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Gender: Female Meaning of Rebecca: "servant of God" Origin of Rebecca: Hebrew Rebecca's Popularity in 2017: #216

The name Rebecca is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "servant of God". Rebecca is ranked #216 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Bible Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like "Olivia and Ian: A Brother - Sister Name Chain".

From the experts:

Rebecca is a name representing beauty in the Bible, an Old Testament classic that reached the heights of revived popularity in the seventies but is still a pretty and prudent choice. Rebecca remains one of the top girls' names starting with R. The biblical Rebecca was the wife of Isaac and the mother of Esau and Jacob. Rebekah was a common spelling of the name in the Bible.

The Becca short form is more stylish now than homespun Becky. Nickname Becky is a staple in such classics as A Little Princess, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Vanity Fair, while the full form features in the eponymous Daphne du Maurier novel, in Ivanhoe, and in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

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Famous People Named Rebecca

Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sundsröm, Swedish actress
Rebecca Alie Romijn, American actress and model
Rebecca Skloot, American writer
Rebecca Sophia Clarke, American children's author
Rebecca Clarke, English composer
Rebecca West (born Cicely Isabel Fairfield), English author
Rebecca Jane De Mornay, American actress
Rebecca Miller, American film director
Rebecca Minkoff, American fashion designer
Rebecca Gayheart, American actress
Rebecca Lynn "Becky" Hammon, American basketball player
Rebecca Renee Black, American pop singer
Rebecca Quin aka Becky Lynch, Irish pro wrestler
Rebecca Melise "Becca" Tobin, American actress and singer
Rebecca Emily "Becca" Hollcraft, American singer of band Stars in Stereo
Rebecca Lynn "Becca" Bradley, American Christian singer
Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong aka Becca, Ghanaian singer
Rebecca "Becky" Rosso, English actress; twin sister Milly Rosso
Rebecca Adlington OBE, Olympic medal winning swimmer
Rebecca Field, American actress
Rebecca June "Bec" Cartwright, Australian actress
Rebecca Byler, ex-Amish woman (reality show "Breaking Amish")
Rebecca Krohn, American ballerina
Rebecca St. James, Australian Christian singer
Rebecca Marino, Canadian tennis player
Rebecca Hall, English-American actress
Rebecca Rittenhouse, American actress
Rebecca Claire "Becky" Hill, English pop singer
Rebecca "Becky" Downie, British gymnast
Rebecca Treston aka Becky Bayless, American professional wrestler
Rebecca Elizabeth "Becky" Sauerbrunn, American soccer player
Rebecca Ann "Becca" Moros, American soccer player
Rebecca "Becky" Edwards, American soccer player
Rebecca Welles Manning, daughter of Rita Hayworth & Orson Welles
Rebecca Quinn, Canadian soccer player
Rebecca Gergalo, Finnish rhythmic gymnast
Rebecca Shoichet, Canadian actress

Pop Culture References for the name Rebecca

Rebecca de Winter, character in "Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier
Rebecca Rowena Randall, character in "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," by Kate Douglas Wiggins
Rebecca "Bex" Baxter, character in "Gallagher Girls" by Ally Carter
Rebecca Louise Chadwick, character in "The Mother-Daughter Book Club"
Rebecca Howe, character on TV's "Cheers"
Rebecca Rubin, American Girl doll
Rebecca Chambers, character in "Resident Evil"
Rebecca Crane, character in "Assassin's Creed"
Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis, Jesse's wife on TV's "Full House"
Rebecca "Becky" Bloomwood, character in "Confessions of a Shopaholic"
Rebecca "Becky" Connor-Healy, character on "Roseanne"
Rebecca "Bex" Mack, character on Disney's Andi Mack
Rebecca Cotswolds, character on South Park
Rebecca Sutter, character on "How to Get Away with Murder"
Rebecca, character in "Ivanhoe" by Sir Walter Scott
Rebecca "Beca" Mitchell, main character in "Pitch Perfect"
Rebecca "Newt" Jorden, character in the movie "Aliens"
Rebecca Granger, character on TV's "Recovery Road"
Rebecca Bunch, lead character on TV's "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"
Rebecca "Becky" Barnes, character in the movie "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"
Rebecca, character in the movie "Lights Out"
"Rebecca Lynn," song by Bryan White
"Rebecca Came Back from Mecca," 1921 pop song
"Rebecca," song by Tesla Boy
Rebecca, Japanese pop band

Bekki, Becka, Becca, Beck, Becky, Reeba, Becki, Riva, Rivah, Beckey, Rebeckah, Beckie, Beckee, Bekka, Rebekkah, Ribecca, Riba, Ree, Bekkie, Reba

Rebecca's International Variations

Rebecka (Nordic) Rebekka, Rebekah (German) Rive, Revkah, Revka (Israeli) Réba, Rébecca (French) Revekka (Russian) Reveka (Greek) Rebeca (Spanish) Reveca (Romanian) Rifka (Yiddish) Rebeka (Hungarian)


MargotBear Says:


I used to, then I met one of my best friends, Rebecca! She’s so completely the opposite of a square!

ericakatherine Says:


it's a gorgeous name but it's blocky for me. Plus the nickname 'becky' is like the stereotypical name for white girls meaning it's kind of comical.

foreverharriet Says:


I've recently come back to Rebecca... it is such a beautiful, classic name

MouseFire Says:


Rebecca is my name and I love it! Beautiful with many nicknames, common enough that people know how to spell it, not so common that it's a problem. Ans the nickname possibilities are endless! My favorite nickname is Rebeccles, but there's also Beccles, Becca, Beckie, Rebeccie, Rex, Rebby, Bex, Recca and who knows how many more.

aquadoll Says:


I'm a Rebecca and I really like my name, but I never get called the full version; it's either Bex, Becky or Becca. I don't mind this as I like Bex, but if you use this, it's unlikely to never get shortened.

