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Gender: Female Meaning of Sophia: "wisdom" Origin of Sophia: Greek Sophia's Popularity in 2017: #5

The name Sophia is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "wisdom". Sophia is ranked #5 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Antique Baby Names Back in Style and discussed in our forums with posts like "Pick 5 (GIRLS)".

From the experts:

Sophia, which was the Number 1 girls' name in the US from 2011 to 2013, is among the most popular girls' names in the Western World, with a sensuous sound and high-minded meaning. Sophia's been chosen by several celeb parents, and reached the top of the charts without losing any -- okay, much -- of its sophisticated beauty. Sophia's a real winner.

Like its sister baby names Isabella and Olivia, Sophia has gained widespread favor by appealing to a broad range of parents: Intellectuals who like it for its meaning and those attracted to its femininity, parents who want a classic name and those looking for a name with Latin roots --the Sofia spelling is also popular. Sophie is the French version of the name, more popular than Sophia in some parts of the world. Legend Sophia Loren was originally Sofia.

The name was first famous via St. Sophia, venerated in the Greek Orthodox church--St Sophia was the mother of three daughters named Faith, Hope and Love. It was first used in England in the seventeenth century and was the name of George I's both mother and wife.

Sophia has been an author favorite from the days of early novelists like Henry Fielding (Tom Jones) and Jane Austen (Persuasion) to the TV scriptwriters of today (The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black).

Sophia's only downside is its huge popularity; it's actually even more popular than it appears, because alternate spelling Sofia falls at Number 14 on the US popularity chart. Alternative baby names you might want to consider: Sophie, Seraphina, Susannah, Zofia.

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Famous People Named Sophia

Saint Sophia the Martyr
Saint Sophia of Rome
Sophia Dorothea of Hanover, Queen consort of Frederick William I of Prussia
Sophia Wilhelmine Marianne Henriette of Nassau, Queen consort of Oscar II of Sweden and Norway
Sophia Charlotte of Hanover, Queen consort of Frederick I of Prussia
Sophia Dorothea of Celle, Electress of Hanover, repudiated wife of George I of Britain
Sophia Magdalena of Denmark, Queen consort of Gustav III of Sweden
Aelia Sophia, Empress consort of Justin II of the Byzantine Empire
Sophia of Halshany, queen consort of Jogaila of Poland
Sophia of Minsk, Queen consort of Valdemar I of Denmark
Sophia, Electress of Hanover, one-time heir to the British throne
Sophia Loren (born Sofia Villani Scicolone), Italian actress
Sophia Matilda, Princess of the U.K.; daughter of King George III
Sophia Alekseyevna, regent of Russia
Sophia Anna Bush, American actress
Sophia Grace Brownlee, English child singer
Alice Sophia Eve, American actress
Sophia Sampaio Abrahão, Brazilian singer and actress
AnnaSophia Robb, American actress
Sophia Jagiellon, Margravine of Brandenburg-Ansbach
Sophia Yakovlevna Parnok, Russian poet
Sophia Amelia Peabody Hawthorne, American painter; wife of novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne
Sophia Kokosalaki, Greek fashion designer
Sophia Jane Myles, English actress (pronounces it "so-FY-a")
Sophia Amoruso, founder of online vintage clothing shop Nasty Gal
Sophia Elizabeth Gennusa, American actress
Sophia Müller, Indonesian actress and singer
Sophia Kiely, English actress
Sophia Blanche Lyon Fahs, American Unitarian author and religious leader
Sophia Alexandra "Sophie" Falconer Stewart (b. 1973), daughter of actor Patrick Stewart
Sophia Richards (b. 1975), daughter of actor Michael Richards
Sophia Stockwell (b. 1985), daughter of actor Dean Stockwell
Sophia Morris, daughter of singer Stevie Wonder
Sophia Tatum, daughter of actors Bradford Tatum and Stacy Haiduk
Sophia Stallone (b. 1996), daughter of actor Sylvester Stallone
Sophia Aurora Silveria (b. 1999), daughter of drummer David Silveria of band Korn
Sophia Madrien Soleil Bell (b. 2001), daughter of singer Tara McLean
Sophia Eva Meloni (b. 2001), daughter of actor Christopher Meloni
Sophia Rosalinda Bratt (b. 2002), daughter of actors Benjamin Bratt and Talisa Soto
Sophia Bana (b. 2002), daughter of actor Eric Bana
Sophia Lucinda Davison (b. 2006), daughter of actor Bruce Davison
Sophia Elizabeth Wormald (b. 2008), daughter of actress Julia Haworth and Jon Wormald
Sophia Law (b. 2009), daughter of actor Jude Law and Samantha Burke
Sophia Umansky (b. 2009), daughter of reality TV personality Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky
Sophia Laurent Abraham (b. 2009), daughter of reality TV personality Farrah Abraham ("Teen Mom")
Sophia Winans (b. 2010), daughter of gospel singer Juan Winans
Sophia Grace Mitchell (b. 2010), daughter of actor Benjamin Mitchell
Sophia Marguerite Kendrick (b. 2011), daughter of reality TV personality Stephenie LaGrossa and baseball player Kyle Kendrick
Sophia Ruby Crouch (b. 2011), daughter of model Abbey Clancy and rugby player Peter Crouch
Sophia Nalçacıoğlu (b. 2011), daughter of Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak and Murat Nalçacıoğlu
Sophia Ann Grace Donald (b. 2011), daughter of golfer Luke Donald
Sophia Jane Stewart (b. 2012), daughter of footballers Julie Fleeting and Colin Stewart
Sophia Rose Gareis Ghassemieh (b. 2012), daughter of actress Jennifer Gareis and Bobby Ghassemieh
Sophia Ecclestone-Rutland (b. 2014) , daughter of socialite Tamara Ecclestone and Jay Rutland
Sophia Olivia Murray (b. 2016), daughter of tennis player Andy Murray
Chloe Sophia Trump (b. 2009), daughter of Donald Trump, Jr.
Sophia Elizabeth Rooney (b. 2019), daughter of actress Christy Carlson Romano

