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Gender: F Meaning of Amaryllis: "to sparkle" Origin of Amaryllis: Greek

If you're looking for a showier flower name than Lily, but staying in the same botanical family, you might consider Amaryllis, which is not as outre as it might at first sound. It was used in Greek poetry as the appellation of pure pastoral beauties; Amaryllis is the heroine of Virgil's epic poem Ecologues, after whom the flower was named. Other references are characters in the George Bernard Shaw play Back to Methuselah and The Music Man. James Bond-creator Ian Fleming had a half sister named Amaryllis Marie-Louise Fleming, who was a noted British cellist.

Famous People Named Amaryllis

Amaryllis Fleming, British cellist
Amaryllis Knight, American co-founder of Falcon Motorcycles
Isabella Amaryllis Charlotte Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe - daughter-in-law of Sir Richard Branson and one time love interest of Prince William

Pop Culture References for the name Amaryllis

Amaryllis, character in "The Music Man"
Amaryllis Iden, artistic heroine of Amaryllis at the Fair (1887) by Richard Jefferies
Amaryllis, character in movie "Public Enemies" played by Alyssa Milano
"Amaryllis," song and album by band Shinedown

Amarillis, Amarylis, Amarilis