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Gender: M Meaning of Orville: "gold town" Origin of Orville: French

Only if you're an aviation buff or seriously addicted to popcorn.

Famous People Named Orville

Orville Wright, American aviator; brother of Wilbur Wright
Orville Clarence Redenbacher, American popcorn magnate
Orville James Moody, American golfer
Orville Lothrop Freeman, American politician, governor of Minnesota
Orville Hitchcock Platt, U.S. Senator from Connecticut
Orville Hickock Schell III, American writer and Orientalist
Orville Hickman Browning, U.S. Senator from Illinois
Orville Elias Babcock, U.S. Civil War general
Orville Hungerford, U.S. Congressman from New York
Orville Willis "Will" Forte, American actor and comedian
Orville Alton Turnquest, Bahamian politician
Orville Howard Phillips, Canadian politician
Orville Johnson, American guitarist
Orville Harrold, American operatic tenor
Orville Gibson, American founder of Gibson Guitars
Orville Lloyd Douglas, Canadian poet and author

Pop Culture References for the name Orville

Orville, albatross in Disney's "The Rescuers"
Orville "Rick" Wright, character on TV's Magnum, P.I.
Orville the Duck, green puppet operated by Keith Harris
Orville, a ghost in video game Luigi's Mansion
Orville Simpson, grandfather of Homer Simpson on TV's The Simpsons
Orvie Stone, main character in "Little Orvie," novel by Booth Tarkington

Orvil, Orvelle