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Gender: F Origin of Emilie: Spelling variation of Emily; German and Scandinavian feminine form of Aemilius Emilie's Popularity in 2015: #867

Unlike most creative spellings, this one isn't overly trendy or overdone—in fact, it's quite delicate and pretty. However, it is clearly suffering from the plethora of similar names that are flowing around right now (Emelie, Emilia, Emily, Emilee, Amelie, Amelia) and fell more than 300 spots in the past two years. It might be time for Emilie and her sisters to be left alone for a while.

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Famous People Named Emilie

Emilie Autumn Liddell, American singer-songwriter
Emilie De Ravin, Australian actress
Emilie Simon, French singer-songwriter
Emilie Turunen, Danish MEP
Emilie Preiswerk Jung, mother of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung
Emilie Floege, life partner of Gustav Klimt
Emilie Bach, Austrian artist and journalist
Emilie Schenkl, Austrian wife of Indian nationalist leader Subhas Chandra Bose
Emilie Bosshard Haavi, Norwegian footballer
Émilie Fer, French Olympic canoeist
Émilie Loit, French tennis player
Emilie-Claire Barlow, Canadian jazz singer
Emilie Charlotte Le Breton, birth name of actress Lillie Langtry
Emilie Livingston, Canadian rhythmic gymnast, contortionist, and aerialist, and wife of American actor Jeff Goldblum

Pop Culture References for the name Emilie

Emilie Selander Braxe and Emilie-Magdalena Ullstadius, characters in "The dung-beetle flies at dusk," by Maria Gripe