Gender: Female Meaning of Wilhelmina: "resolute protection" Origin of Wilhelmina: German, feminine variation of Wilhelm

Wilhelmina Origin and Meaning

The name Wilhelmina is a girl's name of German origin meaning "resolute protection".

Wilhelmina was long burdened with the Old Dutch cleanser image of thick blond braids and clunky wooden clogs, but that started to be changed somewhat by the dynamic Vanessa Williams character on Ugly Betty, and even further by the choice of Wilhelmina by ace baby namers Natalie and Taylor Hanson. For the less adventurous, Willa is, for now, still a more user-friendly female equivalent of William.

Wilhelmina was a lot more commonly heard in the U.S. at one time: it was as high as Number 215 in the 1880s, but has been off the list completely since 1955.

Queen Wilhelmina reigned in the Netherlands for most of the early twentieth century, becoming a heroic figure during the two World Wars. The name got an infusion of glamour via Wilhelmina Cooper, the Dutch-born model who established the top Wilhelmina Model Agency in 1967. Wilhelmina "Willie" Scott was the name of the Kate Capshaw character in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

To enliven her image, Wilhelmina has a plethora of nicknames: Mina, Minna, Minnie, Billie, and Willa. Wilma.

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QueenieGuldbaek Says:


This works for tomboys and girly girls; Mina as a nickname for girly girls and Billie for tomboys.

NovaRaya Says:


Such a strong and classy name. Would definitely love to see it rise in popularity.

perdireinz Says:


Unless you're German. In Germany it's pronounced as "vil-hel-meena"

perdireinz Says:


Funny, because it's such a similar name to Theodora

Wilhelmina578 Says:


I love my name! It is so unique and I have never met another person with this name. I pronounce it "Wil-he-mina as that is how my namesake pronounced it. I also love the meaning, it is so me!

paulapuddephatt Says:


Starting to love this name

Molly Reese Lerner Says:


It's not silent ;) It's a German name and is pronounced "Vill-hell-mina" in German.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I don't like the full version, but the nicknames are better. I wouldn't say it was "ugly", though - think there are much worse names.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Not a fan of this name, but Mina is cute, or Billie. I guess it's okay with the right nickname.

SapphireMoon Says:


It's a pretty name.

ameliejane123 Says:


I agree, Theodora and Wilhelmina are pretty similar...

Impwood Says:


I could really like this name, but somehow the silent "hel" in the middle puts me off, as I'm quite conscious of a name's spelling when I say it. I would like Willamina.

Tamsin Says:


I really like this name, and the nicknames Billie and Mina...not so keen on Willie.

vintageisfave Says:


Helma wouldn't work as a nickname because you don't pronounce the "h" in Wilhelmina. It's pronounced "Willa-mina"

oliviamcdonald Says:


I love this gorgeous vintage name! I like Willa or Billie as nicknames.

PoppyOrangey Says:


Wilhelmina is my top pick for a girl, but it's not my husbands favorite. So, maybe a middle name? I'm not a huge fan of this spelling. Though, I'm usually the first to point out a misspelling or alternate. I think I would go with Willamina instead. I love the nicknames Willa, Mina, and Minnie and I think this alternate is acceptable and easier for a child to spell because this is how I would pronounce Wilhelmina. I just can't get past the "helm" part of the name, because it reminds me of the helm of a ship.

cyoung325 Says:


This is such a pretty name! I would love to use it on a future daughter one day with the nickname Minnie, but it's just too long with my last name. I've never met a Wilhelmina and so I find it appealing because of its uniqueness and history.

JazzieJonez Says:


Cute name. I really like Wil as a nickname or maybe even Billie

MaryKathryn Says:


I adore this name. I would probably use it as a middle name.

Scarlett Robinson Says:


My friend is named Wilhelmina, and she goes by Mina, but I think Willa is prettier.

tori101 Says:


I think Wilhelmina is an such an intriguing name, very elegant and graceful in a cool clunky way : )

Guest Says:


If only it wasn't so long. Just Willa or Willow would do for me.

Noetje Says:


I really like this name. It’s a pity here in the Netherlands it’s still way too clunky to be used on a child.

Map-DORK Says:


"I'm Wilhelmina Slatter , I don't get wet!" "you're wearing plastic"

Eva Thyssen Says:


Wilhemina is a nice and unique name. Way better than Alisyn, Madisyn, Kaydence, Isabella, Mia or Sophia (Mia and Sophia are nice, but way too common. And I just don't like Isabella).

Jenjencasey Says:


I named my daughter Wilhelmina, which has a very beautiful sound if you don't let the spelling get in the way. Say "Willamina". We call her Willa most of the time. Funny that Theodora_Phoenix thinks it an ugly name because I also really like the name Theodora for similar reasons , both names have a lovely sound and are a little unusual and old fashioned and have lots of nickname possibilities!

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Such an ugly name!

Giinkies Says:


I'll admit, when I first hear the name on "Ugly Betty" I was not near being a fan of the name. However, I think I've been on nameberry so long that I really can see the appeal of the name and would like to meet a little Wilhelmina.

lesliemarion Says:


So many nicknames! My favorite is Helma.