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Pansy Origin and Meaning

The name Pansy is girl's name of English origin meaning "thought".
Pansy is an early floral name that lost credibility when it became a derogatory slang term for gay people. Better these days: Posy or Poppy.

20 Names Similar to Pansy

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Famous People Named Pansy

  • Lady Pansy LambEnglish writer
  • Pansy Yu Fong WongNew Zealand politician
  • Pansy Catalina Ho (Chiuking), Macau business magnate

Pansy in Pop Culture

  • Pansy Parkinsoncharacter in the "Harry Potter" series
  • "Pansy Potter The Strongman's Daughter" comic strip in British magazine The Beano
  • Related: PensÉe
  • Pansy Osmondcharacter in Henry James's novel "The Portrait of a Lady"
  • Pansy O'Hara was the original name of "Gone with the Wind" heroine Scarlett O'Hara; Margaret Mitchell's publisher asked her to change the name just before the story went to print.