Pop Culture References for the name Sophia

Sophia, Japanese rock band
Sophia, character in the "Fallen" series, by Lauren Kate
"The Adventures of Miss Sophia Berkley," novel and its main character
Sophia Western, in "The History of Tom Jones" by Henry Fielding
Sophia Burset, on TV's "Orange is the New Black"
Sophia Lopez, character on TV's "Nip/Tuck"
Sophia Peletier, character on TV's "The Walking Dead"
Sophia Petrillo, character on TV's "The Golden Girls"
Sophia Hapgood, in video game "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis"
Sophia Esteed, in video game "Star Ocean: Till the End of Time"
Sophia, in video game "Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi"
Sophia, character in anime "Yu-Gi-Oh!"
Sophia Forrester, in animated TV series "Last Exile"
Sophia Tutu, on animated TV series "The Raccoons"
Sophia "Sophie" Williams Aubrey, wife of Captain Jack Aubrey in Patrick O'Brian's "Aubrey-Maturin" series

Soph, Saffi, Sophey, Sophee

Sophia's International Variations

Sophie (French) Sonia, Sofiya, Sofka, Sonyusha, Sonya, Sonyuru (Ukrainian) Sonja (Norwegian) Zofka, Zofie, Zofia (Czech) Zosha, Zocha, Zosia (Polish) Safa, Safiyah (Arabic) Sohvi (Finnish) Chofi, Chofa, Soficita, Fifi (Spanish) Sofija (Croatian) Tzophiah (Hebrew) Zsófika, Zsófia (Hungarian) Sophoon, Sophronia, Sofi (Greek) Sofya (Turkish) Sophi, Sofie, Sophy (Persian)


TechnoKitten Says:


This can be a nickname for the name Sophronia.

Kani_bee Says:


This name is way too common. Of a group of 11 girls I coach on a swim team, 4 of them are named Sophia or Sofia. I’m not exaggerating.

Daiseymae Says:


Me neither.

pixelatedinfants Says:


I often forget this name exists...even though one of my good friends is named Sofia

Piteco Says:


One word: boring!!!

Sophia Holmes Says:


i agree!

Sophia Holmes Says:


Yes i totally agree with you! I love Sophia a lot and its such a wonderful name. I think Rose would be a cool middle name maybe! :)

Sophia Holmes Says:


Sophia is the cutest name ever!!!!!! I love the name so much because it makes you sound so young! the name is such a beautiful name that it sounds like a graceful name and so young! i probably said that already but I LOVE THIS NAME SOOOOOOOO MUCH! lol My name is Sophia and it is just the most wonderful name ever. I personally like Sophia better then Sophie because Sophie sounds like an old lady name and its a little too bayish. Sophia sounds like a grownups name. Sophia sounds like a person that would be respected and loved and wise!

NameLover 11 Says:


I love this name!!!!!! Such a great meaning as so pretty. It's just so gorgeous!!! But #3 in the US??? Darn. I hope that this will drop in popularity. Such a classic with so much history.

EsmeKair Says:


A fine if dated name, with a slightly cheesy tinge due to celebrity association, but absolutely unusuable now, thanks to its trend status.

ashleyisabellalaaaa Says:


I love this name and my great grandmother was called Sophia but there's one downside and it's so bloody popular. There's a Sofia or Sophia in every year group.

paulapuddephatt Says:


So beautiful, love both Sophia and Sophie so much

hermioneameliastyles Says:


I prefer this spelling to Sofia. I think this is a great name.

LV51sfan91 Says:


#1 for a reason! I like this name a lot but would chose Olivia over it probably although NN Sophie pulls my heart strings!

Yessica Says:


I don't know why but I dislike this name.

