"she who brings victory"

Berenice Origin and Meaning

The name Berenice is girl's name of Greek origin meaning "she who brings victory".
A name with a surprising amount of history--it was the name of the wife of Ptolemy I of Egypt, occurs in the New Testament, and belonged to a fourth century saint. In the US, it has long been spelled and pronounced Bernice. Nicknames include Bernie, Berry, Binnie and Bunny.

Berenice Popularity

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Famous People Named Berenice

  • Berenice IIII, queens of Egypt
  • Berenice IVsister of Cleopatra VII, the last pharaoh of Egypt
  • Berenice of Cilicia1st century Queen of Judaea
  • Berenice (born Bernice) AbbottAmerican photographer
  • Berenice BejoFrench actress
  • Berenice Lim MarloheFrench actress
  • Berenice SydneyEnglish painter
  • MaéBérénice Méité, French figure skater

Berenice in Pop Culture

  • Berenice Sadie Brownblack cook with a blue glass eye, married four times, in 'The Member of the Wedding' (1946) by Carson McCullers
  • Berenicewhose brightly white teeth are drawn by Egaeus while she is in a trance, in Edgar Allan Poe's short story 'Berenice' (1840)
  • "Berenice" play by Jean Racine (1670)
  • "Berenice" opera by George Frideric Handel
  • Variation of Ancient Greek Berenikefrom the name Pherenike
  • Usual English pronunciation: bareuh,NY,see