Wild Nature Names

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by Sophie Kihm

Wild nature names are the untamed names of the nature name category, conjuring up images of mountain ranges, fields of wildflowers, and wild animals with names such as Everest, Poppy, and Fox.

Along with Fox and Poppy, other wild nature names in the US Top 1000 include Aspen, Blaze, Ember, Ivy, Meadow, Onyx, River, and Sky. Among the up-and-coming wild nature names that might appeal are Marigold, Oak, Prairie, and Wolf.

A wild nature name could be just right for a free-spirited, independent wild child. If you’re inspired by the vast, undomesticated elements of nature, these wild nature names are worth considering.

  • Aspen

    Aspen is part of two groups of stylish and unique baby names: nature names and place-names. The name of a graceful tree in the poplar... Read More 

  • Bamboo

    Bamboo is a plant name that you might want to save for the zoo's name-the-panda contest. It was used for a starbaby in 2000, though, the rapper Big Boi.Read More 

  • Banyan

    This evocative name of a dramatic tropical Indian fig tree is ready to move west. Read More 

  • Bear

    Bear has suddenly lumbered onto the baby name landscape. Perhaps inspired by British adventurer Bear Grylls (born Edward Michael), first celebrity chef Jamie Oliver used it as the middle name for... Read More 

  • Blaze

    Originally a form of the saint's name Blaise, though now more likely to be a hot word name used for both sexes, though heavily weighted toward the boys. It has been in the boys' Top 1000 since the... Read More 

  • Bloom

    A fragrant floral name that would be great as a middle name.Read More 

  • Boulder

    A tough and rugged nature name.Read More 

  • Briar

    Fairy-tale memories of Sleeping Beauty inspire some parents—such as Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen—to call their daughters Briar Rose. But Briar plus a different middle name might... Read More 

  • Canyon

    Canyon is a unique baby name evocative of natural splendor and the old Steve Canyon comic-strip heroism, making it an intriguing new... Read More 

  • Cascade

    It's a nature name evocative of rushing waterfalls. But also a dishwashing detergent. Read More 

  • Cedar

    Cedar is, like Ash, Oak, Pine and Ebony, one of the new tree/wood names that parents are starting to consider; this one is particularly aromatic.

    In the Bible the cedar is mentioned in... Read More 

  • Clover

    Clover is a charming, perky choice if you want to move beyond hothouse blooms like Rose and Lily, and it's recently become a new celeb favorite, chosen by both Neal McDonough and Natasha Gregson... Read More 

  • Cobalt

    Even among the range of blue names on the current baby naming palette -- Blue itself, Azure, Cerulean, Teal, Aqua, Cyan, Indigo -- Cobalt remains the most unusual, not to mention the most masculine.Read More 

  • Comet

    This cosmological name has a zippy feel that might work well for the galactic parent looking for the perfect name for their own little star.Read More 

  • Coral

    First used during the Victorian craze for jewel names; it could rise again, along with Ruby and Pearl, though it doesn't have as much luster. Read More 

  • Cove

    Cove is a new word name possibility with a safe, protected feel. Cove is not quite as unique as you may think, used for over 50 baby boys in the US last year (and ten baby girls). But it's a... Read More 

  • Daisy

    Daisy, fresh, wholesome, and energetic, is one of the flower names that burst back into bloom after a century's hibernation. Daisy is now second only to Delilah among most popular Read More 

  • Dandelion

    The bright yellow weed lends itself to a creative baby name, although we don't recommend the nickname Dandy.Read More 

  • Dove

    One of the new bird names, like Lark and Wren, this one's associated with the billing and cooing sounds of love. Soft and gentle, Dove also has the admirable association with peace. ... Read More 

  • Dune

    Sibling of Beach and Ocean. Read More 

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