Jazzy7 Says:


This will be my daughter's name. It's gorgeous. Who cares if it's super popular. I was in a class with 3-4 Jasmine's and all of our names were spelt different. I actually didn't mind having a lot a girls with my name, I felt special. I think Sophia or Sofia is beautiful. Just add a cool middle name to spice it up.

jaz.fortune Says:


I don't care about popularity. I would name my daughter Sophia or Sofia in a heartbeat. I have only watched one little girl named Sophia, she was a Sophia Rose and she was a blondie. I don't hear this name a lot. I think this name fits any little girl. I love this name :)

Toronto87 Says:


Don't know that many young children, but still know so many little Sophia's. It is a pretty name, but tonnes of names are beautiful. I wouldn't choose this uber popular name when there are so many other beautiful options out there.

bananie21 Says:


Even though it's old lady Golden Girl and mega popular right now, I still Love it!

Laurel Fenenga Parker Says:


We wanted to give our children names that would be rare enough to be their own identity, but classical enough not to be considered weird. Sophia seemed like a great choice, and it was - 20 years ago, when our daughter was born, and for about 5 years, and then Blam!! it was the third most popular name and rising.

The weird (and one obscene reference to Sophia Loren) comments have been minimal, but dozens of people have said "Oh, Sophie! That's my neighbor's dog's name!" Fine, but A) she isn't a dog, and B) her name isn't Sophie, and she was born hating that name. I call her Fia, her friends call her Sofa, her brother calls her Fini. Everyone else is expected to call her Sophia.

We love the strong femininity of the name and the meaning, which turned out to suit her personality extremely well. But be advised that if you name your child Sophia, she will not only be one of millions of other girls, her name will also be confused with a different name that is given to millions and millions of dogs. If you figure, why fight it? and name her Sophie, expect to fend off questions like "Did I come from a shelter, or a puppy mill, like the Jones' dog?"

Michaela Says:


Overlooking its #3 rank, Sophia is a stunningly perfect name.

Sophia-Nicolle Müller Says:


My name is Sophia Nicolle and i always thought my name was way too feminine but i don't think so, I think this combination is delicated but fierce and it matches with my personality. (I usually write Sophia-Nicolle tho)

Sarah8 Says:


Surprisingly, I don't know anyone with this name.

vintageisfave Says:


I've always despised the name Sophia. I imagine a stuck up rich girl whenever I hear this name. Then again, I may be a little bit biased, since my birth name is Sophie...heh heh.

Shoobie Says:


Worth noting - in addition to meaning "wisdom," in some Christian traditions "Sophia" is also a name for the Holy Spirit. There are also traditions (those related to gnosticism, especially) where "Sophia" is specifically the wisdom or knowledge of God (imparted by the Holy Spirit).

CatherineAnn Says:


Beautiful name. Deserves its popularity entirely

emma Says:


Aren't you glad 17 year olds don't run the world? Oh wait

emma Says:


That's actually a lie Cassiopeia is my first choice I just randomly chose Emma as my account name

emma Says:


I'm not actually pregnant just avoiding studying for my physics final

emma Says:


Emma is my first choice btw

emma Says:


I am a 17 year old Sophia and while the name is not very common at my age, I still think Sofia is a much more beautiful and looks much prettier written.

Christina507 Says:


I still love this name even if it is popular.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:



Emtron Says:


I don't know any one with this name but a billion Sophie's.

headintheclouds Says:


Love love love Sophia. There's good reason for its popularity- while I'm rather sad that I hear this name on SO.MANY. newborn babies each year, I'm also happy that baby girl is a Sophia rather than another Myckynzee. Then again there's only so many birth announcements of little Sophia Graces or Sophia Roses you can get before you grow tired of the name; I'd put Sophia down in the more unexpected middle name spot. Ingrid Sophia is one of my favorite combos at the moment.

Twinmommy Says:


Feminine & beautiful

amberdaydream Says:


It's not my favourite name, but it's a nice name with a nice meaning. Can't think of any other name that deserves to be at the top more.

Guest Says:


if this was at the bottom of the Top 1000 then I'd definitely put it on my list but, oh well. I like Sofia more anyhow.

Leah3456 Says:


I know so many people with this name in my area!

jordalini Says:


I have a cousin with this name, and we call her Soapie, because that is what she used to say when she was little, I suspect she will grow out of it in a few years. When she was born her mom chose it because of her Greek heritage, It was already in the top 25 by then. See constantly complains about the number of Sophias in her class, in her church, in their OWN extended family on the Greek side.

That Creepy Stalker Named Tess Says:


My middle name is Sophia, but I think you can tell what my first name is by my username (Tess) I like going by Tess Sophia.

madison786 Says:


This name is not overused in my grade shockingly, this is my friends name and shes the only Sophia in my grade.

The_Supernatural_Hufflepuff Says:


I have always loved this name but hate that it is so popular luckily I can still use it as a middle name :)

Alicia1 Says:


Sophia was my nana's name, I love it! Its so pretty, I never imagined it rising to #1!

clairels Says:


Prefer Sophie. Sophia was the old lady on The Golden Girls.

unicornluvgirl Says:


There's a reason this name is so popular- it's beautiful!

sophiesilly Says:


Sophia is my full first name (Sophie being my nickname), and I love my name. When I was younger, I felt that Sophia was too feminine for my tomboyish self, which caused me to go by Sophie. I think that you should use this name on a girl if you aren't worried about its popularity, and don't be afraid to use a nickname, despite the shortness of the name.