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Gender: Female Meaning of Estelle: "star" Origin of Estelle: French Estelle's Popularity in 2017: #791

The name Estelle is a girl's name of French origin meaning "star". Estelle is ranked #791 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Badass Princess Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "A Duggarlike Game: With a twist!".

From the experts:

Maybe it's because she shares that winning -elle sound with Isabel and Bella, but Estelle is no longer seen as a muumuu-wearing canasta player of a certain age (think George Costanza's mother on Seinfeld or Joey Tribbiani's talent agent in Friends). This could be in part thanks to the young Royal Couple of Sweden, who chose it for their firstborn daughter, or the single-named British R&B singer. It reentered the US Top 1000 in 2012 after a nearly fifty-year absence.

Latin version Estella, introduced in Great Expectations, also has energy and charm, while Estrella is another stylish member of this star-related club. Ali Landry has a daughter named Estela. Este and Estee are also in the wind.

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Famous People Named Estelle

Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary, Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Östergötland, second in line to the Swedish throne
Estelle Getty, American actress
Estelle Ruth Winwood, American actress
Estelle Fanta Swaray, British R&B singer and voice actress
Estelle Brody, American actress
Estelle Harris, American actress
Estelle Desanges, French adult film actress
Estelle Asmodelle (formerly Estelle Maria Croot), Australian model and trans activist
Estelle Landy, Australian reality TV personality ("Big Brother Australia 2012")
Estelle Margaret Parsons, American actress
(Ida) Estelle Taylor, American silent film actress
Estelle Balet, Swiss snowboarder
Estelle Marie Carandini di Sarzano, mother of Sir Christopher Lee and a noted Edwardian beauty
Octavia Estelle Butler, author
Geraldine Estelle 'Geri' Halliwell, Spice Girls singer

Pop Culture References for the name Estelle

Estelle Leonard, Joey's agent on TV's 'Friends'
Estelle Costanza, George's mother on TV's 'Seinfeld'
Estelle Slippery, Character on TV's "Fortysomething"
Estelle 'Essie' Harrison, Character on British TV series 'Holby City'
Estelle, character in Jean-Paul Sartre's No Exit
Estelle Green, a character in Diana Wynne Jones' Witch Week
Estellise Sidos Heurassein, a main character in the video game Tales of Vesperia


livialucille Says:


Estelle the musician is the voice of Garnet on Steven Universe, and Octavia Butler's middle name was Estelle. Two positive associations for me.

indiefendi2 Says:


This is gorgeous and I’ve never imagined it as an “old lady name”—it’s a timeless name. I like it 10x more than Stella.

Ruanne Says:



aaronburrsir Says:


Take me on a trip, I'd like to go someday, take me to New York, I'd love to see LA, I really want to come kick it with you, you'll be my American boy...

Daiseymae Says:


You just made me like this name! My mother's best friend was named Estelle. Gorgeous name.

foreverharriet Says:


I love Estelle and Princess Estelle is such a cute association!

Lena_Aline Says:


I understand that a lot of people love this name, but personally, I can only think of petty, terrible, spoiled brats, probably because I know a terrible person with the name Estelle.

RGroat Says:


what are some middle names for Estelle? i really like this name but would like a middle name that means something like "from God" or "from Heaven" any thoughts?

Haids1987 Says:


Nope, can't do it. I just think if the chain-smoking agent from Friends. :)

Michaela Says:


I love Estelle but I HATE Stella. Nicknames could be Essie or Estee instead.

Robyn Says:


Yes a very beautiful name indeed!! Love the name Estelle!! It would suit any girl in her youth (especially with all the nicknames and ways to shorten it) through adulthood. It's gorgeous on the tongue and in the written form. A timeless classy beauty;)

Saffron_Rice Says:


This is my friend's name - she's a graceful dainty ballet student and loves her name. It's so pretty and uncommon.

SimoneKadele Says:


LOL yes....

ThistleThorn Says:


I always think of Joey's agent from "Friends"! I think Stella could also be a nickname for this.

Estelle Says:


My name is Estelle ! I can truly say my name has had a dramatic impact in my life. I've excelled in anything I have ever tried and I'm a straight A student. Not trying to be a bragger but my name truly reflects me as a person,btw I was named after my late nana.

The_Supernatural_Hufflepuff Says:


I love the name Estelle but every time I mention it to someone in my family they say 'Stella!' but I still really love this name!

Alicia1 Says:


Estelle looks and sounds beautiful.

NaomiNY Says:


I like the name Estelle, but probably won't be able to use it because I always think of George Costanza's mom when I hear it XD

chi1127 Says:


I've never associated Estelle with mumus. And I'm not fond of Isabel(la). Estelle is just a gorgeous name.

Estelle Fromm Says:


I am thankful that my parents named me, "Estelle". The name, "Estelle" means "Star". On a clear night, I like to look up to the sky, and gaze at all the beautiful stars sparkling, in the Oregon sky. While glancing at the stars in the sky, I smile to myself, and reflect on how thankful, I am to be named, "Estelle". Through the years, I have let my parents know, that I am glad they named me "Estelle". My Mother once told me, that I was named after my Irish Grandma.