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Gender: M Pronunciation: ti-gue Meaning of Tadhg: "poet" Origin of Tadhg: Irish

Tadhg, a popular name in Ireland today, was the name of the mythical Finn McCool's grandfather and also of an eleventh century King of Connacht. While the Anglicization Teague leads to a lot of confusion about the already confusing pronunciation, the correct way is as the first syllable in tiger, not to rhyme with league.

Famous People Named Tadhg

(Joseph) Tadhg Kelly (b. 1988), American actor
Tadhg Ó Neachtain (1670-1749), Irish poet and scribe
Tadhg John Foden (b. 2015) son of Ben Foden and Una Healy
Tadhg De Búrca,Irish GAA Waterford Hurler

Pop Culture References for the name Tadhg