Unique Baby Names, Nameberry Style!

January 24, 2019 Emma Waterhouse

By Emma Waterhouse

As part of our recent 10th anniversary celebrations, we took a lingering look back across a whole decade of brilliant Babyberry birth announcements: from sweet, vintage Vera Adelaide to suave Sterling Atlas. So many incredible names!

We rounded up the most popular picks among Berry parents (only on Nameberry would the Top 10 include such underused gems as Beatrix, Elowen, Francine, Imogen and Mabel for girls, and Casper, Felix, Frederick, Hugo and Walter for boys!) and highlighted some of the decade’s hottest trends among style-savvy baby namers: like novel word, nature and virtue names; “post-gender” baby naming; and meaningful family or famous namesakes in the middle spot.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that — in a community which has produced 13 little Clementines, seven Cordelias, six Dashiells and four Peregrines — there aren’t many options out there that still feel fresh, quirky and original.

But oh, how wonderfully wrong you’d be!

We thought we’d take another look back at those beautiful Babyberry names, and this time we’ll be highlighting some of the many magnificent choices that were — quite literally — unique. All of the names listed below appeared just once, either as a first or a middle, in birth announcements posted on the site between 2008 and 2018.

Here are our Babyberry’s unique baby names, split between five particularly fertile categories:

Word and Nature Names



International Imports



Rare Vintage and Biblical Rediscoveries



Literary and Cultural Icons



Ancient and Mythological Monikers



Which is your favorite unique baby name from this list? What would you name a son or daughter using only these names?

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Emma Waterhouse

Emma Waterhouse — better known as @katinka around these parts — joined the team in 2017, writing about everything from where to find a cool vintage boy name to why some names become popular memes. As Nameberry's head moderator, she also helps to keep our active Forums community ticking. A linguist by background, Emma speaks six languages and lives in England's smallest county with her husband and three young children. You can reach her at

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