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Gender: F Meaning of Magdalen: "woman from Magdala or high tower" Origin of Magdalen: English

Biblical name long associated with the fallen-yet-redeemed Mary Magdalen, now rising improbably into the ranks of the fashionable among parents hungry for classic yet distinctive girls' names. The Magdalene and Magdalena versions are perhaps even more stylish. Can be shortened to Maggie or Magda but the full version is prettiest. One of our new favorites!

Madeleine and its variations is a form of Magdalen. The meaning of both names sometimes varies as place name Magdala is Aramaic for "high tower," so that may be considered an alternate meaning.

Famous People Named Magdalen

Magdalen Carnegie, wife of Scottish soldier-poet the Marquess of Montrose
Magdalen Redman, American female baseball player
Magdalen King-Hall, English novelist, journalist, and children's fiction writer

Pop Culture References for the name Magdalen

Magdalen College, University of Oxford
Magdalen Vanstone, MC in the novel "No-Name" by Wilkie Collins

Magdalen's International Variations

Magdala, Magdalen, Magdalaine, Magdaleine (French) Magdalena, Magda (Czech) Maddalena (Italian) Malene, Magdalone (Danish) Magdolina (Hungarian) Madzia (Polish)