Gender: Female Meaning of Cecily: "blind" Origin of Cecily: Feminine variation of Cecil

Cecily Origin and Meaning

The name Cecily is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "blind".

Cecily is as dainty as a lace handkerchief. Cecily has a wide assortment of namesakes. One Cecily was the mother of King Richard III, whose beauty gained her the title "the Rose of Raby," Cecily Parsley is a Beatrix Potter bunny, Cecily Cardew is a character in The Importance of Being Earnest, and the author of the Gossip Girl books is Cecily von Ziegesar.

Sisters of Cecily that may also interest you: Cecilia, Cicely, and Celestia. Variant Cicely has a distinguished bearer in actress Cicely Tyson and was used by Sandra Bernhard for her now grown daughter..

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ivy194 Says:


LOVE this name... but it has a terrible meaning. Still, meanings don't really matter to me.
This name is probably my new name crush, it's beautiful ❤️

Princess Hockey Says:


Very cute name. I only know one and it was the first time I'd heard the name. Younger relatives who couldn't pronounce it at first briefly called her Celery but it just became a silly story...not something she was ever teased with.

sundipity Says:


This is my name, and I really love it. The only downside is that people always mispronounce it like the place Sicily (which doesn't make sense to me, because it's spelled just like it sounds). Don't let that keep you from naming your child Cecily, though! If anything, just remember if you ever come across a Cecily, it's most likely pronounced SESS-i-lee. It's a really pretty name, and I'm very happy with it.

prosepose Says:


Unfortunate spelling.

prosepose Says:


Too funny! My name is Cecily and my younger sister's name is Elena. Both great choices!

prosepose Says:


Cecily is my name. It also means "musical."

Toronto87 Says:


Cecily is really starting to grow on me. Feel like it's the perfect mix of underused by familiar. Also reminds me of Road to Avonlea (which is chalk full of great names by the way):) I've always liked Celeste, but now am preferring Cecily. Trying to get my SO on board with it for baby #2.

mrsmyers Says:


I have a 6 year old Cecily, and I’m still in love with her name. I’m so happy we went with it. It perfectly suits her and every single person who learns her name always comments on how pretty it is. We call her Silly for short, which is fitting because she’s a fun loving, funny, and very social girl. Over the last 2 years as she’s gotten older, we have also started calling her Sils. The only thing I don’t like about her having this name is that people always pronounce it as Sicily when they’re reading it... I’m not sure why since it’s pronounced exactly as it’s spelled, but it does happen a lot. My daughter learned to spell her name at a very young age because she always has to say it twice whenever someone asks her name. “I’m Cecily. C-E-C-I-L-Y.” Haha!

Ridesontwohorses Says:


Well it's good you like two names equally, maybe you'll have two daughters.

xylia Says:


My younger sister’s name is Cecilee (variation of Cecily). She was named after our great-grandfather, Cecil. Her name suits her well!

sELEAr Says:


This is an old name that has survived the ages. It is absolutely wonderful - the spelling and the sound!

fadingechoes Says:


Haha I'm 15 too so I can definitely relate! Elena, IMO, is just as pretty as Cecily so I'm sure you won't go wrong with either. My top four (because I caan't decide on just one or two) girl names are Violet, Cecily, Analise and Madeline!

mill1020 Says:


I liked this until my husband said “sounds like cesspool-y”. Dang it, husband.

indiefendi2 Says:


Imagine an alternate universe where Cecily could be as ubiquitous as Emily. 👀 They are twin names to me

BayleighWelch23 Says:


I really love this name. When i first heard it, i liked it, but i didn't think much of it afterward. But it has grown on me so much since and has moved to my #2 spot for girls. I'm 15, so definitely have a VERY long way to go, plus i want a boy first. But anyway, i really love talking about baby names. My #1 is Elena, but the more i say Cecily, the more i get conflicted. I've always been 100% sure my first daughter would be named Elena, but now i'm not so sure. Anyone have an opinion??

