Autumn Babyberries Are Bold and Bright!

Autumn Babyberries Are Bold and Bright!

Nameberry’s October birth announcements are a riot of color and creativity! Ten baby girls and eight boys joined the Nameberry family last month, and – as ever – we loved hearing their beautiful names and the sweet stories behind them.

There were some fantastically creative honor names chosen by the Berries in October: from Parkin (“little Peter”) to honor a line of Peters, to Livingston after mom’s maiden name, to Wells in honor of Ida B. Wells.

There is also a wealth of cool cross-cultural choices in the latest cohort, with names like Amalthea, Matilda, Cormac, Kalyan and Ruben proving that multi-lingual baby naming doesn’t have to mean sticking to simple, popular international classics.

And when it comes to middle names, our members like to go wild – literally! Three of the coolest wild nature names right now – Fox, Bear and Wolf(gang) – all made an appearance in our October birth announcements.

Without further ado, here are all of the baby names chosen by Nameberry members in October.

Girl Names

Adelaide Hope, sister to Katherine Rose, Penelope Claire, Charlotte Joy and Josephine Grace

“Thank you to all the people who helped my pick her name! We’ve decided on Addie for a nickname.”

Amalthea Katrin, sister to Nicodemus

“Ultimately we went with Katrin for her middle name, we just think it’s so sweet sounding and it honors three separate women in our families with Katherine-related names, each one of them so kind and wonderful people.”

Dorothy AnnDot”, sister to Eleanor Marie and Matilda Ivy

“Thank you to this community for the thoughtful feedback in helping us name our baby girl!”

Elowen Maeve, sister to Caelyn Lace

“She already has multiple nicknames. The main ones being Ellie / Ellie Bee and Mavis.”

Emma Livingston

Livingston was my maiden name and it is a tradition in DH’s family to use the mother’s maiden name as a middle for the first child. I was a bit on the fence, since it didn’t seem like a middle name to me at first, but in the end it’s grown on me and I can’t imagine this little girl named anything different.”

Magdalen Gianna, sister to Paul, Clare, Mark, Katharine, James, Andrew, Gabriel and Thomas

“The nicknames Maggie and Mags helped sell my husband on the name but so far he’s been using her full name a lot too. It’s just so pretty.”

Matilda Wilhelmina Emilia, sister to Elisabet Susanna Helena

“I came on this site to get help with baby names as I felt stuck because the name had to work in both Finnish and English and it didn’t take long for someone to suggest a name that neither I nor my husband had even thought about and quickly ended up falling in love with it.”

Sienna Jane

“I can’t wait for her to meet her furry brother, Benny. Thank you to everyone on here who contributed to her name, we love it and it fits her perfectly!”

Prudence Hannah

“So happy you are here, baby Prue!”

Tatum Rebecca, sister to Arden Renee

“Dad is excited for another daughter, Arden is aloof and mom is tired!”

Boy Names

Callum Parkin Fox

“His middle name is after my husband, my father in law and my grandfather in law, three extraordinary men, all named Peter. Parkin means “Little Peter” and we thought it a very sweet way to honor the tradition while giving him his own name.”

Cormac Bear, brother to Ciaran Tadhg

“We are all so in love!”

Everett Jude

“We chose Everett because of the strong meaning (brave as wild boar), and Jude to honor my Grandma Judy.”

Frederick Arthur David James

“We loved the name Frederick for years, especially for the fact there were so many nicknames he can choose. His three middles names are after his two grandads and his great-grandad.”

Kalyan Ambrose

My husband is Indian so we wanted to choose an Indian name. I’ve always liked the name Kal because of one of my favourite books, East of Eden by John Steinbeck. I also like the Indian actor Kal Penn (Kalpen Modi).”

Nicholas Dean, brother to Hannah

“As we went in, we still had not chosen between Nicholas and Samuel; we really couldn’t decide. However, when we met him, we looked at each other and went ‘that’s a Nick’.”

Oskar Karl Wolfgang, brother to Konrad Wolfgang, Louisa Marie and Hugo Wolfgang

Karl is after my brother-in-law and my six year old pleaded with us to include Wolfgang in his name because he LOVES his middle name (it’s a family name) and believes all the boys in our family should share it!”

Ruben Wells, brother to Ariela

“I loved the repeated R sounds in his name and his sister’s name. I loved the nickname Rue that pairs well with Ari, and the old man sound to the name in English and the sharpness in Spanish. We chose the middle name Wells after my hero Ida B. Wells who we hope will be an inspiration for him.”

Our warmest congratulations to all the proud new parents!

If you’d like your child’s name to be featured in one of our Babyberry roundups, you can post about the name you chose and the story behind it on our Birth Announcements forum. We love hearing about the wonderful names our members and visitors are using.

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