Gender: Female Meaning of Ida: "industrious one" Origin of Ida: German

Ida Origin and Meaning

The name Ida is a girl's name of German origin meaning "industrious one".

Many vowel names stylish a century ago are coming back, and Ida seems like a possible, logical successor to Ada and Ava.

A century ago, Ida was considered "sweet as apple cider," and was Number 10 on the hit parade of names. Its popularity then was inspired by a Tennyson poem, of which the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta Princess Ida, was a "respectful operatic perversion."

Ida hasn't been in the Top 1000 since the 1980s, but we do see it as slated to rise again. It is hugely popular right now in Scandinavia—Number 3 in Denmark, Number 10 in Norway, and Number 43 in Sweden, where it's pronounced EE-da.

Ida appears in Greek and Hindu mythology; Mount Ida, on Crete, is considered the birthplace of the god Zeus.The British-born actress-director Ida Lupino has been its most well known bearer in the US.

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Famous People Named Ida

Pop Culture References for the name Ida

Idarine, Idelfia, Idah, Idelle, Idaia, Idaly, Eida, Idalis, Idell, Idaline, Idaleen, Idalyne, Idania, Idamae, Idarina, Idette,

Ida's International Variations

Iduska (Czech) Idalia, Aida (Italian) Ita (Yiddish) Ide (French) Itka (Polish)


ivy194 Says:


Hm, I kind of like this...

josephinedagnall Says:


I absolutely love this name! I can't quite get behind Ada due to its similarity to mega-popular Ava, but Ida is beautiful without being too widely-used!

Miriam2468 Says:


I actually really love this name, as it has meaning for me.

Ivy Says:


"Itka" is NOT the polish version of name Ida, but a weird, phonetic spelling of diminutive, non-formal form of the name which is just spelled "Ida" or "Idka", if you want to use diminutive (although the name sounds as if it's shortened in it's base form, so diminutive is mostly reserved for small children)

Daiseymae Says:


I like it as "eye-duh".

Rhapsodise Says:


I'm Swedish and pronounce my name Ee-duh, which is the most common pronunciation in all the Scandinavian countries. Actually, I haven't had my name mispronounced even once and I haven't met any Ida who pronounce it Eye-duh.

The name is derived from the Ancient Germanic word "id", meaning "work", "labor" or "industrious", alternatively related to the goddess of youth, Idun, from Norse mythology... in both cases the "i" would be pronounced as "ee", not "eye". The "eye" pronunciation is, in my opinion, most likely to be an anglicisation/americanisation.

Myosotis Says:


Eiderdown (eye-der-down) is a type of quilt, but I'd be a little surprised if kids would even know the word, let alone tease her for it. Personally I prefer the EE-duh pronunciation, but I think Eye-duh works just as well.

Jenna Kelly Says:


I really like the name Ida, however I am being told not to go with it for our little girl as it's a bit harsh sounding and something about a duvet that she will be teased at school?

Mefista Says:


Among pop-culture ones,there should be mentioned Ida from Zaido.Although that one is a guy)

mill1020 Says:


Name crush of the moment. I recently had a dream that I had two more little girls--Ida and Rose.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I would say it the same way as you.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Love this

maibritt Says:


I guess it is Ee-duh in Germany and most Scandinavian countries. But I think you can use both pronunciations in the US.

AriellaBar Says:


This name has really grown on me. It's short, sweet, and sturdy. I like both pronunciations but favor the EE-duh one a bit more.

eiselekatja Says:


My family and I had an exchange student from Denmark and she pronounced her name eye-duh! But I have seen people pronounce it ee-duh! I definitely prefer the eye-duh pronunciation!

Essa Says:


Eye-duh or Ee-duh? That's the question! I prefer Eye-duh and that's how I always thought it was pronounced but I've heard people also saying it as Ee-duh. It seems to depend on where you're from.

lesliemarion Says:


What a strong name, old-fashioned and plucky, yet with that Ida Lupino grit.