Gender: Female Meaning of Emilia: "rival" Origin of Emilia: Feminine variation of Emil, Latin Emilia's Popularity in 2019: #42

Emilia Origin and Meaning

The name Emilia is a girl's name of Spanish, Italian, Hungarian origin meaning "rival".

Emilia is the feminine form of the Roman clan name Aemilius, which derived from the Latin aemulus, meaning “rival.” In Shakespeare’s Othello, Emilia is the wife of Iago and confidante of Desdemona. Amelia, although homonymous, has a different root and meaning.

Emilia is rising as an Emily/Amelia alternative. In modern pop culture, Emilia is the name of the main character in The Princess Diaries and the first name of Game of Thrones and Solo star Emilia Clarke.

Emilia is currently enjoying high popularity across some diverse cultures—it's near the top of the charts in Iceland, Finland, Austria, Poland and Chile.

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Rank in US: #42

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Isabella_188 Says:


I love this name, and prefer it over Amelia! I think it can suit any girl of any age! It's sad that it's getting so popular... But, the bright side is that this name has a variety of nicknames, so any girls out there can rock this name! My personal favorite nickname has to be Mia.

fearlessfirefly Says:


This is my cousin's name and she says it just like that.

Adeline D Says:


I pronounce this name like Emma-Leah! I absolutely love it just not pronounced Amelia!!

octaviakomskaikru Says:


I can't get over the "Emil" at the front. Makes the name too masculine for me.

seminole Says:


This is one of my favorites despite its increasing popularity. I've always loved Amelia but prefer this spelling because of a personal connection to the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna.

RoseGoldHeart Says:


Hate it. I have a RIVAL called Emilia, so it is completely ruined for me. Besides, I just don't like it anyways.

Jaquelenne Haines Says:


Her name in The Princess Diaries is Amelia. You have her listed on the Amelia page, can you remove this info from the Emilia page please?

kellantryst Says:


I say it eh-mil-lia.

Emilka Jońca Says:


This is my name and in poland we pronounce it E-Mi-lia.

nealbost Says:


"Mia" in The Princess Diaries is a nickname for "Amelia".

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


Most people pronounce this name the same as Amelia, but traditionally it is pronounced with an Em sound, like Emily or Emma.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Thank you. 😃

Becca Says:


Yes, just like "Amelia."

paulapuddephatt Says:


I like Emily and Amelia, but this name confuses me. A lot of people seem to pronounce it exactly the same way as Amelia. Is this correct? Or should the name be pronounced with an Em sound at the start?

Cashaz85 Says:


It's pronunciation is actually closer to Eh-Mill-Ee-Ah - my husband is Spanish and this is how his family pronounces it... being from latin decent, it sounds so beautiful when it roles off the tongue (and when my Hubby and his family say the name, it sounds even better) :)

lissrose30 Says:



TheSlothPrincess Says:


Very pretty, I like this much better than Amelia. The spelling is nicer, and there is a slight difference in pronunciation. I'm sure someone named this would constantly have to spell it out for others, but a lot of us with typically spelled names have to spell out our last names anyway.

marilanna Says:


The description is incorrect by the way -- "Mia" of the Princess Diaries is short for Amelia. Says:


Actually, a better more accurate meaning of the name Emilia is to strive/ to excel / hard -working. I am surprised to see a website as big as this one to leave out the positive meaning of a name and just put such negative connotation. It shows how unreliable this website is. The meaning of a name is the essence of it. I wonder how other names are defined in this website. Quite disappointed indeed.

headintheclouds Says:


I was skeptical of Emilia at first- it seemed to be too much of a variant of a popular A- or E- syllable girl name, along the likes of Emmylina, Emmelia and so on (I really dislike this category of names). I've always thought it was an Amelia variant until I found out it was its own separate name. The look and sound of Emilia- more down-to-earth-seeming than Amelia, more elegant than the homespun Emily- really drew me in, and now I really like it. It's already starting to increase in popularity and I can only see it going up from here, thanks to Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke.

ashbee Says:


This is my favorite name, but I'm pretty sure it will become a top 50 name with the popularity of Game of Thrones and actress Emilia Clarke. :( It will attract all of the people looking for the next Emily and Amelia, too.

EmChristopher Says:


Love this gorgeous name. I definitely prefer this spelling over Amelia.

yvonne_virginia Says:


I love this! I wish it wasn't growing in popularity so much... :-(

smithe Says:


It's growing on me.

EMI Says:


This is my name and I pronounce it ee-MIL-yah.

Bridget Says:


According to other websites in addition to rival it also means to strive or to excel

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


I only like this name if pronounced EM-I-LEE-A not like Amelia, then its not my favorite.

Guest Says:



or it can be emILia too I suppose but I normally hear it the first way

faithnamer Says:


Is this pronounced like em-il-ia, or em-eel-ia?

sophiesilly Says:


I really like this name, but I don't like the meaning too much. I love the names Amelia and Emily, so I find this is a more uncommon medium. I wish it meant something other than "rival."

Miranda082 Says:


I like this version more than Amelia. Amelia feels a little to overdone for me and Emilia basically being the same name changes the game.

isa Says:


this is my favorite name :)