadway Musical, "The Book of Mormon"
Kevin Kellar, character from the tv series "Riverdale"
Kevin Rayburn, character in Netflix's "Bloodline"

Kevyn, Kyven, Kevn, Kevian, Keveen, Keyvan, Kevinn, Keveon, Keven, Kevonne, Keve, Kev, Kevan, Kevien, Keyvon, Kivon, Keaven, Kevon, Kevvy