Gender: Female Meaning of Prudence: "caution" Origin of Prudence: Virtue name

Prudence Origin and Meaning

The name Prudence is a girl's name meaning "caution".

Prudence, like Hope and Faith, is a Puritan virtue name with a quiet charm and sensitivity that is slowly returning to favor, though it hasn't yet registered on the charts.

The White Album Beatles song Dear Prudence was written for Prudence Farrow, sister of Mia, who was with them in India when studying with the Marahishi Mahesh Yogi, seeking enlightenment.

One notable historic bearer is Prudence Crandall, a 19th century Quaker schoolteacher who stirred controversy by admitting an African-American student. In pop culture, Prudence Halliwell was one of the three witches on Charmed, sister to Piper and Phoebe.

Asset: Sweet nickname Pru/Prue.

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Famous People Named Prudence

Pop Culture References for the name Prudence

Prudentia, Prudi, Pru, Pruie, Prudie, Prudy

Prudence's International Variations

Prudencia (Spanish) Prew, Prudenzia, Prudentiane, Prewdence, Prue (French)


HalloweenGirl04 Says:


I love this satay confident girls name. Prudence is definitely one of my favourite girls names. My best friend named her daughter Prudence Cindy. Beautiful name.

GenEric Says:


I think this is a very pretty name.

Prudence Ramirez Says:


I also am a Prudence, and I as well as a child did not like having a name as rare as this one is. However as a teenager and then adult you learn to like then Love having a such a Wonderfully unique name. I now as a mother loved being able use the excuse: How can you expect a " Prudence " to have a child with a common name such as Robert, Joe, or Sarah? I was able to use this very same excuse for all three of my children to gain the upper hand in choosing a unique name for our baby. After all in growing up and to this very day any time my name is called I am the only one that answers!

Carolinekalmes Says:


it kind of surprises me how well liked this name is. I think when you associate it with something cultural (tv show / song) it can be seen in a different light. I never saw the show with this name or have listened to dear prudence, so for me I hear this name and envision prunes + puritans + prudes.

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


Whenever I think of Prudence I think of a stick up girl who thinks very highly of herself, also I think of prunes. But if you like this name hey that's fine with me!

Wittyusername103 Says:


If it makes future parents feel better I knew a girl only a year younger than me with this name. She had the nickname Prue - I remember her being a nice girl. She didn't get any rude jokes about her name either.

erin Says:


My baby girl is going to be named Prudence , my dad used to sing me the song when I was a baby and I had this picked out since i was 12. thought it would be really sweet to have her grandpa sing her that song too

paulapuddephatt Says:


Love this name so much

Daiseymae Says:


I agree that it is ugly.

Prudence Clemm Says:


Please, explain to me what makes a name feminine and why.

Prudence Clemm Says:


I go by Prudence online. It's not my favorite name, but it's something I've always felt like it was supposed to be my name. I feel like a Prudence. The same goes with the name Iris.

66letters Says:


My husband loved the name Prudence as a Beatles fan. I had a really hard time warming up to it until he suggested a nn Rudi (or Rudy) for a girl. He ended up falling out of love with the name before our daughter was born, but Rudi seems like such a fun and spunky name for a little girl. I'm not sure how well it would work as an adult though, maybe switch to nn Pru then?

Yessica Says:


What a prude
May I suggest Cadence?

abertawe Says:


It's a name site... people have opinions.

Szokusia Says:


I was looking for names from around the 17th century (for a class simulation) and this was perfect!!! (・w・)

Szokusia Says:


hey my middle name is prudence do you have a problem about a name that's not even yours? >:(

kertheshe Says:


I hate prunes... And prudes...

PrudenceA Says:


I am a Prudence/Prue and never liked my name as a child. It often attracted comments from adults like "why would anyone call their daughter that" - in front of me, yet I never had any issues from other children over it, maybe the occasional 'Poo' comment which never bothered me. That was in the 70s and I think with today's diversity in names people have evolved somewhat. Now, I love my name and wear it with pride, especially Prudence. Children are far more open minded and less critical of names than adults who seem to feel it's perfectly acceptable to openly criticise something out of s child's control.

Marcella Weiß Says:


I think this is my least favorite virtue name.

Zelliew Says:


I fear naming a daughter Prudence could back fire - She may be flighty & carefree & that would prove ironic

Tina_and_Bert Says:


Prudence doesn't mean cautiousness, necessarily. It means the wisdom or right judgment to choose the best action in tough situations. So, actually, a very worthwhile and praiseworthy sort of virtue.

Saffron_Rice Says:


makes a good twin sibset - Patience and Prudence

LcLauver Says:


Prudence is a great name--"Prude" does come to mind, so that is unfortunate--but "Pru" is so sweet!

JazzieJonez Says:


What made like the name a lot was the Beatles song "Dear Prudence". It's such a cute and sweet sounding name. Like it belongs to right person. My boyfriend and I are huge Beatles fans so I know we on the same page. This is probably the only name we can actually agree on ^-^

amberdaydream Says:


Pru is a cute nickname but I don't really understand why you'd name a kid something that means 'cautiousness'. Cautiousness is good, but it's not on the same level as Verity, Charity, Mercy, Grace, etc.

EvaThyssen Says:


This name has something special. I like it.

Guest Says:


I'm not really into this name because it reminds me of prunes but I love the song "Dear Prudence" by the Beatles so that levels it out for me.

Guest Says:


well dang. I could say the same for Mildred.

gracexx Says:


Ugly unfeminine Name

jasminegarden Says:


I am so set on naming my first daughter this when I have children, I love it! I love that it's a virtue name and the nickname Prue is adorable. Charmed is one of my favourite shows so all the Halliwell sisters' names are on my list but I'm certain it's Prudence I will use; it has an offbeat beauty to it that some other names don't have, as it also feels sophisticated. My future husband will have to do A LOT of persuading to try to win me round to not using this name. So glad it's girl's name of the day!

SunKissedChild Says:


This is my latest name crush! I wish I was brave enough to use it, but DH would never agree :(

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I always think of the word 'prude' when I see this name. Not something very pleasant.

SparkleNinja18 Says:


My first memory of this name was in a book. It was the form of a diary about a girl named Prudence who was occasionally called Pru. She spent the majority of the first few chapters asking who would name their daughter something as horrible as Prudence and complaining about how much she hated her name. I can't get over that...

orphanedhanyou Says:


Can't get past my first memory of this name during potty training...knew a Lil girl with this name, wasn't horrible in real life but always felt like you were correcting her (maybe cause we were a lot lol)

prefer Providence

raevynstar Says:


This is a great one. :)