Gender: Female Meaning of Emmeline: "work" Origin of Emmeline: Old French form of archaic German Amal Emmeline's Popularity in 2019: #767

Emmeline Origin and Meaning

The name Emmeline is a girl's name of German, French, English origin meaning "work".

Emmeline is an Emma relative and Emily cousin that is destined for greater use in the wake of the megapopularity of those two names. A recommended Nameberry fave, Emmeline hopped onto the US Top 1000 in 2014 for the first time ever. While it is genuinely an old name, it was rarely used a century ago; only 17 baby girls were named Emmeline in 1915, the same number as were named Ernie!

A popular medieval name, Emmeline was introduced to Britain by the Normans. It appeared as a character in Uncle Tom's Cabin, and is famous in Britain as the name of the illustrious suffragette, Emmeline Pankhurst. Way back in 1980, it was the name of young Brooke Shields's innocent character in The Blue Lagoon. More recently, Emmeline Vance was a witch in the Harry Potter series.

Christian Bale has a daughter named Emmeline.

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Ltmacdon Says:


We chose this beautiful name for our daughter (inspired by British suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst), and use the traditional French pronunciation (rhymes with "Josephine").

Annabvella Says:


This doesn't look as nice compared to other -line names like Madeline, Caroline, ETC.

scblovesnames Says:


I really like it as Emma-line.

dallas2015 Says:


If your 'rule' is correct, how, then, would you pronounce Christine, Justine, Evangeline, Pauline, Delphine, Claudine, Janine, Celine, Josephine, Nadine?? It's very narrow minded to say you're mad that people are pronouncing your daughter's name incorrectly when they are using a very well accepted and well used pronunciation. Yes, uses of -ine like Caroline or Madeline exist, and so too, thus, does your preferred pronunciation of the name. I'm sure once people actually hear her name said aloud and realise how you like it pronounced they would use the INE sound instead of EEN. Our daughter's name is Emmeline also (we use the Emma-leen pronunciation) and have had only one or two people mis-pronounce her name as Emma-line when reading from paper. I genuinely expected to have to correct people at least half the time, but have consistently found people will pronounce the name Emma-leen much, much, much more often than Emma-line.

ChaseS Says:


I love this name so much we used it for our beautiful daughter, but the pronunciation debate confuses me.
It's a French name in the same vein as Josephine and Delphine, yet no one ever pronounces these names with a strong "I" sound. The French pronunciation of Emmeline sounds so strong and classy

tavy Says:


-line IS pronounced like -leen in many places. In the US I think either pronunciation is "correct", so people aren't technically pronouncing the name wrong. Kathleen is from an entirely different origin than Emmeline so it's really not comparable.

Jasmine-Joy Says:


Love this name, It's so sweet!

paulapuddephatt Says:


Beautiful and stylish

Daphodil Says:


Beautiful name, but only with the European pronounciation.

Daiseymae Says:


I was going to use this version when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. My sister has a daughter named Emily Rose, and I thought that is might be too closely related. I went with another name instead, but it sill is one of my most favorite names though.

EmmyLu Says:


We named our daughter Emmeline Lucia, EmmyLu for short. We pronounce it the English way (Emme-LEAN), probably because I have British family and thats how it's pronounced there.

Daiseymae Says:


Beautiful name.

linenotleen Says:


LINE is not pronounced "leen" I named my daughter Emmeline and it drives me insane when people call her Emma-LEEN. If I wanted her called that I would have spelled it that way. The silent e on the end makes it a long i or as they say, the silent e makes the i say it's name. You would never spell Kathleen using line! :) Anyway, we chose Emmie for her nickname.

anniebrown01 Says:


Emmeline is such a pretty twist on the ultra-popular Emma. I would use it alongside Genevieve for a sibset. I pronounce it Emma-line only because of how it fits with the other name, but Emma-lean is gorgeous as well

RoseRed2816 Says:


Love this name in all forms but I think I prefer Emma-Line. I associate it with another favorite of mine Adaline. Although I would use Millie as a nn.

britney d Says:


I say both names the same way.

Guest Says:


Line usually is more of a LEAN not LINE, Emma-Line sounds weird.

Guest Says:



emmie113 Says:


Sounds weird pronounced as Emma-leen to me. I've always used the Emma-line pronunciation. Is it just because I'm southern?

eveyalecia Says:


I vastly prefer the Emma-line pronunciation, it reminds me of Madeline and Caroline (both are names I like a lot). I'm never really fond of the "ee" sound in names, though.

Saffron_Rice Says:


I like the positive history this name has and the fact it was known in medieval times. It would be a great alternative to Emma and Emmy makes a good nickname. I prefer it pronounced emma-leen like Mrs Pankhurst and other English bearers.

rgp19 Says:


I love the name Emmeline. I like the Emma-leen pronunciation.

HatCollecter Says:


love it! i would call her Emmi!!!!

headintheclouds Says:


I love this spelling and the way this is pronounced better than Emmaline, but Emmeline would probably be a less intuitive spelling for most people, and it'd be misspelled and have to be spelled out more often.

dallas2015 Says:


Beautiful name. Our daughter is Emmeline (Emma-leen), it's uncommon but not unusual.

Daiseymae Says:


Yes, it is quite pretty. I love it.

melissa Says:


I love this name Emmeline! I would pronounce it Emma-line. So pretty.

SparkleNinja18 Says:


I really want to use this as a middle name. I like it pronounced emma-leen. Emma-line and emma-lyn just don't sound right to me.

EryGasai Says:


I love this name. I find it really innocent and pure.

Guest Says:


this name is growing on me a lot.