Scandinavian from Latin Laurentius
"crowned with laurel"

Lars Origin and Meaning

The name Lars is boy's name of Scandinavian origin meaning "crowned with laurel".
Lars is a perfect candidate for a cross-cultural passport: it has been heard often enough here to sound familiar and friendly, yet retains the charisma of a charming foreigner.

In this country Lars has been particularly associated with two Danes--Metallica's Lars Ulrich and film director Lars von Trier. In the 2007 movie Lars and the Real Girl, protagonist Lars Lindstrom was played by Ryan Gosling.

Lars Popularity

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Famous People Named Lars

  • Lars UlrichDanish,American drummer for metal band Metallica
  • Lars von TrierDanish film director
  • Lars Erik Frederiksen (born Lars Everett Dapello)Danish,American guitarist/vocalist for punk band Rancid as well as Lars and The Bastards
  • Lars KrutakAmerican anthropologist
  • Lars MikkelsenDanish actor
  • Lars Onsagerwinner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  • Lars Peter Hansenwinner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics
  • Lars Porsennaan Etruscan king that fought with the Romans at one point ca. 509 BC
  • Lars Vandevenson of Tia Hellebaut & Wim Vandeven
  • Lars Gerard Gibson (b. 2017)son of American actor and filmmaker Mel Gibson

Lars in Pop Culture

  • Lars Bolencharacter in "The Thing" series
  • Lars van der Hootencharacter in the Princess Diaries
  • Owen and Beru Larscharacters in the Star Wars series
  • Larsa character in Futurama
  • Larscharacter from Steven Universe
  • Larsthe main character in The Little Polar Bear, a children's book and TV series
  • Lars Lindeseaman on the titular ship in mystery video game "Return of the Obra Dinn"