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Gender: F Origin of Faith: Virtue name Faith's Popularity in 2015: #91

Faith is one of the most straightforward of the virtue names popularized by the Puritans in the seventeenth century, many parents still choosing it as an indicator of their religious conviction. And Faith is rising in popularity--she's been in the Top 100 for all of the twenty-first century, peaking in 2002 at Number 48. In addition, Faith and Hope was the fourth most popular pairing for twin girls born in 2011.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are the parents of a daughter they called Faith, little sister for Sunday -- a sibset suitable for a minister's brood. A prominent adult bearer is country singer Faith Hill.

Famous People Named Faith

(Audrey) Faith Hill, American country music singer
Faith Renée Evans, American R&B singer
Alexis "Faith" Ford, American actress
Faith Swank Burrows, American Jazz Age cartoonist
Faith Prince, American actress
Faith Yvonne Leech, Australian Olympic swimmer
Faith Dane, American actress and singer
Faith Lou Esham, American operatic soprano
Faith Popcorn, American futurist and author
Faith Yang, Taiwanese rock singer
Faith Margaret Urban, daughter of actress Nicole Kidman and singer Keith Urban
Faith Evangeline Elisa Grammer (b. 2012), daughter of American actor Kelsey Grammer

Pop Culture References for the name Faith

Faith Lehane, character on TV's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Faith Fairfield, a main character on TV's "Hope & Faith," played by Faith Ford
Faith, character in 2012 film "Spring Breakers"
Faith Williams, character in "Generation Dead" by Daniel Waters
Faith Snyder, character on American soap "As the World Turns"
Faith Connors, main character in the video game "Mirror's Edge"
Faith Mitchell, character in the Will Trent series by Karin Slaughter
Faith Walters, a main character in "Fury on Fire" by Sophie Jordan

Fayth, Faye, Fayette, Fa, Faithe, Fae, Fayanna, Fay, Faythe

Faith's International Variations

Fe (Spanish)