Fluffykitten101 Says:


One of my most hated names. To me it just looks really plain and visually unappealing. That's my opinion though, as the only Rebecca's I've met have been just as nasty as their names. I have yet to meet an un-spiteful Rebecca.

bordercollie Says:


My name is Rebecca, and there are times when I hate it, but sometimes, I actually really like my name. It's pretty easy to spell, I've never had anyone mess up the spelling, but it is quite common. Pretty much everyone just calls me Rebecca, some members of my family call me Becky, and there are a nice variety of nicknames to choose from with Rebecca.

Daiseymae Says:


You should be, because it is very pretty.

Daiseymae Says:


I would never go with a nickname for Rebecca. I would just use Rebecca, because it sounds the prettiest.

Nutmeg73 Says:


My grandmother was Rebecca with the nickname Rea, which I think was forward thinking of her parents considering my grandmother was born in 1912.

Cleora12345 Says:


Rebecca is such a strong name, with a beautiful sound to it. It works both for little girls and grown woman, and has a certain poise to it.

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


I really like the name Rebecca. I think it is timeless and classic and never gets old.

TheSlothPrincess Says:


Rebecca is a beautiful, classic name to me. I like Becca as a nickname and I think it suits a wide range of personalities.

headintheclouds Says:


Rebecca is a lovely classic name, and I would say is one of my favorite girl biblical names. I only like it in full though- Becky sounds obnoxious to me, and Becca too chirpy and cheerful. I don't mind the nickname Reb so much though- it retains some of the regal feel of Rebecca IMO, compared than the other options.

eveyalecia Says:


Rebby is cute!

Purplegirl Says:


My Name is Rebecca, I don't think I've ever really liked it. My mum wanted to call me Jessica which I think I would have prefered but Dad was pretty set on Rebecca. I grew up when Rebecca was a pretty popular name, there was 5 Becs at my previous job, and I ended up being called by my last name. I absolutly hate the Becky, Becca is ok. If it wasn't so werid to get people to call me something else, I'd probably change it.

Becca Says:


I'm not sure why the meaning here is "servant of God", when elsewhere the name is said to mean "ensnared", or "bound"; it is said that the Rebekah in the Bible was "fair to look upon" (BibleGateway), and hence implies a "captivating" like beauty. BibleGateway also indicates that the name relates to the entrapment of animals.

snowsbeloved Says:


Just sounds so plain and bleh to me. I think of a drab brown color, similar to how I feel about Ruth/Ruthy...too much homespun. I feel like this is the new "plain Jane".

flyingsquirrel26 Says:


This is my name and I love it. I just came across the nickname Rebby... I have to admit I am a little upset my parents didn't think of this nn for me. I think Rebby is creative and adds some freshness to the Rebecca nickname pool.

beeba Says:


This is my name and I do like it very much. My only complaint is that the spelling is almost always butchered.

vintageisfave Says:


I love the name Rebecca. I have a friend who's name is Rebecca, and her nickname is Ro. She hates to be called Becky, Bec, and especially Becca.

Magcon4Life Says:


My name is Rebecca and I am proud of it

sullbeck Says:


my names Rebecca and I think it's fine Because everyone can pronounce it and it come on stuff but there's ALot of nn Bec, beck, Bec, becky, Beckie, Bex and people find it difficult to either call me bec or Rebecca. honestly I don't really like it I'm not into tradition names.

amberdaydream Says:


I like Rebecca, but I don't like any of the nicknames. I guess it could be a middle name; never heard of anyone nicknaming a middle name.

anyagreenwich Says:


Rebecca is a name used often in tight-knit religious communities like mennonite and Amish. That is why it has a "square" image. If you do happen to be looking for a biblical name, try the more trendy Ruth or the sweeter, more popular Rachel, with this spelling; Rachael. You could also spell Rebecca as Rebekkah, to emphasize its eastern roots.

Um, I knew a friend of a childhood friend who was called Binki. And her name was.... Rebecca Binkley. Go figure!

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I don't know why but I picture someone with this name as a bit of a square :/

mill1020 Says:


Kind of into this name lately.

Leah3456 Says:


Love this name.

ldougie Says:


Classic and with a nice meaning. Unfortunately I hate classic names.

unicornluvgirl Says:



sarahdoodle Says:


The Rebecca I know goes by "bebop" as a pet name, so "binki" probably isn't that far of a stretch!

Guest Says:


For some unexplainable reason I keep thinking I'd call a Rebecca "Binki" as a nickname ahahahahaha. I have no idea why