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Gender: Male Meaning of Raphael: "God has healed" Origin of Raphael: Hebrew Raphael's Popularity in 2017: #519

The name Raphael is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "God has healed". Raphael is ranked #519 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Bible Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Three Strikes, You're Out -- Boys".

From the experts:

Raphael is a romantic archangel name that sounds both artistic and powerful. Raphael is also a great cross-cultural choice, with significance for people with both Latinate and Jewish roots, plus plenty of grounding in the English-speaking world.

Raphael was one of the seven archangels (called by Milton "the affable archangel") who attended the throne of God and, as the angel of healing, is the patron of doctors as well as of travelers, science and healing. Another worthy namesake is the great Renaissance painter Raphael (born Raffaello Sanzio). Several celebs have chosen the name, including Robert De Niro, Ana Ortiz and Melissa George.

Rafael is the Spanish spelling, as represented by Spanish tennis champ Rafael Nadal. Rafi is the familiar Hebrew nickname.

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Famous People Named Raphael

Raphael, Biblical archangel
Raphael Sanzio, Italian Renaissance painter
Raphael Soyer, Russian-American painter
Raphael Saadiq (b. Charles Ray Wiggins), American R&B singer
Raphael Holinshed, English chronicler consulted by William Shakespeare
Raphael Matos, Brazilian racing car driver
Raphael "Roy" Welensky, 2nd and last Prime Minister of Rhodesia
Raphael (born Miguel Rafael Martos Sánchez), Spanish singer and actor
Raphael Semmes, U.S. Confederate Navy general
Raphael Sbarge, American actor
Raphael Gualazzi, Italian singer and pianist
Raphael Alejandro, American child actor
Raphael De Niro (b. 1976), son of American actor Robert De Niro
Raphael "Raffi" Williams (b. 1992), son of TV journalist Juan Williams
Raphaël Halle (b. 1993), son of actress Juliette Binoche and André Halle
Raphael Eigenmann Rogoff (b. 1998), son of actress Cherie Gil and Rony Rogoff
Raphael Lough (b. 2010), son of runners Paula Radcliffe and Gary Lough
Raphael Lebenzon (b. 2011), son of actress Ana Ortiz and Noah Lebenzon
Raphaël Elmaleh (b. 2013), son of Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco and Gad Elmaleh
Raphael Blanc (b. 2014), son of actress Melissa George and Jean David Blanc

Pop Culture References for the name Raphael

Raphael Santiago, character in Cassandra Clare's "The Mortal Instruments"
Raphael, one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Raphael, a vampire in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare
Raphael Hythloday, character in Utopia (1516) by Thomas More
Raphael, chemist in The Mystery of a Hansom Crab (1886) by Fergus Hume
Raphael Leon, journalist in Children of the Ghetto (1892) by Israel Zangwill
Raphael "Raffy," character in Gemma Malley's "The Killables" series
Raphael, an angel on the TV show "Supernatural''

Rafaello, Raphaello, Rephael, Rafe, Falito, Raphaél, Raffaello, Rafael, Ray, Rafaelle, Rafel, Raphale, Rapheal, Rafaelo, Raffello, Raphel, Ravel, Raphello, Raphiel

Raphael's International Variations

Rafaele (Italian) Rafal (Polish)


SimpleSeamstressMama Says:


Such a beautiful name! I think I’ll add it to my list of a possible brother for my daughter Seraphina. I like the ph spelling and the archangel connection.

LaulenaG Says:


One of my favorite boy's names! It has cultural weight because of the painter, it's beautiful, strong, and just unusual enough to stand out but not so unusual the kid will feel they have to live up to their name.

paulapuddephatt Says:



adklined Says:


With the nickname Rafe, is it pronounced Ray-ff or Raa-ff or something else entirely? I like nicknames and I want to know how most people say them.

indiefendi2 Says:


I love love love that Raphael means "God has healed" and that made me think of a step further--what if Healer was a name? We have our Jaggers, Carters, Coopers, Skylers, Taylors, and other occupational names that are popular. I think Healer would be interesting and unique.

She's a Killer Queen Says:


Gorgeous name indeed. I adore the nickname Rafe.
I like this spelling better than Rafael, looks just so much more sophisticated in my humble opnion!

AriellaBar Says:


I'm glad you've had such a positive experience since this was my grandfather's name! But I looked at the popularity charts, and Raphael has been pretty stable around the top 500 since 1880. I wonder why the older generations haven't heard of it...?

Pale Says:


My 2year old son is named Raphael. We are from Samoa, a tiny pacific island in the Pacific. My sister named him Raphael because of its biblical meaning, simply the God that Heals..its a unique name in our culture and my son is probably the only person one in Samoa named Raphael. Its a sacred and spiritual name

fuzzycub Says:


Don't forget its artistic image also comes from the association with the Renaissance artist Raphael.

headintheclouds Says:


Raphael is one of my favorite boy names. I love its romantic sound and artistic image from the association to pre-Raphaelite art, and also its steady solid biblical-name feel. The meaning is beautiful, it has rich history and usage, and I feel that Raphael is a truly international name that is well-known and used throughout many countries. Plus I love the nickname Ralph/Raph/Rafe for Raphael. Just an all-round handsome, gorgeous name!

katycats Says:


RAPHAEL IS SOO GORGEOUS AND BEAUTIFUL NAME :) LOVE IT when I have son name. one of my favorite.. even Michael and Gabriel

Raphael Says:


I would like to add that Polish version of that name is spelled Rafał (letter L with stroke) not Rafal! :)
I know that is latin extended character but you can copy and paste it in there! :P

indiefendi2 Says:


This is my favorite boy name. It's so fiery and gorgeous! It's set in stone when I have a boy.

Caroline Says:


One of the classic boy's names that I love!

lesliemarion Says:


What a gorgeous name!

fuzzycub Says:


I love this name; it's one of my favorites. Raphy is a cute nickname, and Raph is cool too.

tintri Says:


We just named our son Raphael. We live in the Midwest and both come from WASP families. I have found the reactions to this name varied and interesting. Young people (our age) seem to like the name and have expressed they find it a handsome, unique choice. Folks from our parents' generation don't seem to like it or understand it that well, and often think we have named him Ralph, Ralphie, or some variant of that. People our grandparents' age often have no idea what we've said and have a very difficult time pronouncing or spelling it. That being said, I work with several families in the Latino community, and I often got very positive reactions when I mentioned to them that we were naming our son Raphael. Just my two cents! Regardless of what people think, we LOVE this name and I personally find it handsome, romantic, and unique while still feeling familiar. The meaning is also beautiful, and has special significance to our family.

Chrisco Says:


This has to be the handsomest, most adventurous name ever. I love it!

tfzolghadr Says:


I have only met 1 Raphael in my life... a 30 something French man. I'd LOVE to meet a young Raphael!

rainierloner Says:


I love this name also! :)

LadyVanRaven Says:


So handsome! Love it so much!