July Babyberries Arrive in Style!

July Babyberries Arrive in Style!

The old and the new combine in the beautiful baby names chosen by our members in July!

From sleek modern monikers like Arden and Phoenix to sweet vintage nicknames like Teddy and Nell, the Berries’ impeccable sense of style spans the decades.

Two names appeared twice in our July birth announcements: Beatrice and Theodore. Both stylish classics with wonderful meanings which have been rising steadily up the popularity charts in recent years.

There were also plenty of more unusual names chosen last month, especially in the middle slot. We love seeing intriguing options like Lilac, Indi and Wycliffe get some attention!

Without further ado, here are all the fantastic new baby names announced on Nameberry in July. Congratulations to all the proud parents!

Girl Names

Arden Beatrice, sister to Holland Caroline

“Our second daughter arrived safely and welcomed with full hearts and endless joy!”

Beatrice Cecily Lilac, sister to Marguerite Rosamund Alice

Baby Bea shares her first two initials with the rest of my immediate family. Lilac reminds us of Mackinac Island, where my husband and I were married. When she was born on Beatrix Potter’s birthday I had a moment of doubt about Beatrice vs. Beatrix, but Beatrice still won out as she’s my favorite of Shakespeare’s characters — witty, independent, unafraid to speak her mind.”

Flora Catherine, sister to Sylvie Wilhelmina

“To me Sylvie and Flora fit so well together, both uncommon in the US but vintage and remind me of two fairies running through the forest. Catherine is after my beloved grandmother who raised me and passed away in my teens. I knew I would always name one of my kids after her. I want the undying love that she gave me to be reflected on this child.”

Genevieve Noël, twin of Olive Clementine

“I caved and let my fiancé have Noël! Thank you to everyone who helped us find the perfect names for our sweet girls.”

Nell Victoria, sister to Reid

“We like that her name works on all ages. She can be baby Nellie or adolescent ballerina Nella or Nell-at-law… It’s one syllable, four letters like her brother’s and we love the meaning.”

Olive Clementine, twin of Genevieve Noël

“I was afraid once I saw them I would do a 180 on their names, but every time I look at them I see my little Oli and Evie.”

Thalia Camdyn Estelle, sister to Stryker Orville

Thalia comes from my husband’s sister’s name, Theresa, who passed away when he was young. Camdyn comes from one of the biggest mentors in my life, whose name was Camp. And Estelle means ‘star’. We want our daughter to shine bright and be a beacon of hope to others.”

Boy Names

Jack William, brother to Rose Evelyn and May Emmeline

“His name was originally going to be Jack Sterling (my middle name), but when I was typing out his birth announcement I decided to go with William (my husband’s middle name, my father in law’s middle name, my brother’s middle name, my father’s name, etc etc) for the significant family connection.”

Jett, brother to Axel, Zion and Iva

“We had two names picked out, Jett and Jude, and would decide on the name once we met him. As soon as I saw his face I knew he was our little Jett.”

Phoenix Indi, brother to Cora Sunshine, Findley Samuel, Clementine Eve and Judah Valor

“We loved Phoenix for the power behind the name, rising from the ashes and creating new life. And Indi (or Indiana) has always been my husband’s guilty pleasure name because of his childhood obsession with Indiana Jones.”

Seth Heber, brother to Joshua Ammon and Caleb Levi

“By happy coincidence, after we picked it we learned that Seth was Adam and Eve‘s third son, which made the name all the more fitting for our third son. We chose the middle name, Heber, after prominent figures in the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Heber J. Grant and Heber C. Kimball.”

Theodore Ezra AtticusTeddy”, brother to Olive Hermione Florence

“We were pretty set on naming him Ezra or Percy, but both liked Theodore a lot as well. I had qualms about the popularity as we had already chosen a more popular name than I would have liked for our daughter, but when he was born, it was clear Theodore was the name for him. He is definitely our Teddy bear.”

Theodore John Wycliffe “Wyc”, brother to Evelyn Verna Mercy, Margaret Katherine Hope, Liliana Christina Joy, twins Dorothea Theresa Grace and Elisabeth Adeline Glory, Mariana Rosalie Faith and Corinna Beatrice Truth

Theodore (‘gift of God’) is a name Wyc shares with his dad, his grandfather and his great-grandfather on the paternal side. John (‘God is gracious’) likewise goes back three generations on the maternal side. As for the name Wycliffe, it honours a hero of ours, the ‘Morning Star of the Reformation,’ John Wycliffe.”

Fabulous choices all round! Which are your favorites?

If you have a birth announcement you’d like to share with us (it’s never too late!) you can post it in the Birth Announcements section of the Nameberry Forums.

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