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Gender: F Meaning of Prudence: "caution" Origin of Prudence: Virtue name

Prudence, like Hope and Faith, is a Puritan virtue name with a quiet charm and sensitivity that is slowly returning to favor, though it hasn't yet registered on the charts.

The White Album Beatles song Dear Prudence was written for Prudence Farrow, sister of Mia, who was with them in India when studying with the Marahishi Mahesh Yogi, seeking enlightenment.

One notable historic bearer is Prudence Crandall, a 19th century Quaker schoolteacher who stirred controversy by admitting an African-American student. In pop culture, Prudence Halliwell was one of the three witches on Charmed, sister to Piper and Phoebe.

Asset: Sweet nickname Pru/Prue.

Famous People Named Prudence

Prudence Anne Villiers Farrow Bruns, author and sister of Mia Farrow
Prudence Liew (Mei-Gwan), Hong Kong pop singer
Prudence Crandall, American Quaker schoolteacher and civil rights pioneer
Prudence Ann McIntyre, American singer of duo Prudence & Patience, with sister Patience Ann McIntyre
Prudence Heward, Canadian painter
Prudence Johnson, American jazz singer

Pop Culture References for the name Prudence

Prudence Everett, character on TV show "Nanny and the Professor"
Prudence Alessandra Maccon Akeldama, character in Gail Carriger's "Timeless" and now the title character of Gail Carriger's Custard Protocol series. Nickname "Rue"
Prudence Melinda Halliwell, Piper and Leo's daughter on TV's "Charmed"
Prudence "Prue" Halliwell, character on TV's Charmed
Prudence, character in the movie "Across the Universe"
Prudence, girl in book series "Once Upon a Potty"
Prudence Macintyre, character in TV movies "Dear Prudence" and "Perfectly Prudence"
Prudence "Tuppence" Crowley Beresford from Agatha Christie's "Tommy and Tuppence" mystery/spy novels and movies
Prudence Standish, character on TV soap "Passions"
"Prudence and the Pill," 1968 movie
"Dear Prudence," song by the Beatles, famously covered by Siouxsie Sioux
Dear Prudence, long-running advice column
Prudence a character in "One Bug Happy"
Prudence in Disney's "Cinderella II: Dreams Come True"
Prudence Rutherford, character in Nancy Drew computer games
Prudence, a pretty girl with no sense of humor in the "St Clare" book series by Enid Blyton

Prudentia, Prudi, Pru, Pruie, Prudie, Prudy

Prudence's International Variations

Prudencia (Spanish) Prew, Prudenzia, Prudentiane, Prewdence, Prue (French)