August Babyberries: Singlets, Triplets and Twins

August Babyberries: Singlets, Triplets and Twins

By Linda Rosenkrantz

This month, in addition to a by-now-expected goldmine of gorgeously creative individual August baby names, we have two pairs of twins and one set of triplets:

Ivy Juliette and May Vivienne

Nathan Daniel and Edward Harris

Katelyn Elizabeth, Perry Grayson and Johnson Tucker

A preponderance of boys this month, some of them with particularly adventurous names, including Boone, Hawk, Jericho, Johnson and Theron—as well as girls named Channing and Belline.

We also noticed many more consonant-starting names than usual: could be coincidence, could be a trend.


Audrey Juliet Sophia, sister of Maximus Alexander

“When we saw an ultrasound picture of her little face, we knew she was an Audrey. I’ve been in love with the name Juliet for years, and Sophia is after my husband’s sister. We wanted a name that felt classy and sophisticated and we are very happy with our choice!”

Belline Louise

Celeste MarieLouise, sister of Emma Elizabeth

Channing Klein

Cordelia Amaryllis Saffron

Daisy Ryan, sister of Raven

Emersyn Rose, sister of Parker Raymond, Brooklyn Mae, Finnley James and Savannah Grace

Eva Celeste, sister of Anna Sofia

Frances Maybelle, sister of Clyde William

Georgina Rae

Greer Isabel, sister of Maeve Alice

Ingrid MagnoliaJane, sister of Serafina Audrey and Beatrice Lucy

Ivy Juliette, twin of May Vivienne, sister of Anna Rose

Katelyn Elizabeth, triplet of Perry Grayson and Johnson Tucker, sister of Jefferson Kent

Louise Andrea Wilhelmina Emilie, sister of Jonas Hans and Paul Daniel

Louise: as we liked a classic name, we thought it would suit our princess, a name to fit our very Dutch last name, easy on the ears in international context, complementing her big brothers names/same styles, a name that is not in the Top 50 in our country at the moment.” For more on her middle names, check the Birth Announcement forum.

May Vivienne, twin of Ivy Juliette, sister of Anna Rose

Sofia Neve, sister of Maxim Arthur


Angelo Gabriel

“We decided on Angelo fairly quickly. My mother-in-law is Italian, hence the Italian sound. And Angelo is a name I’ve loved since I was a teenager. We were a bit concerned that the connection to the angel Gabriel would be too strong, but in the end I decided to follow my heart and just use the name I love. And yes, it’s deliberate the connection.”

Boone Finley Paul, brother of Daphne June

“All three given names are family names to honor different sides of our families. And while we gave Daphne just one middle name, we are thinking this may be our last baby, so Boone received one extra so we could cover our bases.”

Breslin John

Connor James, brother of Kyan Morgan

Edward Harris, twin of Nathan Daniel

Eli Joaquin

Gabriel Ethan, brother of Cicely Grace, Adelaide Hope, and Emmeline Blythe

Hawk Wilder, brother of North Benjamin

Holden Christopher

Holden was named after the protagonist of “Catcher in the Rye.” DH is a big fan of the book and he sneakily started calling our baby Holden during the last few months of my pregnancy. It worked—when I met our little guy no other name fit. Good thing I love it!”

Hudson Henry, brother of Evie Marguerite

Ian Paul

Jericho Xavier

Johnson Tucker, triplet of Perry Grayson and Katelyn Elizabeth, brother of Jefferson Kent

John was converted into Johnson, because not only is Johnson still honoring the John in his family, it’s honoring my family too, because Johnson is my maiden name…(oh, yeah, and now all my kids have NNs that all have four letters: Jeff, Gray, Kate, and Tuck! How cute!)”

Jordan Leo Hayes

Miles Alexander, brother of Vivienne Sophia and Helena Elizabeth

Nathan Daniel, twin of Edward Harris

Nolan Eli, brother of Milo Randall

Perry Grayson, triplet of Katelyn Elizabeth and Johnson Tucker, brother of Jefferson Kent

Stellan James, brother of Isabeau Belen and Juniper Anne

“Bound to bring our family luck, Stellan rounds out our sibset with yet another 7 letter first name!”

Sutton Ellsworth, brother of Callum Owen, Aletta Isobel, Leopold Elijah, Arabella Audrey, and Alice Olivia

TheodoreTeddy” Waits, brother of Jenna Lorraine and Eliza Juliet

“His middle name is an old family name in honor of my dad, who doesn’t have any sons, and his first name was inspired by many famous Theodores and applauded by my fellow Berries.”

Theron River, brother of Trey and Natiley

“I narrowed it down to Theron, Leighton, and Bryant. After he was born, my oldest son was already calling him Theron River, so that is what we went with!”

Tyce Daniel Dekaye

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Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz

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