Lily-Claire Says:


The way I pronounce this name is like the Italian island Scilily and that’s where my family is from which makes the name even more cute. Just wondering if anyone knew of any names that also sound like a beautiful place. Thanks!

Starelli Says:


I see it as Cess-a-lye

Paigeofabook2000 Says:


My great-grandpa was Cecil. I think it would be neat to have a little Cecily sort of named after him. I've always liked this name, and it's recognizable but not common.

autumnreverie Says:


Is it pronounced cess-a-lie?

headintheclouds Says:


I like the way Cecily looks spelled out on paper, and I like its Victorian-ish vintage quaintness. It also has a ladylike, dainty feel that has the potential to seem spirited and spunky on a certain kind of personality. However, I'm personally not crazy about the sound of the name-- the way it's pronounced makes me think of someone stumbling over blocks in between the first "ce" and the second singsongy "ciLY" sound. I prefer Cecilia, or my favorite Celia, but Cecily does have the most offbeat charm of the three.

Blinkonekatietwo Says:


I love this name so much! It's vintage, not common, and makes me think of Cecily Strong. All great things!

paulapuddephatt Says:


Same here.

paulapuddephatt Says:


The meaning is the only down side really, as with Claude, Claudia and all variations of that name, meaning "lame".

paulapuddephatt Says:


So lovely

Ella-Lizzy19 Says:


My younger sister is called Cecily, and I absolutely love the name. My historian parents chose it for it's antiquity, and I loe having such an unusual name in the family.

Silverlight Says:


It sounds delicate and dainty, and ever since first hearing it I've loved this name.

Silverlight Says:


Me too!

JossieChris Says:


Loved the subset from Road to Avonlea of Felix, Felicity and Cecily King. I saw a barista with the name tag Sessiley and I had to ask her how she got that name. It just struck me as I had never seen it spelled that way. Her mom made it up. Though I get an Open Sesame teasing vibe. Sessilee Lopez is a famous model. Love nn Sissy or Ceecee

Dawn Saboff Hesh Says:


My daughter is cecily but spelled Cessalye

Sorceress Says:


I think it juvenile since it is soft and relatively short name that ends with -y. And I can only picture it on a young toddler.

Haids1987 Says:


Blind? Whoa. That's unfortunately. I always think of the old lady on Avonlea when I hear this name.

Dev80 Says:


I have met three Cecily's in my life, and they were all stuck up biatches. So unfortunately when I hear the name I immediately think 'mean girl'.

LoveBeingMommy Says:


I don't think it rhymes with silly. Cecily is pronounced "SESS-i-lee" with the first syllable being the stressed syllable. The only way I could see it sounding like silly is if someone is mispronouncing it "seh-SILL-ee".
Also, I don't think Cecily sounds juvenile. Is it because it ends with a 'y' that you feel it sounds that way? Like Buffy or Kitty?
Personally, I think Cecily would be adorable on a baby and young child, yet hold her own as an adult name.

autumnreverie Says:


I have only met/known one Cecily. I've liked the name ever since.

autumnreverie Says:


How is it juvenile?

FantasyandPrayer Says:


Cute and quaint, I like it :)

Zuzana Says:


I just met a little Cecily, i'm starting to really love this name

Pucko Says:


Cecily Herondale is Will Herondale's sister in the infernal devices series by Cassandra Clare. She is describes as pretty, stubborn and loyal. So now I'm always going to have a good connection with this name!

Bobcat108 Says:


Cecily was the name of a character in the Nancy Drew mystery The Clue of the Broken Locket (at least the rewritten version; I'm not sure about the original). I've liked the name ever since reading the book as a kid.

Pucko Says:


Love this name

Catastroffy Says:


I like this name much better than all of its sister names.

mabespark Says:


This is really sweet and pretty, but I think I would use Cecila as a full name and call her by this.

Sorceress Says:


I love this name because it's gentle, pretty and I like three-syllables names with letter L. Thing that bothers me is that it rhymes with silly and it's juvenile. Cecile and Celestina/Celestine/Celestia sounds better to my ears. But I like Cecily more, despite rhyming with silly.