"mild, merciful"

Clement Origin and Meaning

The name Clement is boy's name of Latin origin meaning "mild, merciful".
Clement, the name of fourteen popes and several saints, has a pleasantly, positive, slightly antiquated feel, like the phrase "clement weather."

Clement C. Moore wrote the poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas," Clement Attlee was a prominent post-World War II British Prime Minister, and Clement Greenberg was the art critic who promoted Abstract Expressionism.

The hero of Thomas Hardy's The Return of the Native is Clement Yeobright, known as Clym rather than the usual Clem.

Clement Popularity

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Famous People Named Clement

  • Clement IXIV, popes
  • Clement of AlexandriaChurch Father and saint
  • Clement of Dunblane13th,century Franciscan friar
  • Clement of IrelandIrish saint
  • Clement of MetzBishop of Metz and saint in 4th century
  • Clement of OhridEastern Orthodox saint
  • Clement Richard AttleeBritish politician
  • Clement ChabernaudFrench male model
  • Clement ChangCanadian,Hong Kong film director
  • Clement ChantomeFrench footballer
  • Clement CruttwellEnglish cartographer
  • Clement FreudGerman politician, writer, and comedian
  • Clement GreenbergAmerican art critic
  • Clement Hurdillustrator of "Goodnight Moon"
  • Clement HaynsworthAmerican judge
  • Clement MarotFrench poet
  • Clement Clark MooreAmerican poet and author
  • Clement RodierFrench missionary in Algeria (namesake of the fruit)
  • Clément MignonFrench swimmer

Clement in Pop Culture

  • Sir Clement Willoughbyshady suitor in Fanny Burney's novel "Evelina"
  • "Miracle at Clement's Pond"children's book by Patricia Pendergraft
  • "clement weather"mild/sunny weather