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Gender: M Meaning of Ryan: "little king" Origin of Ryan: Irish Ryan's Popularity in 2016: #40

Ryan has been one of the most popular Irish names in America for decades; it had been in the Top 20 since 1976, and still stands at Number 40, even though parents now have such a wide choice of Irish surnames, from Flynn to Finnigan, and newer Ry names like Ryder. Ryan (born Patrick) O'Neal first brought it to light in the mid-1960s, when parents saw it as a fresher and more spirited alternative to names like Brian and Kevin. In recent years, Ryan has taken off as a girl's name.

Several male marquee Ryans still keep the name in the spotlight--think Ryan Seacrest, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Philippe.

Famous People Named Ryan

Ryan McCartan, American actor, singer and musician, part of the musical group 'The Girl And The Dreamcatcher' with Dove Cameron
Ryan Farish, American electronic musician
Ryan John Seacrest, American television host
(Matthew) Ryan Philippe, American actor
Ryan Paul Delahoussaye, American musician
(George) Ryan Ross III, American musician
Ryan McGinley, American photographer
Ryan O'Neal, (born Charles Patrick Ryan O'Neal), American actor
Ryan Rodney Reynolds, Canadian actor
Ryan Thomas Gosling, Canadian actor
Ryan Kelly, Irish singer
Ryan Lochte, American swimmer
Ryan Tannehill, American football player
Ryan Fitzpatrick, American football player
Ryan Kwanten Australian actor
Ryan Allen Sheckler, American skateboarder
Ryan Lane, American Actor
Ryan James Pinkston, American actor
Ryan Nyquist, professional BMX rider
Ryan Scott Lee, American actor
Ryan Earl Merriman, American actor
(Ryan) Dallas Cook, American musician
Ryan Gallant, American pro skateboarder
Ryan Cartwright, English actor
Ryan Betty, American singer
Ryan Tedder, American singer and songwriter
Ryan Adams, American singer and songwriter
Ryan McLoughlin, member of Irish boyband HomeTown
Ryan John Shilling, son of Amy Rodriguez
Ryan Kent, American child actor (twin brother of Hailey)
Ryan Higa aka nigahiga, American YouTuber
Ryan Fitzsimons aka LittleLizardGaming, Irish YouTuber
Ryan Tyack, Australian archer
Ryan Held, American swimmer
Ryan Murphy, American swimmer
Ryan Joshua "Jeffrey" Met, member of band AJR

Pop Culture References for the name Ryan

Ryan Evans- The High School Musical Trilogy
Ryan Atwood, character from "The O.C"
Ryan Wolfe, CSI: Miami
Ryan Howard, character on US TV series "The Office"
Ryan Atkins, character from "Sims" series
Ryan Newman, from TV series "Wilfred" played by Elijah Wood
Ryan Walker, from movie "Boys and Girls"
Ryan Dunne, from movie "Summer Catch"

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